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    Take him a square go maybe
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    Only if we get Jocky Scott (and his jetpack) in as well.
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    What's Connor Sammon got to do with Danny Johnson?
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    unfortunate choice of words here.
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    A fit and healthy Griffiths with his head screwed on would be a fantastic signing.
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    Whilst I don't know enough to argue against your assertion about his time in England I'm not convinced your point about the Premiership/Scotland is correct. He wasn't a kick off double figures by the turn of the year having scored against both halves of the Old Firm and Aberdeen in a Motherwell team that was far from fluent. He simply wasn't given an opportunity thereafter when the formation changed post-Ross County Cup loss. He also scored 7 goals in 20 appearances for Dundee which isn't the worst record either.
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    A goal every two games at every club he's played at, including Motherwell and Dundee. That's exceptional. He's one of those players that makes me think I must know fuck all about football if he's not been able to impress with those stats.
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    It's all gone very quiet on the squad rebuild only 1 confirmed signing so far, and alleged interest in Lafferty, the season starts in just over 4 weeks with the league cup, time we had some new players in to discuss.
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    As much as i love that 94/95 away top, i still think the Canterbury away which is similar is a better looker. IMO
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    I’d just like to think there are better out there. There must be a striker somewhere who could emulate Moult and we could get a payday at the end of his time. Issue is finding him. Can’t help but feel I’ve seen this adoration of a player numerous times before. Cup final in 2017, Bigi plays OK compared to the rest, many on here see his regular inclusion as the key to success. Hastie, purple patch, a few wise heads were suggesting the hype should be tempered and that, with hindsight was astute. Lafferty has a number of things not going for him, attitude, age and a run of good games after a significant drought. Adding penalties to his tally has to be tempered too, what’s important here if he was instrumental in them being won rather than slotting them away. In his favour, he seemingly single handedly kept a rank team their top flight status a possibility until the last round of fixtures. But context is required, I didn’t watch all of both legs of the playoff, maybe that’s a better indicator. His arrival would result in a shoulder shrug rather than genuine anticipation for me.
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    Interesting statement by Killie. If he's after that money he's onto plums. Going in asking that after being relegated and their annual revenue in mind boggling. I bet Flow would like to unleash the dragon with a statement like that on a few agents or players. Would be a glorious thing to read.
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    Loved him as a lad but some of Colin O’Neil’s pish and behaviour is worthy of that mantle of late. Andy Walker and Tom Boyd who were infected with COVID-OF-1690 worthy of a shout. Wasn’t there some unwarranted bitching at the time of administration (Greg Strong) or was it legimate? Add Goram itching, waiting to get to a PA at an Orange Lodge to belt out the classics. Let’s not overlook a recent departure: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/ross-county/3199291/ex-caley-jag-liam-polworth-on-being-made-to-train-with-kids-at-motherwell-as-he-confirms-ross-county-link/
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    Almost as predictable as you coming on here to play your broken record on this subject. Why you insist that what transpired is fully legit and all parties are without reproach without written affidavits from all sides and an Mi5 surveillance sting operation is the other side of the coin. What would you need to change these from baseless to believable? The subject has been covered at length in other threads. He agreed on a deal, got a wage increase, changed his mind, tried to engineer a move, renegotiated and contract end date changed. A 10 year old playing Cluedo could put all the clues together for a plausible timeline of events. Essentially his actions meant we lost out on a decent potential transfer fee (however would he have been pursued if it was attached to his signature?). I accept the alternative was having a petulant wean playing centre half till next summer. When it quacks like a duck, floats like a duck, looks like a duck and is called Daffy ...... it's probably a fucking duck.
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