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  1. I totally get both sides of the argument regarding Crawford, personal opinion he’s a decent player and plays for livi so he works hard but they’ve got a really strong midfield, he’ll do exactly as Robinson says. I don’t see the point in youth players who haven’t really kicked on in the last few years of being on the cusp of the first team hanging about for another season, 6 month loan then evaluate how they’ve done and give them a chance if they’ve played well. However I don’t agree with the let’s pay Livingston money for 6 months for a back up midfielder. Why can’t we go push the boat and sign a player of real calibre and class like Aberdeen, Hibs and Killie are, someone like a Scott McDonald in his second stint etc. What our squad is lacking right now is experience and player with a smart football brain.
  2. Always enjoy the rumours of how much the fee is...
  3. Are we talking about the same Tait that’s played right back all his days and been superb in his tenure except maybe the last season when he found himself out the team. Stephen O’Donnell very much on the cards, definitely better than Grimmy anyway, don’t know how we are going to be paying 2 first team wages for a right back.
  4. Hylton also surprising scored a decent amount of goals for Solihull Moors before joining us, hopefully he can kick on this season.
  5. Getting a bit embarrassing from yourself now.
  6. Always got something to say don’t you, going by the post a few actually agree.
  7. Got to try and improve at right back, Grimmy is a great guy but he’s a squad player and not a starter for me. Launches it whatever way he’s facing, miles off when shutting down and marking etc.
  8. As I could watch from a very good distance away from anyone else. I don’t think you quite understand here. I have no problem at all with scouts going to watch games in a normal state but not during a pandemic where players and all club officials there will have to go through strict testing procedures. If fans aren’t allowed then other clubs employees not involved in the game shouldn’t be allowed.
  9. Rules apply, especially with all the strict procedures each individual has to go through. It is a strict “behind closed doors” game between 2 clubs. I’m sure he’d have had to be properly tested like others, however think it is still pretty poor for us to be letting a scout in from another team. They’ve watched the player for years no doubt and will have several other months to buy and watch the player when the season starts. However during these strict times with a few fans supposedly having to be removed from the Dundee Utd game at Dalziel, I personally find it pretty poor the club have let another club official enter the stadium.
  10. For a “behind closed doors game” it’s pretty disappointing the club are allowing other clubs officials in to watch the games but not our own supporters.
  11. Well you seem to be ITK with your post so not exactly hard to add to that is it? Hence why I’m asking as I’ve not heard anything.
  12. Has he been training with us?
  13. Never haven’t even been up to be honest but I mean if it’s a pre season game behind closed doors and 2 mins away from me I wouldn’t mind going to see the team I support.
  14. FWIW I didn’t actually go to the game however if I was to do so would be quite some distance away from any players or staff etc and would be outside the premises. I don’t know if you’ve seen Dalziel Park but I’ll assume not as its right in the middle of an estate and isn’t exactly hard to watch from a distance. Totally get where you are coming from however.

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