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  1. Same as u great goal today but not involved enough could be he's not up to speed yet of Scottish football
  2. Add Grimmy and Van the man tae that list
  3. You might be right but I don't think we have the players to play 4-3-3 think at the moment 4-4-2 is the way forward but u can't argue with the points total right now
  4. Three points move on but this hoof ball fitba Alexander is playing is as bad as Robinsons . Still short in the middle of the park of any quality but no doubt GA has made us hard to beat
  5. Big well done to the team , pity the linesman never put his flag up to chop their goal off even McCann and Hutton on RTV said it was offside
  6. Let's just charge them 55 to get in tae the Citadel they like that number
  7. See it's alright sitting in yer ivory tower in the "land of the free" and commenting on something that really doesnt concern you now
  8. I think the question that was being asked if the vaccine passport comes into use how will this affect the club regarding refunds of season ticket money and how will the club carry out checks at the turnstiles . As nobody knows the percentage of our support that has had two jags seems a relevant question nothing political about it
  9. I would expect to see the big fella start against Aberdeen as he has been playing recently .Aberdeen game is the start of the GA stewardship for me so here's hoping he picks the right team and starts with a win
  10. Has Parker returned to his driving duties wae Lady Penelope seems to have disappeared
  11. It's over to you now GA you have brought in guys u obviously rate and trust so find a formation that suits these players and let's see where it takes us . Oh is there any chance of playing some decent fitba along the way ,just asking like
  12. See Donnelly is away with the NI squad hope he's available to sign for whoever wants him ,wishful thinking eh
  13. Can he play on the wing

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