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  1. I personally think Turnbull will replace Polworth in the side but let’s face it if he comes back has a good couple months again then he’s off so good to have Polworth there, and another playmaker type to change the game off the bench.
  2. How many times have we heard that... Robbo can’t help himself. Suspect we got Ndjoli on a lot less wage contribution than we did for Cole so very surprised we’ve got nothing left. Extremely likely to finish in top 4 and a good cup run, sometimes you’ve got to gamble.
  3. I think if we are able to take a point or 3 off Hibs that’ll be another real point proven. They’re a lot better now than they were the last time at FP but on our game then we should win. Interesting to see our team for hibs as Long may be out which is a massive blow but the return of Hylton hopefully will be a big boost.
  4. Gillespie Grimmy Gallagher Hartley Carroll Donnelly Polworth Campbell Scott Long Ndjoli/Hylton (if fit)
  5. From my point of view any striker who’s caught the eye on Robbo and has scored goals in the national league would be worth a punt on a reasonable low fee. Under the age of 26 and get him on an 18 month contract with the view of another year. He has a good season or 2 and he’s attracting big clubs down south and easy money. Another that did stick out for me was Courtney Duffus only 24 ex Everton youngster with 13 goals for Yeovil. 6 ft 2, ex ROI u21 and will also know Long...
  6. Mentioned him ages ago on here a while ago seems a very appealing player for us to sign and sell on. But with the goals he’s scored clubs with more money than us will be offering him a contract.
  7. Seedorf has failed to impress so far hence my reasoning for another addition in the wide area (Ndjoli). With Hylton limping off last night that could be a worry for us as he’s an excellent player and brings something to the team. Will likely give Ndjoli more of a chance to impress and hopefully he takes it.
  8. Had 2 very short cameos for us from what I recall. Was only 20 when he signed with us and had very little match experience. Think the move to a club like us came at the wrong time for him as he went on to do pretty well for a couple seasons and even earned a move to Sheffield United but hasn’t worked out for him.
  9. Great news! I can be very critical of him as he may not be the best player but I like him and glad he’s staying. Gives 110% effort and where’s his heart on his sleeve which is a minimum requirement to be liked at the well and he loves us too!
  10. Didn’t exactly leak anything. I just heard that we were interested in Green and also knew we were interested in Ndjoli and we chose Ndjoli and Green signed for someone else.
  11. Seen that was between him and Ndjoli.
  12. Decent video for him playing for Bournemouth u21s make of it what u will for some that haven’t seen him. A welcomed addition who should do well.
  13. I have watched many Bournemouth u21s games on the live thing and he was by far their best player which wasn’t even last season. Has been involved with their first team. Did OK at Killie and did ok when playing against us IIRC. Could well be a very good signing but he’ll be pretty unknown to most.
  14. Ndjoli signs. Good player and will add something to the team we don’t really have.

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