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    I, like many I'm sure, am fully prepared to buy my season ticket again despite the offer of free games next season. I know it won't be possible for all and there are tough times ahead but I'm happy with what I got out of it this season under the circumstances.
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    I think its an absolutely fantastic gesture by the club and I think a lot of our fan base will appreciate the club treating the fans with respect and will pay for their season ticket next year. At the same time its tough for a lot of people right now and if people want to get their moneys worth then you can fully understand it.
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    You forgot the additional part where Robbo would also have mentioned it was down to him selling millions of pounds of talent because he is the greatest manager in football
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    All of the 3rd finish cash will be in next years accounts, as will the Euro cash and Turnbull Transfer fee. And yes,it will be interesting how much of the £1m we got for Scott was paid up front. Also for next year, how the £2.5-£3m we got for Turnbull is split, as both deals could potentially be split over 2-3 years
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    Conspiracy theorists might suggest that Lennon's rant was the start of a move get the season null and void.
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    Is it a warped prism in this case? Remember ultimately what is at stake is peoples lives. I think the problem generally is that football often sees itself as operating out-with the norm. The SFA is a great example of an organisation that believes that it is above the laws and regulations of the common man. Professional football as with many other professional sports throughout the world, is very fortunate to be operating at all at this time. I see the tennis players are having a hissy fit because they authorities dare to quarantine them because they were sitting on a plane beside positive testing passengers. My opinion is that these sports, football included should not be operating at all. The hardmen of football are very good at playing the victim. Neil Lennon's outburst yesterday is a total embarrassment. People are losing their lives. People are losing their jobs, businesses going bankrupt. Vulnerable people have been imprisoned in their own homes for a year. Young people are being robbed of the joys of leaving school, starting university , starting a new job and somehow it becomes a travesty that Kilmarnock are deducted 3 points for not being able to behave like responsible people? The professional sporting world should think itself very privileged indeed. I am not a fan of the SPFL but for once does the (relatively small) punishment fit the crime. Absolutely. After Neil Lennon's antics, how about professional football in Scotland is held to the same standards as everyone else and told they cannot operate. At the end of the day, football as with all professional sport is non-essential. The hardmen of Scottish football maybe need to swallow their pill like everyone else.
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    Forget about motherwell and 6 points. Do you really think the punishment fits the crime? The season was given the go ahead to kick off under conditions that covid protocols were followed by all clubs and killie and st mirren failed to do so, caused an outbreak and affected the fixture schedule. And this is ok - just a slap on the wrist? Really? For me, 3 months ago, they should have been given a heavy fine and rearranged the matches. Now though, with a lot less of a window to reschedule games, the weather affecting "all weather" pitches, the lower leagues postponed, the entire country on lockdown, celtic doing their best to null and void the season and most importantly covid still looming (which could bite anyone in the ass at any moment), I just cannot fathom the logic of this outcome. This bizarre notion that killie and st mirren should be "happy" with the punishment is laughable. Its not a punishment otherwise, and cant believe they've not only got away with it but had their fines reduced. You literally couldn't fucking write it!
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