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  1. Great news well done to everybody at the club fancy he might start on Friday if Polworth isn't fit
  2. Yodo


    If we had sacked him today it wouldn't have been for football reasons if he had been found guilty.
  3. Yodo


    We won't be in the top four when he gets sacked be lucky to be in top six .
  4. Yodo


    Pity as we could have sacked him without any compensation which we will have to pay him shortly when he does get sacked
  5. Credit has run out and which young players have made a breakthrough this season?Back to the budget again its down to Robinson to sign players he thinks he can coach to be better and on that front he has failed miserably he has wasted the budget on pure dross
  6. Poor recruitment in the summer and in January is coming back to bite us on the arse,some of the players we have aren't good enough to play at junior level . Hartley is finished and the middle of the park non existent a hutch full of wingers where one is as bad as the other we didn't look like scoring .If we don't beat Ross County next week then Robinsons position has to be looked at
  7. Anybody remember the East Fife game at Fir Park they needed a point to stay up and Fallon obliged by letting one go through his legs .He had a pub in Blantyre at that time and 3 new TV,s appeared on Monday in the bar mmmmmmm
  8. If Hartley is playing we will be playing with ten men
  9. Let's surprise them and play all the wingers we have signed who knows there might be a centre back amongst them .
  10. I don't think there is many English non league players with European experience we could sign to help with our European venture. I hope we do qualify for Europe for the fans sake nothing beats an away trip but to go into a competition with this squad of players will on cause the club great embarrassment,maybe better staying away .
  11. So is Robinson blameless for last nights fiasco,he picks the team signs the players and before anybody says but look where we are in the league our only chance of winning anything is one of the cups but yet again Robinson fucked up
  12. Never mind January the recruitment during the summer was pathetic .This performance was long overdue anybody who thinks we have played great football to get to where we are at the moment is really kidding themselves on and if we don't win on Saturday then we really have a crisis on our hands
  13. On this form be lucky to finish top 6
  14. Never his fault the guy got to much space in the box .We did well to hold on due to our lack of quality in the middle of the park we are really struggling in there at the moment

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