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    I think it's sometimes easy to forget that just like the young players coming into the first team, Robinson is very much a beginner in the management game. Aside from a strange six month period at Oldham where he started pre-season with a grand total of seven contracted players and was hit with a transfer embargo in the November following his appointment he'd only ever been an assistant. He's learning the game, and much like his time at Oldham he's operating under pretty restrictive financial constraints. I know some don't like it when this is brought up, but it's true. When you're spending what we are you have a very limited pool of quality players to choose from, and if you reach a transfer window and there's no one that you like the look of in your price range or who's interested in coming to Motherwell you can find yourself with some problems. And that's not to mention the amount of times we'll have identified a player, made contact and gotten a verbal sign of interest only for another club with better finances to come in and take him instead. It's easy to say that the punter in the stand knew long before that the changes he's making now needed to be made, but it's one thing to see that changes are required, and a totally different matter being able to bring in the players on our budget to do so. Fans tend to say shit like "we need to bring in a winger," which is all well & good, but what if there's no decent wingers available who would want to come here, or who would be willing to accept the money we can offer? What then? Honestly, if football management was that easy then the clubs wouldn't be paying their managers as much as they do across the board, would they? They'd just get some fan in for a few hundred quid a week. It looks like we're starting to reap the benefits of Craigan's influence in the youth set up, which is fantastic. A club our size needs to have those players coming through. Let's just hope that we can continue in that vein with Craigan gone.
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    I bumped into Robinson yesterday and he told me he's picking Grimshaw solely in order to wind you up because he thinks you're a dildo.
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    What a difference from December complete turnaround. Played so well and very pleasing to see. The second goal in particular was a joy to behold and reminiscent of 'Well sides of years past. Alan Campbell looking like Phil O'Donnell with every passing game - great box to box player. Jake Hastie looks a real top class player in the making. The defence looks more sound playing with as an orthodox back four. No failures yesterday. Fair dos to Robinson for recognising the need to change our style of playing. Oh and white shorts with claret socks also reminiscent of Well teams of years past. Lol. Onwards and upwards. COYW.
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    Not sure what games your watching. No 1 - we are not playing 4-4-fucking 2. We are playing 4-4-1-1 or today a more 4-3-3. No 2 - Alex Gorrin has been instrumental in our recent form and I amongst others thought he was excellent today. Won every header, was very strong in the tackle and kept the game flowing with quick passes and changes of play. To say he’s a 5’s player is just utter nonsense.
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    and I’m pretty sure he didn’t try to run away
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    To quote supertramp (one for the old bastards amongst us) crisis? What crisis? It would be crime of the century if we were to be pulled into the mire. I’m happy for this to be famous last words but even in their quietest moments, the biggest doomsday merchants can’t think that we’re anything but free as a bird. See, I’m a dreamer but I get it that for some, pessimism is indelibly stamped and that some things never change. But as sure as Weeyin will be having his breakfast in America, willing progress as Well fan feels like everything is in slow motion. Some Things Never Change.
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    It would be hugely disappointing if people were pissed off with the winning streak as it somehow proved them wrong on an internet forum
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    There's no way we will end up in the 2nd Division or what ever it's called. Is there?
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    Some people are glass half full, and some are glass half empty. When it comes to Yodo he doesn't even have a fucking glass to begin with.
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    I think that's something boards never get credit for, and something our frequently targeted chief exec will certainly never get credit for from some. It takes nerves to stick by a manager when the fans turn, and I'd say 90% of well fans I knew (including myself) were at that stage just a few weeks ago. I doubt these four wins will have rid Robinson of all his doubters, but it certainly looks like the right decision now. As an aside, being a club that isn't trigger happy can only enhance the quality of applicants in the future.
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    Unfortunately now the man is a genius he will be wanted by some EPL team before long
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    I think Robinson deserves a bit of credit for the change of style. Many a manager would have been too stubborn to change and would have ended up with the sack - which would have enventually have come if he hadn’t attempted to change it.
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    signing Osman would be pointless...……..ah'll get me coat
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    I'm glad at the way things are going recently but let's be clear about this. We've won 4 games in a row with a year of absolute turgid shite behind them. Hopefully we go in the right direction now, there are signs we might, signs of a different philosophy taking root, but it's taken Robinson a long time to enact changes that a lot of punters could have told him to do last October or even before then. These victories only underline how badly wrong Robinson got it for so long before hand. In my opinion he's lucky to still be in the job, and not just once but on a couple of occasions, but I'm not a hypocrite, I will support him if I see the criteria I've outlined so many times before being ticked. I hope he continues to do so.
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    Enjoying that the guy himself has said he should be back this season but people on this thread think he'll be lucky to walk again.
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    "Joining me tonight in the Sportscene studio are Stephen Thompson and Michael Nostradamus."
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    He's a massive upgrade on McHugh in that DM position. Bit of a weird one today. Thought we were great going forward for the first half hour but at the same time you have to accept that Livingston had a lot of chances too and perhaps a better team would have scored one, or two, or three. So on the ball we were what you are looking to see, defensively I just think we might have struggled against a better team. Still rather that than creating nothing and pumping the ball high but it's something to look at. Second half we stayed in 2nd gear and just killed the game off and not a lot happened. With Turnbull, Arriyibi and Hastie in the side we've literally quadrupled our attacking threat and you can see teams, especially bottom 6 level teams really struggling to cope with that. LOT more football being played and it's great to see the young players, and I think we have a generation of really good young players at the club, proving they are more than good enough to play first team football. Probably more positive about the team at the moment than I have been at any time under Robinson.
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    I heard Cadden was a Bhuddist and supports Ranipokhari Corner Team.
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    He will be lucky to walk again, never mind play. I’m sure I read that atleast one of the further operations was due to an infection from the previous one.
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    In our history? When did our history start for you? No way were you 17 in 1991 if you think being 6th in form over the last 15 matches or 9th over 21 is our worst run in history. Hell you're not even 17 now

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