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    I didn't realize you were from Aberdeen.
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    Obvious to say it, but Bobby Ferrier is a most worthy addition to the Hall of Fame. I am just a little surprised that he was not inducted at the same time as George Stevenson, seeing as the pair were famed as a combination as much as for their individual abilities, but that obviously isn't how these things work and his inclusion is no less deserving because of that. The piece on the official website is excellent and well worth a read, but if you get the chance, look out for the obituary written by Bobby Ferrier's son which was included in the book written for our centenary by John Swinburne.
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    He and George Stevenson were the legendary 'Well left wing pairing in the early Thirties and the story is that Herbert Chapman, the Arsenal chairman, offered Sailor Hunter a blank cheque for the duo, which was refused. Unfortunately, Bobby was born in Sheffield of Scottish parents and so could not wear the dark blue as rules stood at the time. I actually worked with a man who had seen them play and watched the league-winning team as a very young boy. And so we go on......
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    Yes I would have thought that they would have inducted Stevenson and Ferrier together. Next, I'd like to see Hughie Ferguson included and also some members of our league championship winning team.
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    It’s ‘whisky’ in Scotland. Our national drink and so many people spell it wrong. It certainly does help improve your mood and enthusiasm mind you, I fully agree on that.
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    The colour of the kit this boy is wearing should have no bearing on the fact that he was faithful and true to the club who stood by him during injury, by signing a contract that guaranteed the club a substantial fee. I for one will not boo the boy and anyone who does due to the colours of his employer should be ashamed.
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    I bear the kid no ill will, but, get this standing ovation patter in the bin. It’s a nonsense.
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    Fucking hate these international breaks man!
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    Yes, as a kid, I always looked for his blond hair at corners and expected him to score. Mind you, he often had Andy Weir taking them, and he was a magician who could even score directly from the flag. As far as Joe is concerned, his great talents have been admirably listed above but my last memory is of him standing a few rows back from me at the 2011 final and talking to the fans. He was Motherwell through and through. Good old Joe.
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