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    The second time Brendan Rodgers has been robbed this week.
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    I've seen him referred to as a cunt twice at least... I'm not offended by that, I just think it's a bit strong when the lad's not done anything wrong. We've got one newspaper rumour and the knives are out.
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    There are 2 choices here and MFC should be supporting Hastie's development in either scenario! Either he signs a new Deal, stays in our first team and continues to develop to a point where he goes down south for a good transfer fee and a far higher wage in a year or so, or he signs his PCA with them and we can prepare him for life at Ibrox by having him sit in the stand for the next 3 months, nowhere near the first team!
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    Robinson literally said nothing was signed and he hopes to keep him this morning.
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    Well if he hasn't made up his mind and gets pelters from fans tomorrow then hee haw chance of him signing a new deal. Lets cut the lad some slack for heavens sake. COYW!!!!!
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    So paying a wage to the most talented young players in our system is a risk? That's completely stupid. If we can afford to pay the likes of Mbulu, Petravicius, Newell and Sammon and spend serious money on social media and marketing then we can afford to sign up our best youths to serious contracts.
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    I've heard lots of talk about an apparent new style of play adopted by Hamilton since their new manager took over where they seem more keen to take the game to the opposition. If they do actually come over and try to attack us rather than sitting back and choking the game hoping to sneak it then with the pace and trickery we have I can't help thinking that will play into our hands. He said hopefully...
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    Aldred signing up would be just as important as Hastie for me, would love to see him sign a 2/3 year contract.
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    It clearly hasn't. We have 4 players in the current Scotland under-21 squad, more than any other team has. If we only hang onto three of those past the end of this season, that still seems like a pretty good return to me.
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    Sun says Rangers are close to signing Hastie (rumour) and we get 3 pages of opinions. Just read in the Record that Aldred wants to talk about staying - with direct quotes from him - and nothing said. I really hope that we can do a deal with him.
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    If he does sign for Rangers there is no way the manager will not play him for the rest of the season. That is just daft!
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    Manager of the month AND player of the month, thats the derby day cursed. Aw crap.
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    If he goes and at the moment and it's a big if, I wonder if Jake is not so confident of making the big time and wants to cash in before he is found out. I am not as sure of him as others on here. He needs to show he can repeat his four or five game run over a longer period and perform when opponents have seemingly worked him out. Time will tell if he is a Stephen Pearson or a Dom Thomas. For me Turnbull is the real future star and he can be confident that the big offers will follow in two years time. For Jake I don't think the future is quite as clear and you can't blame him if he cashes in now when his star is high.
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    And me, I cried for days when Dixie moved to his beloved Celtic.
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    Some of the comments on here about Hastie are ridiculous, he's a young boy who's played a few games for the first team and he's being vilified on the basis of some paper talk. There might be a lot of truth in the reports, while they might be unsubstantiated rumours - it's unknown. If Motherwell were trying to sign a player from another team in this situation we'd all be expecting the player to drop everything and sign, and to hell with his current employers. But when the shoe's potentially on the other foot it's unacceptable? I have no idea who Jake Hastie supports, and quite frankly I don't really care, but if he's grown up as a Rangers fan and this chance is presented to him then of course it's going to appeal to him. Until he's either signed a new deal, or signed with another club - whoever they may be - as it stands he's done absolutely nothing to deserve some of the comments on here...
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    Well, Stephen Robinson has been quoted by the BBC. I'm currently happy to take his word.
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    I'm just reading between the lines with my comment on P&B...from what I know (and its all 3rd and 4th hand stuff), I can't think of any other reason than we are more than happy to accept the development fee
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    A couple of grand a week IS life-changing money, if managed correctly. I'd surmise that he'll be on £300 a week at Fir Park just now, we've probably offered to double that as hes now a 1st teamer...Rangers come along offer him a 3year deal on £3000 a week and a £50k signing on bonus. Thats a £500,000 contract and very much set up for life, if he isn't a halfwit.
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    When Liverpool fail to win the EPL, Klopp will be sacked and Gerrard will be back down the road to Anfield like s*ite off a shovel. We'll see how Hastie likes Ibrox then.
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    A lot of gullible people on these threads. At the end of the day money talks. He has probably been offered anything up to 5+ times the money we have offered him. I understand the argument that no one knew the impact he was going to have, but I still feel we left it far too late and would it have been such a gamble to give him a 1 or 2 year contract earlier in the year. If this one goes ahead then I hope the club have learned a valuable lesson. I am not bitter but if this move is all but done I am firmly in the play someone else camp until the end of the season. Not in the huff but unless it affects our compensation payment time to move on......
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    Still, a better result than the one I saw. We lost that 4-0. Both our fullbacks scored own goals. My memory may be hazy, but we may have played in white shorts that night. We were well beaten,but our kit looked great!
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    Going into that 5 game run was reminiscent of the 14/15 season for me. We were playing a style of football that all other teams had sussed and there looked to be a morale issue. There were differences of course, we had a new manager and lots of new January arrivals. What we did have though was a critical run of games in February that gave a glimmer of hope that if we managed to get a couple of wins could see us nudge over the line to safety. As every week passed, that hope slipped further and further away. This year, the management and squad have made the most of that run and we are safe for another term. For that, they deserve nothing but applause. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed cuffing the h*n, going into those playoffs is not an experience I want repeating any time EVER.
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