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  1. CSmith

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Unlucky ITKMarv, better luck in the summer mate
  2. CSmith

    2019-20 Rebuild

    It’s nothing sinister. Apparently he’s just unwell and therefore unfit to travel. Burrows confirmed as much on twitter in addition to reassuring the worriers that business is ongoing in terms of transfers and renewals.
  3. CSmith

    2019-20 Rebuild

    More than anything, I think this is just circumstances changing a bit. With Johnson away, we appear to have picked up a low cost forward option who seems to be better suited to how we play while still keeping space and money for the “starter,” that was mentioned.
  4. Pretty sure the goal keeper from the levante games is the same guy who is a current Real Madrid player with multiple champions league trophies?
  5. Currently thinking that we’ll see Hartley, Carson and Maguire all start on Friday, as well as Seedorf and Hylton. Robinson mentioned post match that the wingers needed to build up fitness so think they’ll be sticks ons. Would imagine Polworth would come straight into the side as well, most likely replacing Semple. The rest is all a bit harder to guess so it’ll be interesting to see who we go with. Admittedly I’d like to see Sloth, if he’s fit of course.
  6. Hylton and Seedorf were much more impressive than Cole and Ilic, you could tell that they’re natural wingers. Their finishes were brilliant too.
  7. Polworth is suspended for this one. Think you’re mostly right with your selection, although I suspect we’ll see Gillespie in goal and Hartley in instead of Dunne. Also think Donnelly will play holding with Sloth and Campbell slightly ahead of him.
  8. CSmith

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Despite this, you could still reasonably assume we might be interested in loaning out Scott and maybe trying to move Johnson on. The two we’ve recruited so far in Long and Cole have also had their versatility talked up very much in the regard that they can both play wide. Taking all this into account, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us bring in a target man type, or classic #9.
  9. CSmith

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Super(ITK)Marv was claiming responsibility for this one
  10. Scott Mullen suggesting Turnbull will be lucky to be back this side of Christmas.
  11. Some social media rubbish getting chucked about that Celtic have offered a “£750k take it or leave it deal” with mixed add ons. If that’s anywhere close to true fly the boy to Belfast tomorrow.
  12. CSmith

    2019-20 Rebuild

    No chance Campbell is getting dropped. He’s the only midfielder we have currently with proper defensive ability. Turnbull, Tanner, Polworth and Sloth all seem much more attacking and Donnelly really hasn’t played much in midfield yet. So as it stands, it genuinely looks like Campbell is crucial to a balanced midfield.

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