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    As a fan of a certain vintage, would agree there’s nothing better than beating Hearts, but our game management in terms of timewasting and shithousery in the last few minutes was outstanding, with the red card the icing on the cake. Beating the decades-long masters of the Dark Arts at their own game - priceless.
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    How was the linesman meant to see it with all those Hearts players in his way?
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    Not at home I don’t think. At home they are there for taking and we should fancy our chances. Play our game to a higher tempo and standard with that extra desire and determination and we’ll win.
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    Best chance ever. Copyright, "every game against pre/post liquidation versions of this mob for the last 20 years."
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    Yes thought we done a splendid job of running the clock down in added stoppage time. As far away from our goal as possible. Maybe we are actually learning from our mistakes !
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    It was the opposite situation, but I remember being at a game at Somerset park when the ref gave an offside against an Ayr Utd player. A fan near me said, quite seriously "Just a well he was offside because we had nobody near him".
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    As a Motherwell fan of a certain vintage, any win against Hearts is a good win. Nine ponts in a week when our squad is weakened by illness. This week could prove to be the defining point of our season. There will be ups and downs before the split, but we can all see that this squad is capable of playing better. Given the standard of our league, I'd say that top six is now our goal, not trying to avoid the drop. The stability that another season in the top division offers a club with our business model cannot be overestimated.
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    "It was the first time I'd played at Ibrox, cos they weren't in the League.” God bless you, Lionel.
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