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    This has been largely overlooked by all apart from Well fans. At the end of the day we are piggy in the middle here and are being dicked about by this whole episode. Have 6 points...actually nah don’t have 6 points.....maybe have 6 points. You have had the likes of chick dung all over the radio to say how unfair it is on a club he supports ! Goodwin and Dyer saying same. We are innocent victims here and punishment was disproportionate etc etc. Nothing about Motherwell whatsoever. Almost as if we are not affected either way. I would be dumbfounded if they do not do an about turn and order the games to be replayed. Under what circumstances god only knows. Celtic and United playing weakened teams may help as clearly the thought of losing 3 points was a factor in their decision. If the decision is overturned I would like our club to make a comment. More than that if the games are replayed our players had better be 100% up for the games as you can bet that Killie and St Mirren would look to make a statement by gunning for a win. All in all quite a mess. The fact that it is taking months to resolve has also helped turn it into a circus show.
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    Think by the end of the week after GA has his cosy little chats with each player he’ll know who the bad eggs are. Whether he’ll have the funds to replace them or not is another matter. I would like to think we’ll see at least a couple of new faces. Hopefully a a couple of battle hardened absolute bastards who don’t take any prisoners on or off the field
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    PROBLEM SOLVED. Home strip - P18 W2 Away strip - P3 W2 Hey it worked with the Dortmund top back in the day!
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    Hibs requested extra tests or a postponement and were denied apparently. Another good sign for us.
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    I do not think games will be played as since this all teams have made an effort to play . If Celtic have 13, players out and still playing games then although Saints and Killie thought Celtic going to Dubai helped their case I think the opposite . If Celtic had not played tonight think it was a certainty our games would be replayed but as Killie and ST Mirren made no effort to play weakened teams sure appeal will be thrown out . It is the SPFL though so anything is possible .
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    That's our main problem though, we defend too deep and the midfield don't get forward to support whoever is up top, so inevitably the ball comes straight back at the defence.We saw it in the last game, held out for over 70 mins but eventually caved in. I hope GA sorts this as a priority so if we are sitting in and being hard to beat we have an outball allowing us to get forward,
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    I have said before the games should be played but only if Killie and St Mirren don't benefit from the cancellations. Why should they benefit if they broke protocols? They should be asked play with the players they had available at the time of the original game.
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    That’s what I think we need too for what it’s worth. Being greedy, the midfielder should be able to create and run beyond the forwards to provide additional goal threat. Getting that within the parameters of our budget may prove to a challenge however
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    Sadly I can only see 1 result in this one, the form Rangers are in ,they will get their mandatory penalty, Mugabi will probably be involved in its award., I hope we keep the scoreline respectable but it will be another defeat I think.

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