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  1. Celtic and Rangers ties, you could not make it up. However a Hearts at home is very doable.
  2. I never liked him, though he was a complete liability and very limited technically but I must admit hes proving me wrong so fair play to the guy.
  3. Morton or Falkirk at home for me, I want another cup semi and this time we go on to win it. On the way home on the bus from the final everyone was understandable down and I commented we are more than capable of going back again this season. Nothing has changed my mind.
  4. Sadly work commitments meant I was unable to attend but even watching the highlights it looked a far better display, we really have hit it lucky with Main if he stays fit. Really pleased to see Rose back in, he is so underrated in my view. The stats since coming back from the break are very positive and hopefully we carry that on.
  5. Hes going to end up going for very big money in the next 12 months if the club play their cards right. Seven figures possible.
  6. Im not his biggest fan but must admit he had a very good game yesterday. Kipre though was playing at a whole level higher than any other individual on the field. He was so good he looked totally out of place at our level. Carry on like that he will end up playing premiership football down south one day.
  7. At the moment I dont think there is an easy answer regarding midfield, as a whole they were dire yesterday and for me its the area that needs looking at most. No one really performed and as individuals they all appear to be going backwards. I think McHugh gets too much stick in general but he was poor yesterday as was Campbell, Caddens is a shadow of the player we know can tear teams a new one. With that formation easy answer is bring in another couple of midfielders but we already have the numbers so thats not going to happen. At least Frear made a difference as did Biggi but im not convinced he is the answer moving forward and will probably be shipped out in the summer. Think we need to change formation, but with the players we have I doubt Robinson will.
  8. Someone other than Kipre even getting a single vote would be amazing. Different level to everyone else on the park.
  9. Yep, very few players came out of today with pass marks. Hendry was awful before being replaced and I can really only give pass marks to Kipre. People criticise Rose but were we honestly any better without him ? Incredibly frustrating game with Thistle ruining any chance of entertainment after they scored but we only have ourselves to blame for 90 minutes that just about lacked everything.
  10. In truth I though McHugh was terrible, slow, caught in possession more than once and pretty ineffective. Kipre was man of the match by a country mile.
  11. What are most peoples expections at the start of every season ? Im a relatively new supporter of the club and as previously stated have been quite surprised at some of the negativity on here. As a club with one of the smallest playing budgets in the league and as such relying on picking up players from the lower leagues in England im delighted if we end up anywhere outside the bottom four and have a bit of a cup run. Yes the footballs not always wonderful but I also dont think its close to as poor as is been made out. Its often mediocre with the odd bit of flair and I can accept that. We love the fact the players just about always put an honest shift in and do genuinely seem to care and thats certainly not the case at many clubs.
  12. The level of negativity is certainly over the top. Weve got one of the smallest budgets in the league and thats the first defeat since the break against a very good team away from home. Were not close to being as poor as is been made out.
  13. We deserved to win both games against Hamilton and Ross county. You make your own luck.
  14. To be fair I think in the last few months the club has actually done well in the deals they have done. Players are always going to leave and balancing out the amount received for Hennegan and Moult and what weve paid for those coming in they deserve credit.
  15. The key is the time left on his contract, that leaves Motherwell in the driving seat with this one. Im sure Carson would love to go but its not going to happen if we dont receive a big offer and Celtic wont splash big money for a 29 year old.
  16. Not going to happen at that offer with two days to go, does not even have time to get unsettled.
  17. Think hes been struggling with an ankle injury for the last few months.
  18. The break could not have come at a better time. Regroup in the sun, injuries given time to heal, and what looks like 3 very good additions, are we actually stronger up front now than we were, even without Moult ? Even if we lose against Hibs we go into the home game against Partick with just the one defeat. I would have settled for that .
  19. He was pretty anonymous but hes playing against Man Utd and just got out if his car so no surprise.
  20. I promise I do put in apostrophes in my posts. Strangly when my post appears there missing.

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