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    My main problem with refereeing in Scotland is the ugly sisters only get "the established" referees ,whilst we get the new boys/FANNIES Yesterday's ref Colin Steven has progressed through league 2/1 then the championship since 2014 his first premiership game was our last game of last season at St Johnstone......(soft penalty awarded against us and missed blatant hand ball/ pen and booked Aribiyi for his protest) He has been in charge of 8 premiership games this season,but deemed not good enough to ref any of the ugly sisters games the ref on Tuesday Gavin Duncan has a similar track record...has been in charge of 14 premiership games over the last 3 season.......again not good enough to grace any old firm games do the rules change when the ugly sisters play ????? ( how naive am I) just don't get if they are good enough for us why not the old firm The inconsistencies again are a major concern and the debacle over the simulation Keatings incident just shows how tinpot we really are whats the answer......... Fucked if I know ........it must be fucked when a an old firm manager is claiming the refs are biased against them !!!!
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    On another topic cans believe we have not brought Ross County game forward by 4 days why play on a Wednesday when both teams got a free weekend before it .
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    For a guy who came to us with a reputation of being moody and unreliable I feel he deserves great credit for his last 2 performances. Against St Mirren he gave his all for 120 mns and yesterday ran his socks off despite his lone striker role following Long's shall I say ' indiscretion' . Have also been impressed by his deftness of touch , imagination and creativity. Not bad either when heading. Early days I know but I see in his play a likeness to Ciftci and ( whisper it) Cobra Coyne . If he can sustain his early promise together with improved fitness I feel Watt could be a major influence in our drive for Europe.
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    I'm pretty content with a point today and the results elsewhere were an additional bonus. First half I thought we were edging the possession but they had perhaps the clearer cut of the chances. From my vantage point Long was stupid to kick the ball away and really ill advised with his challenge when his initial misdemeanour was still so fresh in the referees head -much like Jake Carroll earlier in the season against Ross County. He deserves all he gets in terms of today, he not only put us in jeopardy today he's also made things more difficult than they need to be on Tuesday. That said whilst I agree there's a degree of petulance about him I can't say I want to see the back of him. Because he moans at his team mates? Because he didn't kiss the badge and run and slide on his knees in front of the Bois when he scored his first few goals? Because he's had four yellows since Christmas? He's scored five goals since Christmas too. He's in double figures when he's been in and out for a good bit of the season. That's something to try to build on, not hunt him out the door. The second half had the potential to be a real backs to the wall job but we negotiated things pretty well all things considered. There were times when we seemed a bit overly cautious and others I was edgy at seeing Hamilton break and Hartley bombing out to leave even bigger spaces in behind but all in all we played it about right. Had a couple of opportunities to win it too. Aside from Long's dismissal the ref didn't exactly do us many favours. His gesturing to a couple of our players towards the end about where they were taking throw ins from was absolutely laughable given he didn't bother his arse with Hamilton taking free-kicks about 10 yards away from , on at least two occasions. But to end the day in third isn't really where I expected to be so I'll take that. On the point about our support I don't think anyone from Motherwell FC has anything to answer to in the slightest. It is pretty clear that Hamilton want to have their cake and eat it when it comes to our trips there. They want our cash, but at the same time have appeared to make it unnecessarily awkward as they can for our fans. The pain in the arse routine of making it all-ticket and not committing until late in the day whether they will have pay at the gate for example. Or the insistence of searching everyone who enters our end causing queues that stretch one from side of the stand to the other. Those are matters entirely for Hamilton to justify.
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    You'll have a long wait. If we (rightly) consider Sevco to not be Rangers, there is even less reason to consider newClydebank to be Airdrie. We have zero history with the 2002 Airdrie United club and that outfit have never been rivals.
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    Each to their own, but I personally dont get the upset about the £25 entry fee. It isn't really much more than any other away fixture. Yes, I disagree with the notion that they are charging us more when they should be trying to get as many bums on seats as possible for the derby.... but for comparison, we are charging away fans £24 for a category B fixture!! And £30 for a category A. Is it the shitty pitch, the fact its accies, or the fact it's considered a category A fixture? Not meaning to come across as condescending or anything - football is overpriced. But all things considered just not getting what the fuss is about.
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    Airdrie are our big rivals. Until they comeback we dont really have a proper derby. I love the fact that Accies have actually only beaten us 1/9 on that pitch though, considering how gash we are on it!
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    Well you could look at it that way. But I thought it was excellent leadership. The Hamilton player was 2 yards from the touchline and standing up. He should have gone to the side of the pitch for treatment and allow the game to continue. If the ref had done this we would have gained an advantage for the corner that was going to be taken. Its the kind of thing Willie Miller and numerous Glasgow Clubs captains made careers out of......
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    Just a small point. The category A teams include Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell. The top 3 teams. Shouldn't we take this as a complement that Accies recognise Motherwell are the pride of Lanarkshire, right at the top of Scottish football?
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    I did not go yesterday, nothing to do with expecting victory but a mix of their pricing policy, the plastic pitch, and the weather. I’m pretty much of the opinion now though that I won’t return while Accies continue to rip off Well supporters ( especially families) with a cat A classification which I think is totally out of order. But then we are also not returning to Livingstone either until those running Scottish football get real and ban their abomination of a playing surface.
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    I am I missing something. Why should Burrows explain anything ? This is a decision by Hamilton to price and grade our game the same as the Old Firm. Thinking we would always turn up as 2000+ supporters. WELL you know what pricing affects football too so get it right up Hamilton. As someone has mentioned it will end up costing them £20,000 + as a result this season. No doubt this decision has backfired on them. As for the Long sending off. Did not see him kick the ball away but his 2nd yellow was a mistimed tackle with no malice. Maybe it was a yellow but Scott Brown can make 20 of those tackles a game without a card. I would not exaggerate to say I see half a dozen of those tackles a game without a card. It was harsh on him imho. So would rather people got off his back.
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