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    No stewards involved when they started throwing glass bottles at Dundee fans as they came off their bus. I dont like to see heavy handed stewarding as it is entirely counter productive to improving the matchday experience. But we cant ignore the fact that we appear to have a small section of arseholes within our support intent on causing trouble.
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    I saw a recent response (last week) from Flow on Twitter we were looking to add to the squad. I have seen rumours re Robbie Gott and a couple of attackers inc Marc McNulty. Although the latter has now joined United. That would suggest to me we are still looking at midfield and up front. Ideally we need two starters and not squad fillers. Especially true in midfield. Slattery and OHara may do and Donnelly may come good but we are desperately weak in there at the moment. Up front Watt, Van Veen may do and Shields and Lawless may come good but that is about it. I have seen very little of Woolery to suggest he has what it takes. Early days but he has had a few games to “tear teams apart” and has not looked like doing so. Maybe the standard up here is better than he or the Manager thought. For me the players I would see as starters in the current squad would be Kelly, SODs, Ojala / Lamie, Slattery, OHara, Van Veen, Watt. Jury out on Lawless, Carroll, Shields, Mugabi and Lamie tbh. McGinley seems to have fallen behind Carroll for the time being. But not sure Carroll is doing enough to justify that !
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    Really poor today but I'm still not prepared to hit the panic button just yet
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    Are you some kind of repressed teacher. Gies a break.
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    Did you not see Van Veen against Hibs different class Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I’m surprised you can see that through the amount of smoke you are blowing up Celtic’s arses to be honest. They are clearly the best side in Scotland just now but if you can watch that game and not see that Taylor, Ralston and Welsh are defensively suspect then there is no hope for you. As I said Celtic look good just now but your last few posts about them on here make them sound like 1970 Brazil.
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    Mate Ange is a very very good coach he will take Celtic to another level. As SPFL is finding out now. As Motherwell will find out.
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    It’s safe to say that if the likes of Hibs, Dundee and Airdrie(!) can exploit our defensive weaknesses with relative ease then Celtic will be capable of taking anything between five and ten goals off us, it just depends on how many they want to score.
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    They had 21 shots at goal first half and 83% possession!! Hearts were very lucky to be only 2-0 down. Celtic could easily have been 6 or 7 up at HT. Slowed in 2nd half and yes Starfelt looks a bit dodgy. But as UBH says I fear playing them if they are in that mood 1st half. Even though I know our defense and midfield would cope admirably !
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    We may get away with playing 433 at home for most games but yesterday showed yet again that we can't play that system away from home.theres not one area of the team that looks comfortable in how we're trying to play,the defence is horrifically exposed at all times,I can't believe the amount of crosses we let into the box,there's no attempt to even close down,you would think we had quality centre halfs that could deal with everything that comes there way,your told even at boys club level that stop the cross you stop the goal but this seems to be a tactic of ours just not to bother and it's bit us on the arse this season more than once.the midfield is all very rigid,it's three players that basically play around the half way line,the offer nothing defensively or in an attacking sense,I'm assuming that's down to the manager as you would think players would be busting a gut to get forward and it's vital in the formation we play.for as well as we did against hibs,the movement of there front three caused us all kinds of problems because they interchange really well,one minute murphy would be wide the next he would be central,same goes for boyle and then nisbet would drift in a dangerous area,where our three look like there told,your there,your there and your there and we're just hoping something happens,everything is far to rigid in our play and we're going to be far to easy to play against especially away from home.i think we have enough good players to give us a decent season but I just don't see it happening if we keep going with the tactics we're currently using,there's definite tweaks needing done going forward.
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    I'm that pissed right now, I can't even mind what thread I'm posting on Anyway, just reading the threads of late. It's mental how, in my time supporting since late 80's, the odd (really) bad season aside, we've generally floated between the top 3 to 6, or between the bottom 7 to 10, without being massively at perilous risk of the drop, league reconstruction aside. That said, the last few seasons, as a fan who hasn't been to the games as much as previous and would like, Covid aside, I can't help but think there's a massive over estimation of what is expected from a Motherwell team in this period. We won a cup in 1991. Prior to that was 52...(54?)...sorry can't mind right now. We've had a few finals since, all to the top team(s) in the country at the time. Folks are comparing us to St. Johnstone last season. Every small / provincial team in every league in every country could do that. They had a team, manager and set of circumstances come together that was a once in a lifetime situation. I'm 47, I could live to be 147 and that will never happen again. That aside, us, we want the best of what we can achieve as a team. After a small glimmer from the Hibs game to kick the season off, it's reverted back to type. Where's it gonna end...I'll admit, I bought into the GA hype at the start...I'm still there, I'm still onside, but the weekly wankword bingo soundbites after every game are getting tedious. Think I'm just annoyed that my Scottish Cup Winners bet is looking farcical already and it's only the second week of the season!!
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    He said in the build up to this game that he's happy with what we have but he's still looking to add to the squad.we can't afford anymore jersey fillers,it has to be atleast a couple that are going to make a difference.
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    That's not a bad shout. It'd be different if we were hard to beat. We aren't. I don't think the midfield offers much protection or attacking support either though.
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    In fairness to the fans and the bois in particular, all I saw whilst there was the fans getting right behind the team. No missiles, no piros, just singing from beginning to end. I'd rather the stewards dealt with the drunk/high/both- weapon that was behind me who did nothing but curse and swear at our players all game. We don't need 'fans' like that and I use the term fan very lightly.
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    We do seem to have an element that cause trouble which isn't good. Come on folks, support the team in the proper way, COYW
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    I think Alexander showed last season that he knows what he is doing. We should have scored today and scored more last week plus we actually scored an equaliser so it's better than under Robinson. The issue at the moment is too many players not up to the required standard. We can't keep on pretending that Maguire is a midfielder or that Watt is a reliable forward. We can't let Donnelly try and play his way back to form. Lawless is done and Lamie isn't good enough to start. If we don't sign better players then Alexander won't last the season but questions will also need to be asked about Burrows. Posters on here like to pretend that we are paying players a grand a week but the club wage bill is £4.8m a year so there is scope to bring in players good enough for our level but the budget seems to be mismanaged.

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