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    what an absolutely ridiculous read, we played poorly, it happens, this is a ground where only Rangers and Aberdeen have come away with a win, Celtic never even managed a win. We know how difficult is to go there and win, yet this divine right that we should have went there and got something still stands, someone mentioned the midfield not been up to scratch against one of the lesser teams, Livi have lost ONE game in the last TEN, won 5 on the bounce at home. they are now 5th, certainly not a lesser team. Someone else mentioned everyone other than Robinson can see we need a striker, Robinson has made it clear he is after a target man traditional number 9 but he wants the right guy. players come at a premium in January, folk were suggesting we signed Dykes, Nisbett or Ross Stewart from county on deadline day are absolutely Clueless, if you think that is the market we currently operate in then you are going to be bitterly disappointed. I wasn't at the game to comment on the performance, and it certainly sounds though we were rotten, performances like that happen though and I certainly won't be losing my shit like 90% of the people on here, we came back from the break, beat one of the higher championship sides convincingly, beat Aberdeen away from home, got a point against Hibs in a game we really could/should have won. We always knew how difficult this run of fixtures was going to be, and if you were told from Aberdeen, Hibs and Livi you would have 4 points you would probably have taken it, especially when the other teams haven't gained to much ground, Livi aside, after Celtic, we have a run of fixtures in which we can look to start getting the wins on the board again. we are 3rd, with a decent tie to get in the last eight of the cup, lighten up.
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    Got a good feeling about this. Only 2-0 to Celtic.
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    It's a fair cop. (Also, "King of Pedantry" for a formal title )
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    He seems so far out of the picture, it's not true. If he's out of contract this summer, I expect he'll be released...
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    Celtic have lost twice in this domestic campaign....both to 4-3-3 formations. For me the whole idea of flooding the defence and midfield against teams like Celtic hardly ever works. You are better just going for it like we did in the first game at Fir Park. If we'd taken our chances in that match and cut out poor individual mistakes we could easily got a result.
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    If we go with one striker up front then Long must drop out. He cannot play with his back to goal and doesn't have the physicality to play as a lone striker. Its just not his game. The only options would be to play the untried Ndjoli or the raw Manzinga in that role. Personally I'd go with 2 strikers up front. I think we'll try to pack the midfield and therefore we could see O'Hara come back in. But I'm not the manager.
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    Crikey what a bunch of panic merchants. I was looking at the English championship and happened to note that the best 2 teams (in many people’s eyes) Leeds and West Brom have each only won one of their last 5 games. It was a shocker of a performance by all accounts but this was after a very decent home performance v Hibs. Losing Scott will make us weaker imho but not signing a striker more so. Lets hope Ndjoli and more so Rolando can prove their worth. Expect the square root of f all from midweek even if we do play well. But for me I am hoping such a shite performance means we will not see same again in the cup v St Mirren. For me a more important game. More depressing for me was the news Turnbull will not be back till after the split. It would be a huge boost for all if he signed even a 1 year extension. Been rumoured for a while but nothing yet. We now have a few bob more to play with. Might help - might not.
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    The official site says it will let Ndjoli play in his more natural central position (although I'm sure when he signed he was touted as a wide player). First of all, I have nothing against Scott leaving - if he felt it was a good deal, more power to the guy. Given that he was in and out of the team (and form) for us, I'd be surprised of he gets much of a sniff of Hull's first team at this stage, but stranger things happen in football. Last moan on the subject - selling a developing youngster with two and a half years left on his contract and bringing in two short term loans to develop for other teams to sell on, is not the way to develop the team at the grass roots level. If we just want to make money, we could scrap the academy and focus on recruitment of guys like Johnson, Moult, Hall and Kipre to flip for a quick profit. I hope, we are better than that, but for a club that keeps saying we are in good financial shape and don't "need" to sell anyone, there's not much locally sourced produce left in stock. I'm shutting up now.
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    I'd much rather watch Scott and Turnbull on the pitch than read the balance statement. I'd also rather see us give ourselves the best chance of a cup final and a Euro spot this season than cash in too early on our young players. I don't pay my 'Well Society subs to help agents profit from my contributions, and while I totally understand there has to be compromise between finances and football, football always has to come first.
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    At the figures quoted it seems to be a good deal and probably one the club can't really turn down, however its not half depressing for fans that good, young talent seems to be heading out the door after 1/2 a season if you're lucky...…...Although, granted its better than developing young players that aren't good enough and no one wants as a result, would just be good to get a couple of seasons watching them develop. I fear a slide down the table and a Scottish Cup exit if we don't sign at least one striker today....
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    He was terrible in the Hearts cup tie I mentioned.
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