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  1. He was at Hamilton races last night in a sling... Hopefully he’ll be back soon think he’ll be a great addition to the side.
  2. Van Veen is an absolute baller. Bit of a sickener to lose that as we were for the most part excellent and really limited hibs. Minutes before the penalty Woolery misses a sitter as well. Slattery and KVV are both tremendous pieces of business. Pretty confident for the season ahead after that today.
  3. Same could be said for many players we sign...
  4. Get him fit though, and in form he could be a real asset to us and one of the best midfielders in the league potentially IF he stays fit of course. If he was to be signed I’m sure he’d be examined properly etc. And to be seen if he had any concerning underlying issues.
  5. Is this a cheeky wee leak or just wishful thinking. Think he’d be a cracking player for us and still young enough to make a name for himself.
  6. I’d take Oddofin was always in and out of the team at Livingston but he seemed to really mature and hit a consistent bit of form for Accies. Covers depth in multiple positions Defensive Midfield, Right Back and Centre Back if need be.
  7. Deal for the Finnish international is basically done by all accounts.
  8. It’s a “brilliant” signing to be fair to the club
  9. I’m going to put it out there and say we’ve just got ourself an EPL capable keeper on a 3 year contract. How he never got another championship team I’ll never know. By the way he was class for QPR as well and had a really good run in the side for a long while but fair play to the club on working day and night to get the deal done.
  10. Good chance SOD could be away don’t know anything about that but with Max Johnston we’ve very much been trying to put him in the shop window.
  11. Ah I’ve got mixed up didn’t even realise, we do have a London based player to come in on trial with a view to a loan hence why it made sense when I seen it.
  12. Also another 2 CBs on trial one being the ex Liverpool, West Ham player Mi’chel Parker and other someone mentioned a trialist from Luton (possibly on loan)
  13. Was thinking that myself but it has become pretty known knowledge in the last few days.
  14. Darragh O’Connor on trial most recently at Leicester. Republic of Ireland youth too. Last one from Leicester worked out pretty well.
  15. Striker lets hope he does less catching and more scoring if he signs, goalkeeper is Tom King most recently of Newport County.

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