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  1. Yodo

    Stevie O'D

    Fine first half from OD making a lot of people eat their words mainly Sevco fans
  2. Aye and u of course are an expert
  3. Forgot about Polworth , Semple , Seedorf a case of out of sight out of mind we need a pool so I would keep Lamie and Ohara for that purpose . As for the two boys unless O'Donnell gets injured Johnstone has no chance of a game and Cornelius chance was this season but GA obviously wasn't impressed with him
  4. Big changes needed so need to say cheerio to Mcgloire Hastie Lawless ( if he can find a club ) Crawford ( if he can find a club ) Dunne Foley ( good championship player ) Long Chapman PJ Morrison McGuire Fox Cornelius ( never had a chance but better leaving the club for his own sake ) Johnston ( see above ) Must be at the head of the Q if QPR are loaning out or wanting to do a deal for Kelly . Don't envy GA the rebuild he has to bring in some quality players but he will be judged this season and the fans will be in the ground .I wish him well
  5. When u blow the budget then blow town u know who is tae blame for the quality we have watched
  6. Thank goodness we won't have to suffer some of these imposters next season .
  7. Lawless showed there why he will be no good to us next season
  8. Feel sorry for Smiddy just burnt a hole in his shirt
  9. Injured on the platform at Aberdeen station
  10. As usual the longer a player has been out the better he has become in the fans memory . Donnelly was brought in as a defender then turned into a centre midfielder in neither position was he a standout one for the pool not first choice
  11. Yip best all round if he goes now he's not part of future so best he goes on holiday somewhere nice
  12. The "offside goal " that the pundits didn't want to talk about might just have cost us a cup win

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