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    Like Louis Moult, Tom Alfred or Dick Tait? And, yes, I know Tait was born in Galashiels. At risk of getting banned: you really are a total rocket, Yodo.
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    Win ratio of 43.24% from 111 games, bettered only in recent times by Craig Brown (45.14 from 35 games), and Stuart McCall (45.89% from 146 games). League games only, i'd imagine including cup games would take him above both of them as he's reached the final of 50% of the cup competitions he's presided over. He's also one of only 7 Motherwell managers in history whose sides scored more than they conceded over the course of their reign, and one of only 7 whose sides won more games than they lost over their reign. So aye, Robinson oot.
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    Seething at the weekend cause we won. Seething now because we've extended Robinson's contract. Not good week so far for you
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    That physically hurt to read.
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    It’s good to have some stability, especially with our model and the need to overhaul the squad almost every year. The manager gets all the blame when things go wrong, so it’s only right he gets the praise when it goes well. He has tended to revert to the percentages based approach when things were hard, so he has to get credit for switching to a more attacking style to turn our season around. He has also been involved in 3 overhauls of the squad, which I don’t think any other manager has had to do here. So for the sheer number of signings he’s going to have some duds in there, but I’d argue his success percentage must be up there.
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    While it's obviously frustrating to lose these young players before we even get a chance to see them play, there is another way to look at this. For a while, we as fans were bemoaning losing our best players for a pittance. Think of the fees we received for Mark Reynolds, Jamie Murphy and Paul Quinn. At that point, we were losing crucial first team players for fees that we're now receiving for guys who've never played a game for us (and I do know that you have to take inflation into account). This summer, looking at Hastie, McAlear and McKinstry, we're looking at bringing in north of £750k in transfer fees. That's for a guy who has played a dozen or so games for us and two youngsters with potential. Prior to this summer, to bring in that kind of cash we'd be looking at selling a crucial first team player like Moult, Kipre or Johnson. Money isn't everything, I know, but transfer revenue is crucial to our survival and development. The fact that we can bring in that kind of cash without significantly weakening our first eleven is a positive. Could we have got more down the line for McAlear or McKinstry? Possibly, but they could equally have gone down the road of Ross Maclean, Dom Thomas, Ross Forbes or Robbie Leitch. I imagine that we will see sell-ob benefits of McAlear and McKinstry deals further down the line should they develop well. If they don't though, we have done well to get fees on the basis of their potential...
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    Fraser Kerr, Dom Thomas, Craig Moore and Bob McHugh in a starting 11 would have you beelin'
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    I am pleased about this. After Ross County cup game I wanted him out and although I am not convinced it was his idea to change the formation and to promote the youngsters I do feel we are more easy on the eye and hopefully this season can build on the 2nd half of last season. Not everyone will be happy but it would be boring if we all agrees on everything....COYW!!!!!
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    Good news for the club, an established management team showing commitment to the club.
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    I'm pleased with this news. They have both done all thats been asked of them so far.
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    Just a bigger compensation package to pay out when we finally sack him
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    The seeding is frustratingly bad the way its set up but you would be guaranteed not to face Rangers or Celtic. If you aspire to win a trophy, you would take your chances against any of the other teams first.
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    So less tika-taka and more chicken tikka?
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