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    Zero buzz.. Really? If you can't enjoy being a fan at this time I don't know when you can. I've not seen our support so buzzing in a while. The great thing is most fans i've spoken to have faith in the team to pull off an upset (as do i) This is far from being a foregone conclusion. It's crazy how far we have come in a year, we have the possibility of winning a Scottish cup and playing in Europe next year.. enjoy it
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    Running another double decker from Colville Park golf club. £7 adults £5 kids. Get in touch if you need seats.
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    I'm singing motherwell songs every day in the car on the way to and from work. Starting to get the butterflies. We are going to win this thing !!! COYW
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    Former 'well player and 'Motherwell fan' Gary McAllister, can fling shite at the moon.
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    It seems that we are interested in two of Stranraer's young lads, who are coming on trial. Article below from Stranraer's website http://www.stranraerfc.org/index.php/77-latest-news/1162-elliott-scott-motherwell. We also played an under bounce game against Partick yesterday with some trialists I believe - maybe these 2 lads?
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    The Well Shop has that much claret and amber gear they are sellin it.
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    {Every ticket thread on here} "We're in the Final" -- "Brilliant - how many tickets have we sold?" "I don't know - we're in the final" --"Great - but why has 'Flow not insisted on more tickets?" "We're in the Final" --"Aye, Brilliant - can we stop calling it he Celtic end?" "It's our second final of the season" --"I know, but the tickets - how many? "It's the FINAL" --"Aye, but the tickets need to go to real 'Well fans, not day trippers" "2nd FINAL" --"Only half the tickets sold? That's poor" "IT'S THE FINAL" --"Do I need to sit in my allocated seat?"
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    He was absolutely horrendous and did his best to relegate us single handedly.
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