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  1. Personally I’d be asking Slattery do you have any Southampton mates who want to join us to keep him happy the guy is class.
  2. All sounds well and good but I’d rather be a lot more optimistic in our signings players from 19-27 ex prem youth players or top talents in Scot championship and maybe left field abroad signings. Davis would be good for a season but he’s probably leaving rangers for a reason to wind down and may just be taking a wage but he’s obviously quality but sounds done deal with St Mirren and Robbo link. With McAlear we aren’t paying a 20 year old boy £3000 a week that’s fact especially when we have Cornelius who’s probably as good if not better. Not saying McAlear isn’t a good signing he’s a cracking player but not worth to Chuck 3k a week at, he’s only kicked on at ICT last few months.
  3. Here’s the highlights, I’d like to see him up front as he looks prolific up top and was for the Greek side but obviously able to play out wide. Saying that Tony Watt was our top scorer from playing wide left.
  4. Well that’s an interesting and relatively exciting signing I like it.
  5. Quite the opposite, he knows how to actually play football with regards to not just standing there like a wooden plank. Rudden only 21 too plenty of potential, pretty prolific so far. Think he’d be a cracking signing for us.
  6. Up there in my favourite well games I’ve been to, the pure scenes after that 3rd goal I had a perfect angle of it too from the east stand. Cup runs always hand that little bit extra specialness.
  7. For me shields must be impressing in training etc to be chucked in so early with basically no pre season from what we know. Really looking forward to seeing him hopefully light it up.
  8. He was in at the start of the week or possibly last but he has followed a good few of our players on Instagram and was on Van Veens story.
  9. Not many good enough though to push for the first team, we definitely need someone in for that front 3 and Shields return whenever will be a bonus. Seem to be looking at centre backs anyway as we have one in on trial ex Arsenal Joseph Olowu.
  10. A lot of people were underwhelmed by the signing but if you took a look back he got a decent move to Ipswich in the championship after having a decent few season at Crawley and also scored a screamer against us IIRC. Obviously he ended up at hearts for a reason but they were still making good signings last year and ultimately he played decent for us so I’d take him back definitely a good addition to the side for the wide positions.
  11. One game Carroll defends great then next game has a stinker defensively think he’s a very decent player but his height and pace helps him out a lot.
  12. I also found it pretty strange as I’m sure I seen we had actually sold out in tickets... Probably trying to be hopeful as it did look really busy in all stands but was hoping it was more 6.2k rather than 5.2k and someone had misread it. Anyway the atmosphere was definitely there and the buzz of seeing the ‘Well again was there amongst everyone. With regards battle for outside of the top 4 I don’t see why we can’t go and actually challenge for 3rd or 4th (optimistic I know) however that’s basically a whole new team which seems to have a great deal of quality in it, once certain players are upto speed it’ll be even better also adding in a few more additions and a couple to return. Should be no reason why we can’t go beat hearts, hibs, Aberdeen etc. First and foremost though we get ourselves in a good position as far away as possible from relegation spots then we start looking up to the top 6 or further, just 2 seasons ago we did finish 3rd...
  13. Yeah I really like Barry Maguire as well, bit unfairly treated by some on her as he’s maybe not the next Turnbull or Campbell and wasn’t an instant WOW academy graduate. However last season when he first came in the team he was one of the better ones hence why he’s still here and will be sure to kick on with GA this season which he is showing already.
  14. He was at Hamilton races last night in a sling... Hopefully he’ll be back soon think he’ll be a great addition to the side.
  15. Van Veen is an absolute baller. Bit of a sickener to lose that as we were for the most part excellent and really limited hibs. Minutes before the penalty Woolery misses a sitter as well. Slattery and KVV are both tremendous pieces of business. Pretty confident for the season ahead after that today.

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