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    As long as we have stupid fans who want to run onto the pitch, I'm guessing yes.
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    I might be greedy but I wouldn't cash in at 2m
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    I heard his agent said he couldn't believe he had managed to get him a 2 year deal with a club of Motherwell's stature. His current team are bottom of their league and he isn't getting a game for them. Read into that what you will. I hope to be proved wrong next season but wouldn't hold my breath
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    Personally hope that we realise as much as possible from the sale of Turnbull. As such, we have to expect that his stock is set to rise and that now is not the time to cash in. All things being equal, another season with us will increase his value and get him the move he deserves.
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    Gillespie Grimmy Aldred Dunne Tait R Gorrin Hastie/Cadds Campbell Turnbull Ariyibi Main Our strongest team by far. Who's letting the side down? Bewildering statement.
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    For goodness sake what are our expectations ? Yes we have seen some dire football. Yes the Scottish Cup exit was sh***. But have we not had a pretty good second half to the season. I said it at the beginning of the year be careful what you wish for. MFC have a restricted budget and SR has shown he can work within it. When you are bringing in players from the lower leagues then some are not going to be successful . Lets not waste any more time slagging off the manager. I for one do not wish to see a change.
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    Discounting the dismal Scottish Cup exit, by the close of the season Robinson will have delivered pretty much everything that would have been asked of him by the board before the season began. We finished comfortably clear of the relegation battle, a number of young players were introduced and there was a notable player sale through Kipre. That this has been done so whilst debts to former owners will have been further reduced and edging closer towards the break even point the board seek and I'd wager they won't consider this season a failure.
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    Who are the players you are referring to?
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    He’d have to get out of David Turnbull’s back pocket to collect the award though.

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