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    dont know about swedes but weve deffo had a few tumshies
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    Dykstra replaced Billy Thompson in the first team. Billy was certainly not the worst keeper we ever had, but he was another who did not like to leave the sanctuary of his line for a cross. Dykstra was a genuine step up in quality both in this regard, he definitely commanded the penalty box, and as a shot stopper. He was also fortunate to come into a side which was on an upward curve. Throw in the porn star looks and he had cult status written all over him. He was a good player, by our standards, but the fact that he never went on to muchigger and better things when he got his big move to England probably confirms that he was over rated by our support. Nothing wrong with that, of course. The affection in which a players held should not always be solely reliant on ability alone.
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    I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this. Sieb was up there with one of the best goalkeepers we have had. He was a good shotstopper, but his prowess on cross balls into the box was almost ridiculous, Hence the shout "Sieeeeeeeeb!" I agree he did endear himself to the fans to an extemt and wee Tommys chagrain for his penchant for dribbling out of his box and he did make the occasional mistake which tended to be of the howler variety, but to suggest he wasnt a very good goalkeeper just doesnt sit right with me.....
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    Great to get the 3 points but that style of fitba won't get the fans returning game after game, as it was absolutely horrific viewing. On paper, I think we have a reasonably good squad, certainly good enough to compete with shite like Dundee, but I think the formation we continue to play is hindering us. Watt is worth his weight in gold for us, he will never be a 20goals a season man, or even 15, but his work rate and his game intelligence is excellent...I'd have loved to have seen him getting more time with Van Veen, as I fear that Justin and Woolery will never do. Lamie and Ojala are doing the basics right and in Kelly we have a great keeper at our level. The midfield is still disjointed, I thought slattery showed glimpses of his talent and hopefully Goss can add to that as I believe that Grimshaw is never a starter for us in any position.
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    My memory appears to have bigger holes than our defence! Maybe I did just imagine that he was any good!
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    And Harry Smith. Are we including him as a former player?
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    A little surprised at the criticism of Amaluzor, I thought he did really well last week vs Livi and was pretty decent again yesterday. He has offered more than the more experienced Woollery on the other side, that's for sure.
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    Its all about opinions mate. Remember goalkeeping has changed a lot in 30 years. The goalkeepers you have listed are all very good goalkeepers in the modern era. My dad always raved about Keith Macrae, but Im too young to remember him actually playing. My memories are of Stewart Rennie, Hugh Sproat and then a long line of others who were dubious at best. Maxy was a very good goalkeeper, but we barely felt his loss when Sieb arrived. Sieb also got a good move to Dundee United out of it (may even have been wee Tommy that took him there). My memory may be playing tricks on me, it may just be the pornstar moustache, the maverick dribbling out of his box, but in my memory at least he deserves to be in the group that you mention togather with Ally Maxwell.
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    Thats it for me. At the moment, we don't have a complete squad to choose from, with probably another bodies to come in before Tuesday night. Our 2 right backs are injured and other players like Van Veen, Shields, Donnelly, O'Hara and Grimshaw are still recovering or night fully fit. New players are still settling in and yet to gel. We ground out the win today. Not great football to entertain us but we did show some really nice attacking moves in flashes. I thought that Kelly, Lamie, Ojala, Slattery and Watt were our best players. Goss although not matchfit looks to be useful. We haven't yet got the midfield balance right but I'd say that Grimshaw and O'Hara don't look comfortable in the same midfield. The strikers didn't gel, and although Watt played very well, he's not an out and out striker, but had to play in that role because of circumstances. As to the game itself, Dundee must consider themselves unlucky not to take a point but although they had loads of possession they were toothless up front and lacked creativity, especially after Adam retired. The game hinged on a handful of incidents - when Dundee hit the bar; Adam's injury - they weren't the same after he went off; Watt's goal; and Carroll's red card. For the first 20 minutes or so Dundee dominated and whether it was down to our midfielders playing poorly or being outnumbered I don't know. They clearly saw Mugabi as being our weak link as they tried to pressurise him early doors. We saw the game out well although I don't like to see us defend so narrowly. I thought that Willie Collum was very inconsistent and let Dundee players off for a series of bookable offences and it was always odds on he'd cards one of our lads first. When Van Veen's name went into the book you just knew that more would follow. I haven't seen Carroll's challenge yet but will do so later. Certainly Collum acted straight away without even taking time to think so you'd hope he had a close up and clear view of the incident. Great to be back at Fir Park today catching up with old friends and meeting new ones like Yorkyred.
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    Wouldn't make my top 5 of worst Motherwell keepers. (Although to be fair, John Gardiner is in there 3 times).
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    Serious question....does anyone know what style of play we are trying to implement ?? ... My mate was watching us for Ross County today and we had a long conversation about what we are trying to do and we can’t work it out.. The defenders we have cannot play out from the back and resort to punts up the park The midfield today were totally missing ...strange to come on here and see people saying that Slattery was good and O’Hara had a good game ..really !!... both were a mile off the pace...in fact the guy sitting next to me said he thought Slattery must have had a good night out last night ..he was that poor. The front 3 are so isolated week in week out ....nobody links anything from midfield to front ... One other point we talked about was how bad we were at the basics ...first touch was a joke from quite a few and how many players looked at least a yard off the pace compared to the Dundee guys.. But .....after saying all that , we won 1-0 ....work that one out ....it’s a funny old game !!!!
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    As someone alluded to the other day, I think his comedic histrionics set him aside for particularly affectionate praise, but I don't honestly recall Dyskstra being that massively great back in the day to be honest, certainly not the levels remembered on here by some. Perhaps those who came and went before have pictured him in a higher regard due to the immediate comparisons.

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