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  1. i hope the home tickets are buy one get one free or the ghouls will no be happy
  2. Panathinikos won the greek cup on saturday i would take winning the scottish cup for a shambles of a club
  3. you sure tw is not single?
  4. decorator


    only found out yesterday about andy passing away,he was a great guy and we helped each other out with things for the club over the years i dont post much now as my wife passed away 6 weeks ago after a 5 year fight with cancer
  5. maybe john boyle as hes still hanging about
  6. im glad i seen us playing in this seasons europa league
  7. i get more enjoyment for a reserve game over cumbernauld on a freezin monday afternoon than a saturday now
  8. apollon are playing wednesday and apoel thursday in the gsp nicosia so where do we fit in?
  9. Starman only had scarfs at something like £30-£40 i gave away about 15 Flamurtari programmes,i think they sell for £50 up
  10. ive seen robbos boy play lots of reserve games last season and hes well worth a shot on the wing[gets lots of crosses in first time] better giving him a go when theres no fans in thou as one mistake and the boy might never recover
  11. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/news/0260-1010f00d989a-ab1d4ca745eb-1000--uefa-meets-with-general-secretaries-from-its-55-member-associat/
  12. less chance of bangers who still let their wifes dress them over there

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