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    If that is true would be interesting...highly rated....in fact would be an ahem....TOP CATch.......sorry folks
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    Where's the "groan" emoji?
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    If there is one think I’ve learnt while supporting Motherwell it’s that every season we’re predicted to do badly with a percentage always stating we’re doomed to certain relegation with the worst squad in the history of the club. It’s always ended up better than many think. There is absolutely no guarantee that other clubs will do better any more than there is that we will do worse.
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    Hello Fellow 'Well fans, Just to make you aware, if you haven't read about it in the Well Society newsletter, the club shop is taking orders for scrapbooks of former players, two Ancell Babes Willie Hunter & Pat Quinn and Tom Forsyth & Joe Wark. Each players family together with a current member of the MFC Former Players Club (FPC) have collated these scrapbooks. The books were compiled by the individual player themselves and contain great pieces of their playing career as well as Motherwell FC history. One of the many good deeds carried out by the FPC is to raise funds to assist partners and families of former 'Well players who have passed on. They also contribute to the Well Society. A percentage of the money from sales will go to the FPC. Here's the link. https://motherwelldirect.co.uk/collections/books
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    Hard to say, and obviously recruitment is key for everyone. You’d expect that Aberdeen and Hibs will be better than they were last season, and Killie may well be better than Dundee. But other teams around us have lost key players… off the top of my head… Forrest - Livi, Siegrist - Dundee Utd (and they need a new manager), Charles-Cooke and Hungbo - Ross Co, Ronan - St Mirren, even Souttar and Sims at Hearts, although they’ll still be strong. Who knows whether the replacements they bring in will be as good as those who’ve left? Although we had a very patchy season, we have the advantage of less turnover in the close season than we’ve had for a while. Like everyone else, the quality of the new recruits will determine whether or not we move forward, and at least become more consistent
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    Thats just not true. Ojala has looked good in spells but is clearly very injury prone and that has effected his performances for us. Probably why we had the chance of signing someone of his calibre. Solholm started very well then tailed off badly. Whether that was as a result of going straight from a Norwegian season into ours without a break or whether he has been carrying an injury is hard to say, but he is not a duffer. Lets wait and see how both respond to a proper close season and good pre season before we right both of them off.
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    Add Tony Straker, Danny Murphy, a past it Alan Sneddon, and more recently Aaron Taylor-Sinclair and Stephen Hendrie. McGinlay and Carroll are limited but let's not kid on they are anywhere near the worst...
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    We only managed to finish 5th because the rest of the league were utterly pitiful and even worse than us . Never if my life have I seen week after week results go our way even when we fucked up week after week. That won't happen again. Aberdeen and Hibs will not be as bad next year. Kilmarnock will not stand still. The standard of our play last season was eye bleedingly bad. We had the 3rd worst defensive record in the league. I think we need 5 or 6 . If Spittal turns our to be the deal that obviously becomes 4/5
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    If we were seriously looking for a left back, do people think we would have resigned the two that we already have?
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    We have no real history/ tradition of playing in stripes, but I really quite like this.
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    They rated Ross Stewart highly too and he's just had a 24 goal season and led Sunderland to the Championship.
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    I genuinely can't wrap my head around folk not rating Slattery. You can see from his technical ability why he was so highly rated in the Southampton/England setups but he doesn't seem to have came up with any pretensions either and does more than his fair share of the unglamorous stuff. I think he's been an upgrade on Allan Campbell.
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