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  1. Said that at the start of the season time for Donnelly to move on
  2. No creativity from a very poor midfield , we have nobody who can carry the ball and take players on . We are always slow out the traps after winter break so not so worried looking forward to see the changes GA will make on Saturday but a cup run is a must
  3. So what has Shankland got to do with the Watt deal
  4. Eh Shankland has left them
  5. Eh Shankland no longer plays for them
  6. Great effort but the belief still wasn't there
  7. Played well been a travesty if we hadn't got something out the game . Big well done to young Dean didn't look out of place hopefully more to come from him
  8. Get a hat on you've got sunstroke
  9. Midfield is Dung three of the worst players at the club in there what else can we expect
  10. I think it's very hard for u to judge as your only seeing it on your TV and the cameras are not focusing on Slattery.Unfortunately I have to admit with the shite that's get served up on the park watching Slattery even off the ball has become a hobby for me IMO he's not fit and can't play in 3 man midfield
  11. He's been shown to be out his depth in the last 5 games

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