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    You've posted some nonsense in your time but this tops everything! They aren't going to watch the game, they are going to evaluate something that they want to buy! If you think that trying to sell something to someone for as much money as you can, but saying they can't come and have a look at it, is a good idea...then I hope you're not in charge of anything at your work.
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    have a look at yourself ffs, thats the sort of BS you find on the ugly sisters forums, not on this one.
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    Mentioned it previously, If it is a move to Newcastle or Leeds, spending 6 months on loan up here until January can't be the worst shout with our season starting in two weeks time and the Premier league probably still three months away from restarting.
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    Looking at the amount of players that have came in we're looking for a windfall from somewhere. That somewhere I'm sure is Turnbull. I'd rather it wasn't Celtic but wherever it is I wish him well.
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    Its quite funny, people talking about "bidding wars". Clubs know our price, and after him signing a contract extension Id be amazed if there wasnt some kind of release clause inserted. NOBODY is bidding more than £3m for him. Any interested club will match the first bid accepted and look to win him on the sales pitch. Its imperative the club shows a backbone and accepts nothing less than the £3m we accepted last time
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    At least you know that’s retro. I couldn’t tell you
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    I was vehemently against the Hastie signing but now I've read he was decent in a friendly loss to Killie I'm going to get his name on the back of my kit.
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    My big mate front and centre
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    For a “behind closed doors game” it’s pretty disappointing the club are allowing other clubs officials in to watch the games but not our own supporters.
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    It's a Celtic scout, no doubt looking through the bins at Fir Park for his dinner and watching the game over the wall from the houses up the Fir Park Street..puddle drinking vermin. You know the £1.5m bid is incoming with Lawwell doing an impression of a dodgy East End mechanic sucking in his breath, rubbing his chin and mentioning a 'risk' about a knee and some pandemic...
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