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  1. CSmith

    Hamilton Accies Man of the Match

    Gorrin’s timing of his tackling and composure on the ball seems to get better every time he plays, a really important player for us over the past few games and hope he gets a new contract. He didn’t give them a moments peace today, constantly applying pressure on their midfield and getting us going forward again quickly. Really enjoyed watching him today and if it wasn’t for the fact he was taken off relatively early, I think he would’ve been my pick. Campbell was also great in the middle today, winning the ball back and offering an option at times in the final third too. It’s lovely seeing him get back to his best as he’s a thouroughly enjoyable player to watch when he’s in that kind of form. It’s amazing to think that Hastie had a relatively quiet game today, despite the fact he added another to his goal tally. Maybe it was more to do with the fact Ariyibi was so effective today that Hastie was used less, however any time he was on the ball, he still looked like doing something positive. Another decent performance from him. Main was a hell of a lot better today as well. The knock on that led to the first goal was brilliant however he missed a great opportunity to score early in the second half to really put the game out of sight. All round play much improved from the killie game, however he really needs to start scoring or chipping in with assists to be properly effective. Ariyibi was simply wonderful to watch in that first half, and still had flashes in the second although like Main, wasted a couple of opportunities to score and out the game really out of sight. If he adds some more end product do his tricky dribbling he could make a real success of himself with Forest. Terrorising Gordon today as well as most of that Accies back four really put him in contention for MotM, although that’s only to be expected if you get an assist in addition to winning a penalty. Aldred was a complete wall, Tait and Grimshaw looked really comfortable for the vast majority of the game and Dunne was decent. A good overall display from the defensive line meant Gillespie had very little to do aside from take a couple of goal kicks. Wish I could say more about the defence, however they just didn’t have that much to do against a poor accies forward line. Turnbull stole the show today though. Getting two goals and an assist would normally automatically mean he’d get the MotM but the fact his overall game was so good today makes it a relatively straightforward choice in the end. His composure on the ball is something we’ve lacked for a good few seasons really, and the fact he’s starting to improve the defensive side of the game and improving his work rate means we could really have a special talent on our hands.
  2. CSmith

    Kilmarnock Man of the Match

    Completely agree with this, although I think Campbell had a decent game too to be fair. Don’t think Turnbull looked himself today in that first half. Forward line had a real tough time of it. Full backs I thought were fine but not really in contention for MotM. Ultimately went with Gorrin, think he’s looking a bit like the player we hoped Bigirimana would have been.
  3. And yet they still managed to run out of tickets... a whole big bunch of us were given tickets for the home end that we’ve to exchange for away stand tickets when we return. Overall I thought we were pretty decent to be fair. An unsettled first 10/15 minutes or so but after that we had some joy through Ariyibi and got a wee bit of entertainment, and looked like we were the more dominant side for the rest of the half. Despite being quite a ways away, it seemed like Aldred should’ve definitely scored with the header but at the end of the day, none of this really matters. Ultimately though, I’ve come away from that half really quite optimistic that we can beat them.
  4. CSmith

    Who Stays And Who Goes?

    ITKMarv has spoken. No more stats allowed. Use of stats to make justifiable or valid points will from now on be completely disregarded. Thank you.
  5. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Personally, I don’t think Hearts will really care about his game time and in an ideal scenario for them, he’d just be off their books. I think for them they’ll want to loan him to the club that’ll pay the biggest % of his wages, so if Partick match or better our contribution, (if they are at all interested) then I’m sure he’ll go there.
  6. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    There’s some photos on the famous Well Fans II where Tait is in them, don’t worry, he’s there. Only ones I haven’t seen who I thought would be there are Taylor-Sinclair and Newell. Carson, Cadden and Tanner have obviously not appeared.
  7. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Scott Mullen saying Robinson is still with the squad in Tenerife and no contact has been made from Luton regarding the job.
  8. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Yep, just checked. Looks like Campbell’s is to 2021 and Robinson to 2020.
  9. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Is it not 2022? Thought both him and Allan Campbell signed long deals round about the same time
  10. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Can’t tell if it’s him or Hastie but I’d assume with Caddens injury that it must be Hastie
  11. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Hope if we do sell Turnbull he doesn’t go the way of those like Lee Erwin, Ben Hall or Robbie Leitch, all of which could’ve done with more time playing regular first team football. (I know Leitch never played for the first team however it looked apparent he would’ve been one of the next ones to be given the opportunity when he left.)
  12. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Take it it’s Miller?
  13. CSmith

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I’d add Josh Tymon into that list of ones that've been talked about. However, apart from those three it’s seemed very quiet.
  14. CSmith

    Cédric replacement

    So you’re either writing off new signings who’ve played in a single league game so far, or you’re writing off the rest of the squad who managed to get us to two cup finals and narrowly miss out on a top 6 spot because there wasn’t enough depth in the squad during the winter. Or maybe it’s both. Either way, the judgement seems either incredibly hasty or it’s just idiotic. Give them a couple of months before you add another minute to the doomsday clock.
  15. CSmith

    Cédric replacement

    I’d argue that by having 5 strikers, (6 if you include Tanner) fighting for 2 places, that would indicate depth. I’d also say that by having 2 first team goalkeepers, as well as having 2 young guys that could step in, in case of emergency, that would also indicate depth there too. ATS and Dunne can cover left back, and Tait and Donnelly can play at right back. If it’s wingbacks, then you could also add Cadden and Frear to that which would also seem we have enough depth there as well. Ultimately, the only positions we lack depth are wingers and attacking midfielders, neither of which really feature in our play all too often and if we did decide to play those types, there are some options. Robinson said he wanted to improve the depth of the squad and I think he’s done that acceptably for the budget he was permitted.

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