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    What we can say is that.... Our League Cup campaign so far has been significantly more impressive than last year. Gallagher looks like an upgrade on any of the centre halves we had last year. Some of our other signings have shown early promise (Hylton, Carroll, Polworth) Others look like they still have a way to go fitness wise so the jury is still out (Seedorf, Illic, Cole, Long) Donnelly looks much improved but without DT its unclear what our best midfield is and whether it can be as effective. Sloth could be the answer to that but too early to tell. We still have questions up front. James Scott has shown promise but he will need back up and no one else has stepped forward so far. We have 2 of the best goalkeepers in the League. A lot to be positive about I would have thought. The next few weeks will let us know for sure.
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    I think we are going to win the League Cup this year. The only thing I can control is my own thinking, so I'm going to be positive and enjoy it till I can't anymore. Then I'll be negative at the appropriate time. Being miserable all the time with the only reward being able to say "I told you so" is an absolute fucking mugs game.
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    I yet again read comments about our players after what are competitive friendlies minus the 10 substitutions that: Donnelly is now a world beater Long is suddenly an imposter and Scott who should be sent down the leagues last week to serve an apprenticeship can now stay When I throw in 12 months ago Bigirimana being touted as the key to our season after putting his foot on the ball in the Cup Final and People looking back on Gorrin as they key member of our squad that's currently missing after only starting what? .... 16 games? Add in various negative comments until mid-October after they signed for both Moult and Higdon about their suitability And of course the usual suspects focusing on where a player has came from rather than what they bring Can we all just chill the fuck out!
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    This is most of my collection at the last count if anyone cares:
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    Aye, it’s definitely the tops that are getting smaller
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    We are going to win the reserve league
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    And Gary McAllister used to take pelters for not tackling like Ally Mauchlen. (And until our Cup winning season, Steve Kirk took pelters many weeks for playing like Steve Kirk) .
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    Correct. We were sadly victims of a certain laziness within our club who failed to insist that our chosen kit manufacturers used our correct colour. Instead we appeared to just accept what we were given. Umbro were are hit or a miss and appeared to lose their way with our colour in the 70s, and Admiral only started to get it together with the short lived fan designed 1978-Jan 79 kit. Happily we now appear to have settled on what our official claret and amber colours should be and we should see a more consistent tone throughout our future kits. The next step is to reinstate the traditional full hoop which I view as just as important to our kit history as the shade of claret and amber.
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    I had just turned 16 and he was the main person who I went to the games with. He introduced me to Motherwell and the reason why I still support them to this day. I was in a daze for months/years after his death. Consequently, the whole 79/80 + 80/81 seasons were a bit of a blur for me. So perhaps my personal trauma had some impact on my opinion of that kit. Although, I do remember hearing some criticism of the colour among the purists in our supporters bus at the time who weren’t happy that our traditional amber was now yellow.
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    I can categorically state that these are two different persons, else a touch of the Andy Goram's. MJC doesn't bleet like the spoilt brat out of The Railway Children, and Yodo, to date, doesn't show uber h*n tendancies.... Each, though, are, in my view, as tiresome as each other.....
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    Don't think we should rule out extradition for Cadden tbh
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    Hi there, My name is Sean. You may have seen me on the video the club put out a few weeks back: I'm new to the area and new to the club and have set myself the task of tracking down the Motherwell kits from 1991 onwards. I'm documenting my progress over on Instagram if you want to give me a follow - https://www.instagram.com/steelmansean/ Always on the lookout for kits (especially the Hummel home & away and the black Pony away kit), so give us a shout if you are willing to part with any. Likewise, if there's any kit you are trying to track down yourselves, do let me know and I'll keep an eye out! Thanks, Sean
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    Au contraire, we're rewarded with a pleasant surprise every time we're wrong, and never disappointed when we're not.
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