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  1. Any chance the team might realise what is at stake? Also on course to register zero wins v st Mirren in 4 games this season and failed to beat them in 7 games now. Embarrassing.
  2. It would be great if we could put any relegation/play off fears to bed this weekend. We rarely do it the easy way though do we?
  3. These 2 might be ok as squad players but we surely can’t be planning to go with Lamie and Mugabi as our first choice centre hand pairing?
  4. Kelly massively at fault for first goal. Looked easier to save. Comedic defending for the other goals. I’d definitely bring Mugabi and Gallagher back in for next game.
  5. A truly embarrassing and potentially disastrous result. Right back in the relegation mix now.
  6. Typical Motherwell. Could’ve put the relegation debate to bed once and for all today but obviously that would be too easy. Killies first win in how long also?
  7. Need a few more points yet to be certain. If Accies and Ross County win their games in hand next weekend they’ll be both be uncomfortably close.
  8. Great win. We’re obviously not mathematically safe but it would take some collapse from us, but also at least 2 teams below us winning 4 games. Both are not impossible but highly improbable.
  9. Get in! Watt going off is a bit a blow however.
  10. An Accies win tonight would really put the cat amongst the pigeons. Could really do without that.
  11. Hopefully Livingston win the cup and go out on the lash and stop drinking at lunchtime on Saturday! That said, we really need St Johnstone to do us a favour on Wednesday v Accies. An Accies win there puts the cat amongst the pigeons for sure. I still reckon we need another couple of wins to guarantee 10th or above so hopefully we get another one here then at least a point v Killie.
  12. Massive massive win. Absolutely huge for us!
  13. Can’t see anything other than a comfortable home win sadly. We won’t be able to compete with the running power Hibs have. Would bite your hand off for a point.

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