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    How the Lyon shirt would look in C&A with the addition of a hoop.
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    We signed Bob Malcolm years ago.
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    Just give UBH the job every year. Those are awesome.
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    Anytime the south stand isn't in use next season,for games against the likes of Ross county and livingston,i would like too see us giving away free tickets.i get that there would be costs involved to open the south stand for they games,like stewarding and paying kiosk staff but if it was financially do able,i would hope it was something the club was thinking about,it would be better to have a stand with local youngsters getting in for free than having it lying empty.
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    I am over 60 now, and been a fan all my days, but I never paid in when me and my pals were wee boys. We used to sneak in before the game started over the wall from our school, Knowetop. Or we crawled under the turnstiles, or got lifted over them. Anyway, I was well and truly hooked. So let the kids in free, and hopefully they will return for the next 60 years
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    This. Plus, it's not very often you get to see the best young, arguably best outright(?), midfielder in the country playing at Motherwell... and he actually wants to be here. Let's enjoy it while it lasts! I think I might have posted a few weeks back with a minimum valuation i felt we'd consider, but I take it back now, hes improving at a rate of knots and I certainly wouldn't be hitting the cash out button now unless it blows our record fee out the water. I am speaking as a fan of course though.
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    How much money would we lose if kids were just free all the time?
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    Do the club not do that anyway? Certainly in recent seasons, they used to invite applications from kids' organisations (cubs, BBs, schools, etc.) to get free tickets for most home games.
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    Nice. I'd buy that one. EDIT: I think the away top is my favourite, but I've always been a fan of our white tops.
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    It sounds like you go to children's parties with patter like that. Some things you don't need to say just leave alone.
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    That would be me. Don’t know anything more than what you’ve already said tbh but seen him as someone who played a similar position to Turnbull and Semple, so would rather Semple got a chance first. Crossan can play any of the front 4 positions I think which I pretty useful and I assume we’ll bring in a striker and a winger or 2 so seems a good prospect to sign and push for first team football.
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    seen someone metnion PJ Crossan above, Celtic also released reserves captain Regan Hendry who is a central midfielder, looking on twitter Watford and someone even mentioned Arsenal looking at him last season....anyone know much about him? I assume his development has fell of a cliff if he's been released and has an offer from dunfermline.
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    Gallagher isn’t left sided. He is two footed but generally plays as a right centreback in a 4.
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    Must have just been me but I thought Donnelly had a really good game before getting shifted to left back. A couple of stray passes but apart from those he shielded the defence really well and moved the ball well. If you expected Gorrin like play then that was just daft. But I thought he did the job well. One of his diagonals in the first half was an absolute beauty. I say all of that as a paid up member of the 'he is nowhere near good enough' club too. He could offer something as cover at defensive mid I think. But not a good enough left back or centre back at this level. As for the rebuild....looking forward to it!
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    Not bad entertainment for an end of season finale. Some random thoughts. * Possibly Chris Cadden's best game for a while, maybe he's getting back to full fitness. * James Scott's best performance for us yet? Thought he was impressive but shaded a bit in the second half. * Liam Donnelly had a reasonable game but he's no replacement for Gorrin. * Great to see Dean Cornelius and David Devine make their debuts. The conveyor belt just keeps on running. * Thoughts on Declan Gallagher? Impressed with his attitude and he was unbeatable in the air. Otherwise quietish game. * Great substitution by the boss, bringing on Carl McHugh to steady the ship near the end.
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    Gotta say calling out a guy who lives in USA for being an armchair fan is absolutely pish crack, even for you.
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    Donnelly is never a midfield replacement for Gorrin. He may have had an ok game today but really he's been crap for most games. Not SPL standard at all.
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