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  1. Never haven’t even been up to be honest but I mean if it’s a pre season game behind closed doors and 2 mins away from me I wouldn’t mind going to see the team I support.
  2. FWIW I didn’t actually go to the game however if I was to do so would be quite some distance away from any players or staff etc and would be outside the premises. I don’t know if you’ve seen Dalziel Park but I’ll assume not as its right in the middle of an estate and isn’t exactly hard to watch from a distance. Totally get where you are coming from however.
  3. On the Dundee Utd P&B they seem to think it’s “Motherwells training centre” so Dalziel Park. Maybe head down see if I can get a look in...
  4. I thought I seen somewhere we play Dundee United tomorrow... I could be wrong though.
  5. I know covid has had a massive effect on a club like ours but when you think we’ve let go 3 big parts of our squad wage wise (Gillespie, Hartley and Tait) also players like Ilic and Manzinga as well as other dead wood and every youngster who was out of contract. This year could be very different and we show more ambition than before. Lang is someone who comes under the “can play across front 3” and so does Long so both offer something in other areas which is a plus.
  6. Lang is still very much on the cards, a deal has been agreed and everything seems fine so far...
  7. At a first glance I thought Hastie due to the hair but facially it’s very hard to see. Also the player is No.13 and each player has to wash their own kits etc and hastie is No.11
  8. If it turns out Turnbull is leaving then we shouldn’t be accepting anything less than 3 million + add ons again. He’s still Scotland’s most prized youngster, even Robinson himself said he came back and was still the best player in training.
  9. Looks like Lang could be happening then. Guy is usually spot on with things...
  10. I know how successful our youth system is but what could you possibly invest that 200k that relates to the youth academy? Genuine question btw. From my view our academy is working perfectly fine but for this season the youth academy is basically a right off as seasons won’t start back until 2021 supposedly. That money makes more purpose for investing into the first team this year and pushing on even further than last season and by doing so go further in Europe and then you could think about other things like youth etc.
  11. No crowds will have a minimal effect as most fans have all bought season tickets which should cover that. As well as the Europa income and few gestures from James Anderson.
  12. Correct all younger players out of contract have been released it seems except the ones that signed on (Morrison, Robinson, Hussain and Maguire).
  13. Dean Cornelius is a central midfielder and Cole Starts has been released you do realise that?
  14. I’d be all for him as seeing him and Hylton on the wings would be very exciting. Both would destroy defenders, but with Hastie you get an out ball most the time and also goals which we’ve missed last season from the wide areas. As previously said we could actually benefit from it ourselves if he does well and rangers sell him on. He’ll already know a large amount of the group which will definitely help back playing with his “pals” essentially. The only worry is that he will split opinions of the fans, with such a strong team this year and the fans 100% behind the club, a lot may not be happy with this and straight on the players back. You’d expect a player who’d been training at Rotherham and Rangers for the last year or so to have learned a lot more to his game and not damaged it, albeit from what I heard he’d started really well at Rotherham with goals but fell out of favour near Christmas.
  15. If you’re referring to me knowing then no I didn’t but above someone clearly says about a striker then says again he plays in the championship and Wigan play in the championship so makes sense.

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