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  1. apollon are playing wednesday and apoel thursday in the gsp nicosia so where do we fit in?
  2. Starman only had scarfs at something like £30-£40 i gave away about 15 Flamurtari programmes,i think they sell for £50 up
  3. ive seen robbos boy play lots of reserve games last season and hes well worth a shot on the wing[gets lots of crosses in first time] better giving him a go when theres no fans in thou as one mistake and the boy might never recover
  4. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/news/0260-1010f00d989a-ab1d4ca745eb-1000--uefa-meets-with-general-secretaries-from-its-55-member-associat/
  5. less chance of bangers who still let their wifes dress them over there
  6. was roasting that day when we won we went to finland in europe after it and stevie woods turned up at the airport with a celtic trackie top on
  7. decorator

    retro kits

    picture will go up later from admin
  8. decorator

    New Pitch

    the pictures were taken yesterday

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