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  1. For me GA has steadied the ship when he came in we hadn’t won since Halloween? Alexander joined early January. Got points on the board and hopefully keeps us up. The same thing that happened to McCall had happened to Robinson, great manager but times up. It’s a very difficult position for the manager to be in when you’ve got a club captain and others who’s contracts are up and don’t want to be there.
  2. Wouldn’t expect to see Mugabi feature any time soon, dislocated shoulder, Devine injured and Dec “injured”. Down to the bare bones.
  3. Never thought Morrison would make it to be quite honest thought Rohan Ferguson was better than him if I’m honest.
  4. Devante Cole. Sign him up quickly mr Burrows
  5. 110% both footed as well what a player he’s proving to be btw
  6. “Hamstring injury” now, enough time to renegotiate a contract... just win motherwell!
  7. @Onthefringes Some information we both received and agreed on, can we be mates now??? In all seriousness he had a scan today for a mystery injury, detailed as a muscle injury? It’s been evident this season he doesn’t want to be here beyond this season, not necessarily him more so his agent sending things to multiple media outlets etc. I like the big guy I do and he’s undoubtedly over the past 18 months been our best player, but nobody is bigger than the club, especially when he’s going round liking fans tweets then removing them, all I/ we ask at Motherwell is you give 100% when at the club and considering he’s a club captain it’s extremely poor for me. If we wants to renegotiate his contract to leave in the summer then let it happen but I wouldn’t be giving him a platform for the euros if I’m the manager.
  8. Totally understand your point but I guess not everything is made public. With my comment “By Chuck the toys out the pram” I mean trying every trick in the book to not play, he’s also trying to renegotiate his contract to exclude that trigger clause, personally for me I’d punt him. I don’t understand why he’d want to jeopardise a euro spot or turning potential suitors away however he obviously feels strongly about leaving the club and not signing on again at the moment. For a captain of a football club I find it very poor. We shall see tonight if what the rumours and what people have been told are true I guess.
  9. For once I’m going to agree with you, received the same information... He can Chuck the toys at the pram if he wants just means he’ll likely ruin his euros chances, Kind of points to why we signed 2 defenders and I expected him to leave late on on Monday.
  10. Am I missing something what has McGinley done wrong? I’m on the bandwagon for Lamie though, should have been signed as nothing more than back up, however I think McGinley is more than capable of doing a job, unless he’s not doing it in training but whenever I’ve watched him he’s been decent.
  11. Can announce a deal any time as long as the deal sheet was sent in time.
  12. Played wing back for Livi, pretty much played every where for them, there’s no point sticking a winger down as “left winger” or “right winger” as these days they can usually play either it’s how the work in the system. He seems like a player that would easily slot in at both and other positions if need be.
  13. Especially during the middle of a pandemic and most guys will be moving up here themselves (if from England) difficult situation but as an overall we are in a far better position and had we had this team at the start of the season we’d be up nearish the top 4. I have a small hunch that Roberts will come here and do a job for us, his kind of last chance saloon as hearts clearly don’t rate him and if he gets papped from there he’ll be back to league 2, comes here for 6 months recaptures his previous form of a couple years ago and his career goes up the way.
  14. Tbf he’s faster than Mbappe https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11676/11703275/meet-tyler-magloire-blackburn-rovers-defender-faster-than-kylian-mbappe

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