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    Does anyone else worry about our substitutions? Every game someone comes on at 60-65 mins and it never works. Today was another example. We were leading, everyone was doing a job when we didn’t have the ball (a lot, I know) dropping off into 2 banks of 5 and it seemed to be working. When the substitution was made we were left with less of an outlet and lost goals not long after. My main gripe is why change it? If it’s because of tiredness then I don’t understand how a pro sportsman can’t last 90 mins. Watt didn’t look to be breathing heavily on leaving the pitch and actually looked a bit annoyed at being hooked.
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    An alternative analogy might be keep sending someone to the van with only enough money for a tub, don't be greetin too much when they rarely bring you back a double nougat.
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    I'd rather he becomes Celtic best player as quickly as possible and earns a multi-million pound move to a different league.
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    Just watched the highlights or lowlights. 1st and 3rd goals were avoidable. 2nd was more unlucky imho. Polworth could have tried to clear for the third...BUT Mugabi was quite literally horrendous for the 1st. A very basic defensive header which he totally mistimed. They probably would have won anyway or got a draw at least but to lose the 1st goal from what should have been a routine header is unforgivable. Mugabi was also mainly responsible for the 3rd. I suspect he was played today as we needed to load central defence. But for me get O Hara back to central defence and Mugabi on the bench going forwards.
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    Let's all jump up and with delight because David Turnbull has got a cup winners medal. I think not. Anyone who isn't a Celtic or Hibs fan should have been willing Hearts on. Turnbull played half the game and did little other than take good set pieces. I would like him to do well only as an individual because they might sell him for big money and we get a cut but I would be more comfortable rooting for him if he was playing for Norwich not the second most horrible club in the country.
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    Feel free to post again! See if it works a second time.
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    I’m going to go against the general feeling that the substitutions cost us yesterday, I don’t actually think it made any difference. We were playing so deep it was only a matter of time regardless.
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    Agree with your first point. If Robbo is still in post, I think we'll see a few changes. He knows where we're lacking and will try to unload the deadwood. Not easy in the January window admittedly, but he has proved willing and able to do this in the past. Whatever happens, we'll see changes next month.
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    It was a classic shithouse performance up until the subs were made. Rangers started to find space and get more time on the ball after that. If the gaffer is going to have the balls to play that system he can't shit the bed. Play Watt and Lang for 90 and if they need rested midweek then fair enough! If we hang on and win 1-0 everybody will think he is a genius but the blame lies with him on this one.
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    Watched highlights last night and what Mugabi is doing for the first goal is a mystery. And gane was over by then but Polworth for the 3rd was another farce. Robbo needs to take blame for the substitutions but Individual errors are punishing us big time.
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    Last time Maguire started a game he had the most key passes in the match. Get him in there, give him game times, let him make mistakes, stick by him. I see a player in him, always have done.
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    Apart from us registering a goal, I’m starting to view the above as a moment of clairvoyance; after seeing Robbo’s interview.
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    We DID sign one, but Robbo keeps playing him at Cm. Best weve looked all season defensively was back 4 wi O'Hara & Gallagher
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    Better outcome than I expected. Better performance than I expected. But way more frustrated than I expected to feel too. Perfect start with the early goal and for what, the first hour, it was pretty routine stuff for Archer to deal with. Tiredness was beginning to show but the temptation to simply hold on proved to be too tempting. We were already struggling to get up the park by that stage to take yet another option out of the equation just made the one way traffic incessant. The choice of replacement for Watt was definitely wrong. Cole, who has already scored at Ibrox or even Seedorf to take advantage of his pace seemed much more obvious choices. Two opportunities to make proper clearances with Grimshaw initially and then Archer's weak clearance (some of his distribution incidentally was miles out) and a break of the ball later that was it. I suspect many would have felt at that point the game was up. Disappointing to concede the second from a corner when we had so many bodies in there defending and the third had that feeling of being academic. I take some encouragement from the way they went about their business today. Effort couldn't be faulted. Bodies were put on the line to block shots and crosses but we ran out of steam, made poor choices I think with the changes, ran out of luck and here we are regretful at having fluffed an opportunity at Ibrox where you're a goal up with twenty minutes left.
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    That Aberdeen game was one of the most emotional games I watched on the telly. My dad had been diagnosed with cancer the day before, when well scored that goal the two of us went mad. He sadly passed away only 3 months later but I always have that memory. Remember folks for all the frustrating times we have as well fans it is only a game of fitba ......COYW
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