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    I think the thing is that you are being very dismissive of something you have no experience of. I'm not a regular at Scotland games but I do support Scotland and any time I've been it's been an amazing experience. It's different from club football. Club football is all about agendas, factions, tribalism etc and that's fine. Who doesn't like a bit of that abrasive side of football? However there is something really refreshing about going to a Scotland match and having pretty much everyone on the same side and behind one team. When Scotland win or Scotland score at a packed Hampden there is nothing like it. There's different sides to football. I've been following Motherwell home and away for nearly 40 years now, but I also go to Scotland matches for the reason above and I also like to pop along to random matches, usually lower league games, and just sit and watch as a neutral with no real stake in the game. Last time I did that was Alloa v Partick and it was a great game with one of the best goalkeeping displays I've ever seen (Jamie McDonald had an incredible match). I'm going to sound like a mum at tea time but 'just try it, you might like it'.
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    Can't agree about Goss in midfield. He produced absolutely nothing against Celtic.
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    Sorry David. I agree with your general point about O'Donnell, and he did make amends later in the first half with a goal saving tackle, but if he tucks in a little at the goal, Jota has to go around the outside and doesnt get a clear run through on Kelly. His body shape and positioning are just a little out and allow the pass to be played inside him. Overall though he does more right than he does wrong and I dont see Grimshaw or Mugabi doing any better in that position.
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    Firstly David, it's a discussion forum and fans will always have different opinions on players. That's life. I and a few others it would seem have concerns about his performances in claret and amber. Even at our level he's cost us a few goals and made more than his share of mistakes (yes, no one is perfect). Last Saturday's defending for Celtic's first goal was not what you expect from an experienced defender. Status means nothing during 90 minutes on the pitch. It's what you do that matters. He seems to be a model pro off the pitch and conducts himself well. No doubt GA knows him far better than we do and he's the manager, but that doesn't prevent fans from having opinions.
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    Seriously dude. Do you ever read your posts back? Your having a go at a guy for questioning how you support football, by having a go at how others support football? Ive watched Motherwell for the best part of 50 years and Ive seen plenty of turgid shite. Same with Scotland. But I dont do it to be spoiled with silky flowing football. I do it because its in my blood and its who I am. If Scotlands not for you thats fair enough, bit dont try and pretend that its because watching Motherwell is more entertaining. Its just not true.

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