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  1. Yodo


    He was only arrested because of what the police seen on CCTV
  2. Yodo

    2019-20 Rebuild

    You seen him play is he any good ?
  3. Great result well done to the players and management and well done to fans who made the journey safe trip home
  4. Went for Polworth thought his workrate and range of passing were a joy to behold can't believe he got taken off
  5. Pure shite the team never turned up apart from Gallagher and Gillespie rest of them were like rabbits in headlights .
  6. Yodo


    Pity the team never showed the fight today as the manager did on Friday night
  7. Well said glad I didn't post that though might have upset a few on here
  8. Yip he assisted Hibs well last week would have been as well sitting beside us in the Easter road stand . As I have said before he is an Ian Vigurs clone good player but one lazy bastard did nothing but hit corners today
  9. Polworth as he showed at Easter road is a luxury we can't afford in the team his work rate is zero .Yip hits a great corner can play a pass but first twenty minutes and only when the third goal went did he show after being utter dross
  10. You need a bigger hat keep the sun aff yer heed
  11. A performance that lacked any real quality showed our squad for what they are a bunch of honest journeymen
  12. No excuses we were poor back to front gifted 3 goals and although we had better possession in the 2nd half never caused Hibs any problems
  13. No threat up front never looked like scoring
  14. Couldn't keep hens oot a dustbin utter shite
  15. Some terrible defending for the goals ,but we are still in this game

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