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  1. Care to explain what you mean by that
  2. Declan using his auld contract fur shin pads
  3. The question is by tearing up his extension clause has the club lost money by him walking away for nothing in the summer ,hope not
  4. Better all round performance everybody played their part . Kevin Clancy was terrible hardly gave us a decision
  5. Do you honestly think he will not be playing with one eye on getting out of Fir Park without getting an injury so he won't be committed to the cause . Let's just tell him he's finished at Fir Park and move on
  6. So he has went from a muscle injury to a hamstring injury to not having a clause in his contract to having one that he doesn't like . Let's get the facts straight from the club after all it's the club captain we are talking about and his position is definitely having a reaction on the team after all if the he can't be arsed why should the rest of them and it's showing
  7. Don't believe any of the recents were signed by Alexander more likely to have been recommended by our scout (Tonto) and probably the deals were to far down the road to stop them . I do agree however that his persistence with a 3 in midfield has been nonsense a midfield 5 makes better sense in our position will settle for a point . Have said it before will take a while to get rid of the pish Robinson signed so will gladly accept tenth
  8. Somebody at Fir Park has to come out and tell the fans what is happening with the captain is he up for the fight or will we not see him in a Motherwell shirt again ? If he has no interest in helping the club in the survival fight then sit him in the stand for the rest of the season with the probably outcome for him no European championship as I don't see Clarke picking a player who hasn't played any games in months . Think some porkies have been told about Gallagher so better to get it out in the open and tell the fans what is really going on
  9. I'll keep using till the shite has left Fir Park
  10. It's all Robinsons fault he left us wae a load of shite which will have to be outed before we can move on . Other question I really would like answered is did GA sign the players in the window or were they already in the pipeline
  11. Who picked this team the x manager of the Hartwood Lollipops
  12. Yer spot on Smiddy definitely more to it than an injury biggest disappointment is he is the team captain should be leading from the front I personally don't expect to see him back anytime soon

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