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  1. Yip he assisted Hibs well last week would have been as well sitting beside us in the Easter road stand . As I have said before he is an Ian Vigurs clone good player but one lazy bastard did nothing but hit corners today
  2. Polworth as he showed at Easter road is a luxury we can't afford in the team his work rate is zero .Yip hits a great corner can play a pass but first twenty minutes and only when the third goal went did he show after being utter dross
  3. You need a bigger hat keep the sun aff yer heed
  4. A performance that lacked any real quality showed our squad for what they are a bunch of honest journeymen
  5. No excuses we were poor back to front gifted 3 goals and although we had better possession in the 2nd half never caused Hibs any problems
  6. No threat up front never looked like scoring
  7. Couldn't keep hens oot a dustbin utter shite
  8. Some terrible defending for the goals ,but we are still in this game
  9. Change the title of the topic to "Who will take our Centre Back " . Hope we offer him an extension to his contract when he gets back to FP he is now probably our biggest asset
  10. Away ya pair of cunts
  11. The question is did the team go onto the pitch wth any hope in their hearts or were they thinking we get out of here only losing 2 goals we have done well . ?
  12. Latest reports saying Robinson off to N.Ireland with Crags his assistant also£135 ,ooo compensation
  13. Would like our players to gather together before the kick off and tell the ref they would like to pay their respects to the war dead .Lets see how that goes down .

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