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    There are some fucking twats on here. If you can't see that Seedorf played well today it is gob smacking. I suppose when you have an opinion you can't change otherwise you look a fool.
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    Great result and performance. Some outstanding performances. Midfield three where really good. Polworth is a baller. His passing ability is top top notch. Scott is great to watch. Can skin a man for fun. The fuds in our support who where giving him a hard time need to get a grip and realise he is only fucking 19. He is a top player. Solid defensively with the full back 4 performing really well. Happy days.
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    Seedorf apart from the goal mate was shite the only reason he gets a start if he must be good in training or did you think he played well ?
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    Bad news everyone. I’m making a rare visit to Fir Park for this one, and I haven’t seen us score a goal since 2013.
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    Thought we were superb today! Match was a great advert for the game in Scotland. I've been watching the well for over 35 years and while admittedly my attendence at games hasnt been great over the last 10 years while bringing up the family. Between watching us beat Hamilton last week and today's game I've got my mojo back and have even managed to get my 11 year old daughter enjoying watching us. Have been keeping my eye on this board without posting for years and while we are all entitled to our opinion I must say some guys are really half glass empty to put it mildly , lets all get hehind the team and hope we can build on the last couple or results........ MON THE WELL!
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    Yes,I’m hoping we can exact some revenge for our league cup exit and come away with all 3 points and continue to improve.
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    Remember steelboy thought Higdon was not the right quality for us.
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    Best just to ignore them, there are two or three on here that are just fishing for a reaction.
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    He may be talking bollocks, but Jonathan Sutherland of the BBC seems to disagree...
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    Seedorf is still rotten despite the nice goal. That's the best I've seen us play in a long time. Hartley was superb and Carroll was good again. It could have been a total rout if Long took his chances but three nil is a great result. Hibs look like they are trying to get the manager sacked. The lack of effort after our second was shocking.
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    First thing I was going to say was that was by far the best back four we've played this season. Carroll at left back and Hartley in the middle in place of Dunne makes us far more defensively secure. I've been dismissive of Hartley, I felt his lack of mobility would be a problem but today his reading of the game was excellent enough that that never happened and of course he's always a threat up the other end - compare with Dunne who is 6'3 and never scored a goal for us. Also, contrast our defensive display against Hibs who were an absolute shambles at the back. Midfield I feel there's still a bit of work to do there when we are on the ball, we don't have the touch, or composure that we had with Turnbull and Gorrin last season, but everyone put in the effort and it was a big improvement on the last couple of matches. Thought Scott was excellent again playing in a wider position. The one down side was that 1-0 up we missed probably about 6 or 7 real chances. We've got to be a bit more ruthless when it comes to taking our opportunities because the game was open for most of the 90 minutes and really it shouldn't have been. Overall though the kind of response to the Hearts match that you'd have been looking for.
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    Seedorf must be brilliant in training
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    This is an important match for me. A shite Hearts came here and won at a trot without even playing anything above average. Now a shite Hibs are coming to Fir Park and if we don't put them away our chances of improvement, at least with Turnbull out, look limited. Hibs best result and only win in their last 8 league matches was a late goal 1-0 win at home to St. Mirren. They struggled to look convincing in the League Cup groups - a draw against bottom of League 2 Stirling, were far from convincing against Alloa and Elgin and then lost 3 goals to Morton. No excuses. These are the games we absolutely have to start winning if there is going to be any kind of progress.
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    Kipre had 5 contract upgrades by Hallowe'en if my memory serves me correct
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