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  1. Decent point I suppose. Need new players in badly.
  2. Blow for full time now then void the league!
  3. Someone could’ve told him that in advance so we didn’t have to waste a sub
  4. Seedorf starts, no O’Hara (injured?), Mugabi keeps his place. Guess you can only go with what you’ve got but deary me.
  5. Mugabi needs binned permanently along with several others and if that means playing O’Hara in defence and “weakening” (lol) the midfield then so be it. You've got to hope against hope that we might get something tomorrow but the reality is it’ll be another horror show with the obligatory early goal and soft/avoidable penalty thrown in.
  6. Who would’ve thought a team that doesn’t win for 11 games could end up bottom? Runsway rangers next, then Aberdeen who surely can’t be that bad 2 weeks running.., The game v Ross County after that is beyond massive. Lose that, on the back of almost certainly losing the previous 2 and we could quite easily be detached at the bottom in January.
  7. Absolutely. And they would’ve been happy to get away with just a 3-0 defeat with no suspensions or injuries into the bargain.
  8. A 10k fine eh? That’ll teach them.
  9. Have we been asked to submit any of these considerations?
  10. Doesn’t help when Lang and Watt are hitting the keeper at point blank.
  11. That penalty decision is absolutely laughable. I mean, really?!?! How can Madden get away with that?
  12. Chapman and Mugabi can’t play for us again if the club want to stay in the division. Who knows what version of shambles we can cobble together however. Feels like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It was unthinkable in our our worst nightmares that we would take zero points from the 3 games v Killie, Accies and St Mirren but that’s what we’re looking at. 3-0 St Mirren
  13. Completely agree he would’ve been a great loan option is Carson is injured but I imagine it will come down to money with Hibs being able to contribute more of his salary than we ever could.

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