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  1. Allan Campbell all day long but would have loved to give it to O’Hara as well.
  2. Maybe not as many didn’t turn up today as the weather was an absolute joke as well as the prices. We also have a game on Tuesday night as well and had a game last Tuesday just there.
  3. Personally I’d change to a back 3 this weekend with Mugabi coming in playing with Gillespie, Mugabi, Dec, Hartley, Grimmy, Carroll, Donnelly, Polworth, Campbell, Long and Watt (Aarons if Watt isn’t fit). We are becoming too static now and teams are reading us very easily we need to change it up.
  4. Pathetic performance, downward spiral has been coming since the accies game, wins at Dundee and Aberdeen covered the cracks but the performances have been poor. Too many players look off the boil. Manzinga needs to have a serious look at himself after that shocking dive, beats 2 players but instead of shooting throws himself to the ground.
  5. So what actually is the script here I thought we announced we were debt free midway through the first half of the season. Should the sale of James Scott mean any other small debts were paid off (£80,000) which leaves us with just approx £920,000 which most likely half will go into the running of the club. Still leaving us with a hefty fee to invest back into the playing squad etc.
  6. U seriously can’t be saying Frear is better than Hylton
  7. And that’s why nobody will touch him for that price I rate Shankland very highly but he’s not worth that. For the record Motherwell fans need to get realistic we aren’t going to be buying anyone for 100k+.
  8. In my honest opinion we’ve got 1.5 million which keeps is excellent for us, for a 19 year old player who lets face it was good on his day and I like him but could be very frustrating and not exactly as good as your Turnbull or even Hasties granted they’re older. However selling him for that money and arguably signing someone better for 6 months is a cracking piece of business.
  9. Very very good player from what I’ve seen went slightly down hill but certainly got a lot of talent. Hopefully we can get him back to his best.
  10. Hopefully we can find a replacement at least and possibly another as we now have money to play with. However I don’t want us to go out spending it on anyone but I have faith in Robbo and we’ll spend wisely. Could have a big impact on tomorrow’s game however...
  11. Scott has had a decent crack for just under a year so he’s had a good opportunity and we’ve got to see him do well. Turnbull will stay until at least the end of the season, and wee Al looks like he’s staying even though I can’t believe nobody has tried for him.
  12. Scott’s away from what I’ve been told 1.7 million don’t know if that includes add ons... a lot of money that we can’t reject. Hopefully we can find someone to replace him quickly.

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