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  1. Is that a confession from you ,but it's true
  2. Good team performance but Alan Campbell lead the way
  3. Needs to be a trier cause he ain't no football player
  4. Good performance played like a team defended well and had an attacking threat
  5. Great first half have played like a team no passengers
  6. Or Campbell is off before the window shuts
  7. Go for it Alan so yer telling us it's Burrows that making the signings and not Robinson,then we really are in bother
  8. Game will be played at a neutral venue picked by UEFA
  9. The manager is the problem he has signed players who should never be at our club . He picks the team lays down the tactics and supposedly coaches them on training pitch although you could never tell . As a previous poster said it's great to have money in the bank but to have no quality on the pitch could mean relegation ,it's never to soon to talk about relegation I think it's a definite chance with this squad and manager.Lets hope the players have the stomach for a relegation battle
  10. Not gutted glad we won but the performance was shite only one man to blame and his signings and tactics were shite
  11. Absolute shite the tactics were awful and Trevor has put us in the next round Robinson should do the right thing and walk away his tactics his signings sorry time up GTF
  12. Every chance it will be an Albion Rovers moment
  13. The three you have mentioned would get in our team right now

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