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    Aye loads. Not idiots that constantly get booked for dissent or guys that have been fans for two minutes that take a tantrum at any criticism of the team though.
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    I am I missing something. Why should Burrows explain anything ? This is a decision by Hamilton to price and grade our game the same as the Old Firm. Thinking we would always turn up as 2000+ supporters. WELL you know what pricing affects football too so get it right up Hamilton. As someone has mentioned it will end up costing them £20,000 + as a result this season. No doubt this decision has backfired on them. As for the Long sending off. Did not see him kick the ball away but his 2nd yellow was a mistimed tackle with no malice. Maybe it was a yellow but Scott Brown can make 20 of those tackles a game without a card. I would not exaggerate to say I see half a dozen of those tackles a game without a card. It was harsh on him imho. So would rather people got off his back.
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    I’d like to see a midfield diamond with O’Hara, Polworth, Campbell and Turnbull eventually. Aarons supporting Watt up front. Looking forward to Dunne’s return as well. He was an asset the season we got to the two cup finals. Surprised some people are writing him off.
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    Is there anything about a Motherwell you actually like ?
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    YThe fact that the pie stalls were closed 10 mins into the 2nd half with loads of stuff left says it all about what our fans think of the way Accies treat us. I hope they lost a fuckin fortune today. How they survive on the gates they get is a mystery to me.
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    Shite park, shite stadium, shite weather shite prices... Work it out for yourself.
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    Refs will give some leniency for competing for the ball but stuff like kicking it away and trips are going to get pulled up. Long has been booked four times for dissent since December. He's a clown.
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    Great point. Especially with other results.
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    3rd on our own , pleasing but surprising
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    I was in Glasgow. Went to German Doner Kebab Shop then Cex for a few PS4 games. Immensely more pleasurable than sitting freezing in that dump watching a shitfest show. ;-)
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    And Aberdeen down to 10 men, In all honesty 3 draws today wouldn't be the worst given the current situation. But fuck me do we need a win soon.
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    Not bothering for this one, the mix of the pitch, horrendous weather and both teams form means it’s going to be an absolute pile of crap.
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    It was all so much easier in his first season when he drew his magnificent locks back into a scrunchy and Dunne The Bun was born.
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    id go 352 again as teams now no if their fullbacks push tight on our wingers we are knackered. so gillespie. gallagher. donnelly. tait as back 3. grimmy and aarons wingbacks. ohara campbell and polworth in middle. with watt and hopefully long up front but if maciver is in then im happy enough with that too. i am a big fan of polworth and in the cup game i felt he also had a huge impact 2nd half. yes sometimes his passes didnt complete but some were brilliant. he also i felt covered more ground than anyone else. we really need a win to re ignite the positivity.
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    That assumes that Gallagher is fit and we've heard nothing at all about that. Both camps will be keeping their cards close to their chest until the last possible moment. I suspect Robbo and Rice will be stoking the injury crisis talks about known casualties but will keep quiet, as usual, about any additional ones. My reason for suggesting we reintroduce Carson at the expense of Gillespie is down in large part to his poor distribution in recent games. While Grimshaw and Hartley have rightly received flak for their poor distribution more often than its been Gillespie who has put them in trouble by giving them the ball when they're being closed down by high pressing attackers. The fact that he's moving on in the summer and that Carson will be our No 1 is also a major factor. A midfield 5 has its attractions on paper but depends on the personnel you have at your disposal. Hylton cannot defend and although Aarons has played in a defensive/wing back role before he would need to be instructed to stay wide unlike Tuesday. Our midfield 5 didn't work in Tuesday's first half. Hopefully Long will be fit but I really don't think MacIver is ready yet. Much will depend on who is injury free and also who is fit enough.
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