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  1. Yodo

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Could have said so much over the last week few weeks but happy clappers like yersel never see the bad side of things
  2. Yodo

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Told you before I'll say it as I see it we were shite
  3. Yodo

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Not negative bud just look at the games without claret glasses on ,but hey let's enjoy while we can cause there are probably more games like today to come shortly
  4. Yodo

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    So the team that are murder gub us 3-0 at home says a lot for us and if you think we have played well over the piece since the start of the season then u really are a happy clapper
  5. Yodo

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    First decent team we have played since Celtic and once again we were found wanting all over the pitch .Why is Seedorf getting a start offered nothing and very little in recents game .Probably Alan Campbell's worse game this season and Polworth well enough said . Big bit in the Sun this morning about the scouting system unearthing gems well everyone of this season signings today were mince and the manager only has a plan A not a plan B in sight
  6. Yodo

    Robbo on Sportsound

    Blarney Stone kisser
  7. Yodo

    2019'20 Game 8: St Mirren (H)

    Any chance of the Euro millions numbers for tonight Mystic Weeyin
  8. Yodo

    Declan for Scotland

    Why not would add to his CV plus his value would go up so all good
  9. Yodo

    St Johnstone Man of the Match

    Gillespie for the obvious reason but also thought his handling today was very good
  10. Yodo

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    That game would get fitba stopped horrible stuff from both teams but take the three points and move on
  11. Yodo

    Hearts away, 14/9

    Great performance great team effort could Yorkyred prediction be a reasonable shout ,hope so
  12. Yodo

    Hearts away, 14/9

    Rubbish we are a team that can't have anybody not working for the team so unless he adds a work rate to his game is the one that should drop out
  13. Yodo

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Mark O'Hara ex Dundee seems it's between us and Killie .I think he would be a good addition to our squad
  14. Yodo

    Vs Hibs

    Yes it was a good win let's get another 2or 3 in and see how far we can go .Solid at the back today Jake Carrol could finally be the left back we have been looking for
  15. Yodo

    Vs Hibs

    Seedorf apart from the goal mate was shite the only reason he gets a start if he must be good in training or did you think he played well ?

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