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    Just to play devils advocate as you are making some definite statements there... How do you know hundreds of fans can't make it? What about the fans that couldn't make the Sunday kick off? Perhaps more fans can now actually go. Perhaps it's negligible. Two from my group can now attend who couldn't for example. No benefit to us? How do you know? Maybe the management team prefer to prepare for Saturday to Saturday games? Rather than Sunday to Saturday. Maybe Alexander would prefer a normal week ahead of an arguably bigger game v Dundee Utd, rather than moving rest days about and essentially losing prep time. Feels like a lot of people are hiding behind a lot of other reasons not liking this, but it's the fact we are agreeing to do this for one of the Glasgow two is the real issue here for most. Which is valid. But just say it.
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    I'm happier with a Saturday fixture. If some other nefarious force could move it to 3pm with 1 day's notice I'd be even happier.
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    I'm sorry but I just can't get on board with being okay with this. We've moved a game of football 4 days before it's due to start, meaning there will be hundreds of our fans that now can't make it. If it was a few weeks or months in advance then whatever, but four days, and for no benefit to us? It's fuckin tragic from us. We're putting another club first at the expense of several hundred fans, it's despicable.
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    I liked big Chas - especially when he played more centrally. Good in the tackle. Not so good in the pass, but fine when he keeps it simple. I prefer tackling defenders over the flashy wing-back type, but I'm old-school.
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    Can't wait for Saturday then we will have something sensible to discuss 1. How shite we were and how we never turn up against them , Burrows is responsible etc 2. Wow never saw that victory coming Europe and 4th place here we come. Topic 1 is Currently odds on Favourite
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    One of the best goalies we've had and we've had more than our fair share. Hope he gets through it.
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    How do you know Doncaster wanted it moved? Rangers wanted it moved. Approached Motherwell as they are entitled to and is correct procedure. . Motherwell agreed (like it or loathe it). BOTH Clubs approached Spfl who agreed on basis Sky confirmed they could rearrange their Schedule. Police then approached and, after sorting out Overtime costs and manning details, they agreed. It's not a big deal Game over. Some may not like that the game was moved, perhaps through a hatred of Rangers, Burrows or both. But no way do I believe Motherwell were forced to agree to the change. Other countries rearrange games all the time to assist their teams in Europe. For some reason folk in Scotland have an issue with it. Could the Club have communicated better and was the change at short notice? Yes. Hopefully lessons will be learned. Sadly, I think Superward was spot on in his last paragraph. Given the number of "likes" that post has, it appears many agree.
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    Without being morbid I hope there are no issues tomorrow, last few games at FP v Gers there have been objects thrown at players. Let's not stoop to their level and give then ammunition. Give our lads the backing in the correct manner, COYW
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    And if Rangers are paying the Police costs is that not of financial benefit to Motherwell? I trust Burrows enough to believe that the switch will not have left us out of pocket. I doubt we will ever really know what the Clubs agreed between themselves, in private but approved by Spfl and Police. If we had been forced to change I'm pretty sure Motherwell would have made that known. Folk making a mountain out of a mole hill here, for whatever reason. And I can add two ST Holders who can now attend who were missing out on the Sunday.
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    No one is actually saying that though. We're not talking about winning a cup over playing in Europe, we're talking about playing the group stages of the League Cup over playing in Europe. There's a huge difference.
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    I'd imagine our club didn't have much choice. Football sold its soul to the TV companies a long time ago, and if they are happy to move it, we basically get zero input. There isn't a club on the planet that wants to kick off at noon or 12:30pm on a Sunday (or a Saturday), but we are subjected to them every weekend. Doncaster wanted it moved. Rangers wanted it moved. Sky wanted to televise it. Game over.
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    I thought they were querying the verb?
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    No that’s agreeing to a request, volunteering would be us going to them and saying “hey do you want us to request the game is moved so you can have more time for the European game?”
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    Club said yes is that not volunteering
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    Burrows should say no bother Steelboy. Come up to fir park and we can sort this out. You paid £0 for your season ticket, divide the cost by 19 home games = theres your £0 refund.
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    Steelboy's 1st name is Karen
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    Helping the Scottish team in Europe. Simple. If it had been Aberdeen or Hearts no one would have bothered ,except sinjy’s in-laws.
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    Hoping to encourage some fellow ‘well fans along to watch Motherwell Women in their first ever game at Fir Park on Sat 16th v Hamilton KO 3pm, free entry however there will be donation buckets on the day with all money collected going towards the brilliant new girls academy. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2022/04/12/hamilton-next-in-swpl1/
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    Andy Goram in hospital being treated for cancer. Best wishes to him, horrible illness.
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