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  1. I think someone clicked on the link at the same time as me, the website is broke.
  2. Purple rain

    This is terrible, but I like it so much.
  3. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Join the well society for a fiver a month and you’ll get tickets no problem. Or pay your dues by coming up to sample the games against St Johnstone or Accies!
  4. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    We’ve had far better teams, and better seasons results-wise, but watching us body the “bigger” teams this season has been something. Main, Grimshaw, and Bowman all put in some shift. Not to say anyone was below par, as you don’t beat Aberdeen 3-0 without everyone contributing, but those three really stood out for me. I just happen to be home at the time of the final too, so that’s nice!
  5. Rangers Man of the Match

    Didn’t think there were any bad performances, and I think our defense were all good. Campbell once again stood out with a great performance and well taken goal, Cadden looks to be getting into some form again, and I counted at least four times where McHugh found a motherwell player with a pass. Main was tireless and did a great job up front with bowman, and deserved at least another goal either from the denied penalty or the one that hit the bar. However I’d give him man of the match for his strength leading up to the second goal alone.
  6. Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    Kipre didn’t need to do it, and hopefully he’ll learn. With Scottish refs and our opposition you need to be immaculate. Our penalty shout was pretty weak. One of those that only Celtic get. Thought Campbell was excellent, and the front two put in a power of work, and I thought our defense as a whole were pretty solid with and without Cedric. Frear didn’t have the pace to be effective, and the defensive switch for him really worked. Richard Tait is a machine, the ground he covered in the last five minutes was crazy. Carson is just a given at this point.
  7. Nostalgia Mwell v Killie

    I love watching highlights from this era, with the terracing and the tackles. We don’t have enough nostalgia on here! I wish I’d been around for McLauglin, he looked like my kind of player.
  8. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Enjoy the live version
  9. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    I thought we were very comfortable in the first half, without making many chances. The disallowed goal could have gone any way, but what I saw was the goalie getting his hand on top of the ball then losing control when he tried to roll it back to himself. Add our goal to the list of weird shite that has gone in our favour this season. ciftci is really short of sharpness, his movement was good, but nothing came off for him. I think he’ll benefit from Main and Tanner’s form, but bowman has a case to be in the starting lineup. Our two bookings in the first half were probably deserved, but hearts lack of bookings was a joke, lafferty fouled persistently all game. Naismith is a dick. Milinkovic made a difference at the start of the second half, and the extra attacker stretched our defense, leaving Kipre exposed to give away that stonewaller. Kipre is going to be prone to that sort of stuff as long as we have him, but I thought he reacted well and did a great job for the rest of the game. Hearts had a good spell, with lafferty’s angled effort and Carson’s great save, but I never felt we were out of the game or panicking. My timeline may be off but I thought Dunne quietened Milinkovic with his no nonsense challenge after a few bits of fancy footwork. I think Dunne would be on his way to cult status if he wasn’t in the shadow of Kipre, but his passing is terrible. However, I’ve endured Kevin Christie and Greg Denham, so overall it is nice to watch this defensive line work. Throughout the half we had some good breaks, only to be slowed down by tanner dwelling on the ball. At one point he nearly had us in trouble when Kipre continued his run, but he got caught in possession leaving us exposed. I was hoping Frear would come on for him as he seems to have a bit more pace than tanner, who seemed to be running backwards sometimes. It’s great to watch a team that doesn’t tire at the end of a game, and we deserved our winner as we continued to battle hearts and it’s wore them down. I’m pretty sure McHugh is left footed, which add even more to the strike, which was a memorable one. I tried to keep an eye on him throughout the match, and he certainly puts in a power of challenges. Another refreshing aspect of this game was how we shut the game down after the goal and didn’t give them a look in. The commentators didn’t talk about campbell enough. I can add three people to the list of folk that would have normally went to the game but couldn’t today, but I’m not fussed about the attendance, 7500 is pretty good all things considered. Now we just need to get past Aberdeen or killie, which would be nice as I’ll just happen to be back home for a wedding when the final is scheduled!
  10. Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    The only game that matters is the next one, so the jury is still out
  11. Scottish Premiership Game 28: Dundee (A) 24/02/18 15:00

    Great 3 points to keep us in with a chance of top six, and most likely a win away from safety. Nice way to exorcise that killie game. Murder to listen to though.
  12. Amalgamation

    An amalgamation of lanarkshire clubs may be more of a challenge to hearts and hibs maybe, but unless there are some bored sheiks hanging around, no one is challenging the old firm.
  13. They have done in the past
  14. The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Im looking forward to us signing him then a bunch of new supporters being miffed at a 17 year old goalie not walking right into an SPFL first team.
  15. Are Motherwell A Dirty Club ?

    As per above, our red cards were hardly a result of being dirty, dunne was clumsy for both of his, carson had a brain fart and picked up the ball a bawhair outside the box, and Kipres wasnt even a foul. There doesnt seem to be a set rule for what constitutes a yellow card either, refs cant consistently apply the same standard during a single game, never mind a season. So a card table doesnt have much meaning. Are we even streetwise? Hasnt looked like it so far, as we still seem to be outdone by these kind of teams. Did we forget to roll out the red carpet for the big Glasgow team and their irritating wee nephew? Guilty.

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