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  1. Injuries or not, we absolutely can’t lose this today.
  2. Mugabi is out for 4 to 6 weeks. Dislocated shoulder So we can add him to the list.
  3. 1-0 St Mirren. Tait with the goal.
  4. Absolutely wild we’ve got 2 players in the Scotland squad who are both playing terribly when for years we had players over looked who were actually consistently in good form!
  5. Really need to get something here. Next 4 games are season defining and not only do we need to pick up 6/7 points from them but we also need to start to look like we might be capable of not just bombscaring our way through the season.
  6. Whilst the 47 game winless run v them is clearly is an absolute minter, there have been a few draws in there we should’ve won right enough. Jim O’Briens sclaffed penalty with 2 minutes to go in a 0-0 draw and Ross Forbes wrongly disallowed goal in a 1-1 draw being 2. Both in the same season actually if I recall.
  7. Carson/Randolph Cadden Kipre Hutchinson Left back???? Marvin Johnston Turnbull Campbell Murphy Moult Jutkiewicz
  8. Moving forward, who are the players we have that are going to dig us out a hole when it gets to the latter part of the season and we’re still in the mire? Who are the battlers? Who can be relied on to pop up with a goal? Do we have any players that actually give a shit about the club and will put their neck on the line? Or will we just stumble along bombscaring our way through the season?
  9. Killie, St Mirren, Ross County and Livi are the next 4 games. Got to take 6/7 points from that or there can be no hiding place for Robinson.
  10. I feel nothing for any of our squad other than Campbell. What a shower of imposters we have assembled. Lacking in any sort of commitment and desire also. Shambles all over the shop. Lamie in particular is Mark O’Brien/Zak Jules bad. Our recruitment in the summer was abysmal. At this moment in time I’m more confident of Accies staying up than us.
  11. Cricket score incoming. This squad contains some of the most inept players we’ve had the misfortune of watching in years. Last week papered merely papered over the cracks.
  12. You could be right. I think we need to write off the entire season actually which is thoroughly depressing.
  13. I think you’re right, but by that logic shopping centres shouldn’t be allowed to operate then as you only have to pop your head in to see the congestion and crowds in close proximity in there for the duration of their opening hours which is probably 7/8 hours a day. Relatively small numbers of football fans would only be required to do that for a fraction of that time so that argument is a weak one for me.

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