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  1. Imagine getting personal over a simple question... I didn’t say I had a problem with it, it was merely a question. Sheesh.....
  2. Is Turnbull worthy of an inclusion in the player collage?
  3. If Killie hang on to win tonight it means the winner of the cup this year will be on AT LEAST three trophies since 91. That makes me want to spew! We weren’t winning the cup this year anyway. This team has absolutely nothing about it. The cup exits that haunt me are the years we actually had good teams and could’ve/should’ve done something. The 2 exits to Aberdeen under McCall, Dundee in McGhee’s first season and Ayr Utd under Davies. Every single one of them at home by the way!
  4. I would grudge every team left in it another cup win before we win it again. Mainly because they’ve all won at least one cup since we last won it already.
  5. I mean, all the teams that are left would/could still beat us, but still, what an opportunity!!!
  6. Why is Carroll not playing? He’s been in the bench past few games.
  7. Some comeback and put up a fight at least. Didn’t expect O’Hara to balloon his penalty over the bar.
  8. Once everyone is vaccinated there’s really no excuse for us not attending the football normally as we did pre-COVID.
  9. Lamie completely lost his man in the first minute at that Accies chance. Surely won’t have to suffer him as a regular next season?
  10. I think we could still mathematically end up in the play offs.
  11. Any word on Watt, Roberts and Campbell and how long they’re out for?
  12. Hunt the fucking lot of them. Embarrassing performance from start to finish and that include the manager with his formation and lack of subs.
  13. Still no subs made? Admittedly there are precious few options.
  14. Going out the cup at home to Morton would be one of our more embarrassing cup exits, and there have been more than a few.

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