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    Looking forward to your comments when it clicks about three of the four opponents having those plastic pitches you were so delighted we wouldn't be playing on next season...
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    took time to settle in but with new contract (and probably new captain) it's great for us to be represented at the euros. Old firm loving media hyping Patterson (who will become a big player) but heres hoping Stevie has a great euros. Is also great profile for the Well
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    Aye, Patterson will become an important player for Scotland, in time, but only if the young player knuckles down and continues his development, but as Grizzlyg said the ugly sisters media hyping the young guy who’s played 8 full games, I sincerely hope SOD can see off the young pup n keep his, and Well’s stock high during the euros!
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    He's lasted three hours on here, so that's a very good start.
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    If we are going to be seated apart from people anyway I would be happy to test different vantage points around the stadium. First preference would be my own seat though.
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