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    Discounting the dismal Scottish Cup exit, by the close of the season Robinson will have delivered pretty much everything that would have been asked of him by the board before the season began. We finished comfortably clear of the relegation battle, a number of young players were introduced and there was a notable player sale through Kipre. That this has been done so whilst debts to former owners will have been further reduced and edging closer towards the break even point the board seek and I'd wager they won't consider this season a failure.
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    For goodness sake what are our expectations ? Yes we have seen some dire football. Yes the Scottish Cup exit was sh***. But have we not had a pretty good second half to the season. I said it at the beginning of the year be careful what you wish for. MFC have a restricted budget and SR has shown he can work within it. When you are bringing in players from the lower leagues then some are not going to be successful . Lets not waste any more time slagging off the manager. I for one do not wish to see a change.
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    I think Tait will probably do well enough if played at right back providing he's given pacy protection further up the wing. Dunne - I'm having doubts about him now but a lot might depend on his partner. Grimshaw - squad cover only. It won't be enough for us to tread water over the summer as we have to assume that our rivals will improve and that Ross County will be stronger than Dundee. Agreed that a substantial rebuilding job is in prospect. Our level at the moment is 8th but I hope we aspire to a top 6 place and decent cup runs. That means we have to improve and bring in slightly better quality or even just more solid players, which should be doable even on our budget. We had a very poor first half to the season; then a great run but we are finishing poorly. Historically 8th is about our level, but taking into account 2 poor cup campaigns I'd say this season has been slightly poorer than normal.
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    Even the trolling is end-of-season standard.
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    Yeah we could maybe get Jose Morinho in to sort it out . or Can we not keep Robinson and get rid of Yodo
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    If 2 draws and a lucky if entertaining win against three of the worst teams to perform in top level football in Scottish football wasn't enough then that pathetic capitulation against the team in 7th shows we are a million miles away from Top 6 and closer to relegation that our points tally might show. Our defence was a complete shambles. Dunne showed todays he's just not good enough. An absolute nightmare of a performance and rightly hauled off. Gillespie was our man of the match but the whole of the back four needs reworked including Tait who's recent performances have been awful. The key to the revival was the midfield but without Gorrin and Hastie the midfield is back to its old useless self, not helped by playing Turnbull so deep it wasn't uncommon to see only the goalkeeper and Dunne behind him. Cadden was atrocious today, maybe the worst of a bad bunch, he offers nothing. He came leave any time he likes. So like the defence the midfield needs completely refashioned. Gorrin, Hastie, Ariyibi all gone and I think Turnbull will go too. That leaves us with Campbell. Up front you have to feel sorry for Scott who's been left completely isolated up front. I thought Robinson got the substitutions right today but he's got to start thinking about a formation that can accommodate a second striker. Robinson needs to build a new team and show guys he's been loyal to the door. This group of players have had two seasons and they've not been good enough. Next season has to be a new start, a new team. If it isn't Robinson is going to find himself in the firing line again.
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    If Ross county hasn't beaten us in cup we would still be playing hoofball and youngsters wouldn't get a chance.....he only changed style of play cos he got his backside kicked by the board...in my opinion. But I think calls to punt him a bit OTT at the moment
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    Dunne has always been errors prone in fairness, he was lucky to get away with at least three challenges last week, in my view St Mirren should have had a penalty forone of his challenges. He’s quick and strong but his timing is terrible at times. In my view which I know many won’t agree with Gorrin is a bigger loss than Hastie.
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    A very disappointing game yesterday from several standpoints. We seemed to compete well enough for a 15-20 minute spell in the middle of the first half but apart from that we were very poor. Saints could easily have been 3-0 up from headers in the first 10 minutes. Overall they were far harder working, more aggressive, better organised and more experienced than we were. We lost too many 50/50 battles and were very poor in the air. We also looked well off the pace. They wanted to win it badly and we were on the beach. Tactics wise they smothered us and the 2 wingers style of play was again totally ineffective. Not sure why Hastie was in the squad and wasn't surprised when he was constantly barracked. I don't agree with it but it goes with the territory as one of our party said. In his 15 minutes or so on the park he did nothing. The defence was shambles from start to finish giving Saints far too much time and room, especially on the wings. Both Dunne and Aldred are decent in their own way but perhaps they're the wrong combination - anyway not an issue next season. Of late though, Dunne has been very error prone. Midfield just couldn't compete with faster and more aggressive opponents. Turnbull sat too deep and McHugh far too slow and again got caught in possession. We missed the departing Gorrin badly. Up front, Scott ploughed a lone furrow and got little change out of big experienced centre backs. He kept wandering out to the wings and the wingers and central midfielders were too far away to support him. More experience for him though and his inclusion gives us an insight into Robbo's pre match objectives. The referee, Colin Steven, was way out of his depth and I didn't realise until afterwards that it was his first Premiership game in charge. Not one he'll want to remember. Not clear at the time, but from highlights, Tanser 100% handled the ball on the line. Red card and penalty - no. Who scored Saints' penalty - none other than Tanser. Saints penalty? It looked soft but tv highlights are inconclusive. Certainly Kane made the most of it. What is it about Kane, Dunne and penalties!! Ref lost the plot at the penalty and booked Gillespie. Davidson was rightly yellow carded for a late challenge and then did exactly the same thing before half time only to be given a verbal warning this time. Surely a second yellow? Who scored Saints' second goal? Overall Saints deserved to win but the referee certainly influenced the outcome and they can consider themselves fortunate.
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    Tait, Dunne and Grimshaw are part of next season's equation. They may not be the complete players that we crave but they have shown in the past that they are more than capable of playing at our level. The key is playing them in the right position with the right players and in the best system to bring out the best in them. Do that, and we hopefully get the best out of these players on a consistent basis. There is a substantial rebuilding job ahead, so no point making it more difficult by just discounting some of the assets already in the squad.
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    As I see it we have... Gillespie Gallagher Turnbull Campbell That's who's good enough to go into next season as stick on first choice players. Perhaps there are other players in the squad that can join that group, maybe Tait goes back to right back, or Polworth comes in and does a job but that remains to be seen. Right now we have 4 proven players.
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    This is the guy who wasn’t afraid to clear out the deadwood left by McGhee, including binning players like Pearson, McDonald, Lasley and McManus?!
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    Ridiciculous thread. Robinson isnt going anywhere. Nor should he. Our squad looks like its gonna need a total rebuild and he is well along the way with his plans. Needlessly ditching the manager now would be a massive distraction and waste valuable time. Never gonna happen.
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    What I love is people getting their knickers in a twist in a season where we have finished comfortably away from relegation and could yet finish season on 50+ points. Demands almost that we finish top 6 are laughable and based on what exactly ?.. I am not saying don’t reach for the sky, but FFS at least realise and accept we are reportedly working with the 3rd lowest budget in the league and in fact any Manager that gets us above 9th is doing more than our finances dictate. We have a huge rebuilding job again in the summer and I would be happy having Robinson in charge of achieving that.
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    we've been on holiday for weeks. This thread is pish
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    Not at all. In your original post you say that every Well fan knows where we are weak. I didn't express my own view at that point but simply questioned whether your presumption was correct. I think its unlikely that several thousand fans would all agree about that. I also wanted to know where you thought we are weak, but you didn't clarify that. In my second post I expressed my own view in that we are weak in all areas bar the keepers. I would be very surprised if every fan agrees with that though. There will be a range of views. My posts are in no way contradictory.
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