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  1. Yeah I pointed that out as a potential reason why we should be keeping him and let him stay until the end of the season and that way both parties are happy we get a small sum and he gets his big move.
  2. Definitely 1 and possibly 2 signings this week. Fingers crossed. I assume 1 will be a striker however like above I agree regarding Long however if he doesn’t want to be here and continues in his huff then so be it, however with a new manager and arm round him some new found confidence with him up front with Cole and Watt battling for places and potentially 1 more. I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing us go 442.
  3. Don’t know anything bout this guy however he’s popped a few times in the last week or so that we’re interested in him. Could be one if the Rooney deal doesn’t happen it seems.
  4. Reliable source. I agree as well though however he did sign for them in March but couldn’t play as the virus hit. It’s a pretty uninspiring signing for a 32 year old who was starting to fade at Aberdeen. Personally I’d prefer someone younger. However his scoring record speaks for itself and if he can come in and hit the ground running to take us up the league it’s fine by me.
  5. Didn’t quite believe it when I seen daft rumours flying about regards to Adam Rooney but seems like he could be possibly one of the next ones through the door.
  6. Scottish not from the Scottish leagues as far as I’m aware.
  7. Tbf Cambridge said the same about Jake Carroll and many other players the same just clicks for some players so I don’t take too much to what other fans say.
  8. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19000170.amp/ Interesting read regarding Moyes influence on GA, hopefully if he brings in a loan from West Ham they are decent and actually make an appearance
  9. That’s what it should be everywhere and what I’d think is personally the best solution
  10. Should only use it for stuff like penalties, with offsides it should be ones where they are unsure and the player has to be completely offside, not an armpit hair offside.
  11. After having a quick flick through this guy seems to fit the bill, of doesn’t score much, had potential but we could kickstart his career and managed by GA. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Dieseruvwe As we’ve seen previously with YouTube clips it means heehaw however having watched some he can actually strike a ball and put himself about for goals.
  12. Although we’ve got the likes of Campbell, Polworth, O’Hara I still feel this season we lack quality, when Donnelly is back who knows but to get in a top loan player for 6 months who goes into that starting line up is a must for me. Striker who actually looks like scoring, commanding/ leader centre back, 1 or 2 wingers and a Right back if O’Donnell leaves.

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