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  1. What Lamie did at the penalty has got to be one of the most idiotic and completely needless acts I’ve ever seen from a Motherwell player. Who would’ve thought a 3rd choice player from Livingston could be capable of such things.
  2. We look an absolute shambles so far from results to performances to team selection to formation to player omission and continued inclusion, and players fitness. 1 win in 11 or something? I like Robinson but the buck stops with one man all of the above sits with him.
  3. Completely agree. Watt’s omission is criminal. We’re in big big bother on the evidence of what we’ve seen so far.
  4. Back 4, minus Gallagher, must be the worst in the league. What an absolute riot! If I was Watt I’d be absolutely raging I hadn’t featured more considering what’s getting w game ahead of me.
  5. We need 6 points from the next 2 home games as we’re unlikely to get anything at Easter Road and/or Parkhead. Failure to do so and the writing could be on the wall for a terrible season and Robinson would be under major pressure for not only that run but also as a continuation of last season. We could easily contrive to lose the opening 5/6/7 games here. Brutal news about Donnelly now too. If it wasn’t for bad luck we’d have no luck at all.... Injuries may limit who we are able to field at the back but I’d rather see Macguire in there instead of Mugabi. Grimshaw needs dropped but that’s unlikely. Middle to front I’d drop Hastie, or at least try him on the other side. and play 2 upfront.
  6. Plenty actually. The embarrassing scenario I’m referring to is reasonably rare as far as I recall. Happy to stand corrected if anyone can list the times it’s happened.
  7. My favourite seasons are the ones where we don’t get beat, fairly comfortably, at home by newly promoted teams who took 4 attempts to get out the league below.
  8. We’ve just continuing the form of 2020 to be honest. 1 win in 10 or something? Honestly can’t see where the first win is coming from. Could quite conceivably lose the first 6/7/8 games and be completely detached. This seasons “Hearts of last season”.
  9. Embarrassing to lose at home to a team that have been rattling about the championship for 4 seasons and weren’t even at full strength and yet probably won’t get an easier away win all season. Struggling to recall a more clueless start to season. Utterly toothless and shambolic with a genuine clown show in defence. what exactly have we been working on all summer?!
  10. Anyone but them! An absolutely scandalous decision and the club may well have underestimated the depth of disgust amongst the support if it comes to pass. Of course we all know we are a selling club but if we can’t even enjoy the players we produce for even one full season I can’t help but think “what’s the fucking point?” Bet he goes straight into the next Scotland squad now.
  11. Another win thrown away! We weren’t great but St Mirren never even looked like scoring. Subs were all wrong and that possibly cost us.
  12. Dundee are absolutely murder and have lost 8 games in a row. I’d like to think after tomorrow that’ll be 9.....
  13. 2 of the best goals I’ve seen Motherwell score since, well, Turnbull’s v Hibs! Incredible run. 5 consecutive league wins in this league, regardless of who the opposition were, is no mean feat. As someone else said, just a pity there’s no cup run to get excited about.
  14. Fair play to Robinson for the recent results and performances. I had previously called for him to go on these boards which now looks madness. Jusr aswell I’m not in charge.
  15. Quite surprised at this if it comes to pass. Hartley was great when he first joined but hasn’t hit those heights since he returned from injury.

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