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  1. Anyone but them! An absolutely scandalous decision and the club may well have underestimated the depth of disgust amongst the support if it comes to pass. Of course we all know we are a selling club but if we can’t even enjoy the players we produce for even one full season I can’t help but think “what’s the fucking point?” Bet he goes straight into the next Scotland squad now.
  2. Another win thrown away! We weren’t great but St Mirren never even looked like scoring. Subs were all wrong and that possibly cost us.
  3. Dundee are absolutely murder and have lost 8 games in a row. I’d like to think after tomorrow that’ll be 9.....
  4. 2 of the best goals I’ve seen Motherwell score since, well, Turnbull’s v Hibs! Incredible run. 5 consecutive league wins in this league, regardless of who the opposition were, is no mean feat. As someone else said, just a pity there’s no cup run to get excited about.
  5. Fair play to Robinson for the recent results and performances. I had previously called for him to go on these boards which now looks madness. Jusr aswell I’m not in charge.
  6. Quite surprised at this if it comes to pass. Hartley was great when he first joined but hasn’t hit those heights since he returned from injury.
  7. I’m fine with the same starting 11 that’s won the last 2 games starting again but obviously Main as a number 9 just isn’t going to do next season. If Main, Sammon and Newell were to move on this window I’d be absolutely fine with that, but would probably need a target man number 9, even on loan, before Sammon and Main could move. I wasn’t expecting to see McCormack before the Livingstone game but am kinda expecting/hoping to start seeing him contribute meaningfully from the Hearts game on the 17th onwards. Hopefully! Thank goodness it doesn’t appear that we’re going to have to rely on him to save us!
  8. Massive 3 points and a win that has opened up a massive gap over 11th and 12th. Don’t care if we rode our luck but it is a bit of a concern to hear the defence looked ropey.
  9. Need to take something from this. I know Dundee got a great result the other night there but I still think they are up to much. Same team as Wednesday please. Be disappointed if it’s not. A win and we’re as good as safe.....so a Dundee win then just so we don’t know whether we’re coming or going!
  10. Probably the most I’ve enjoyed a game all season and the absolutely perfect response to Saturday. I liked the look of the starting line up and hopefully that’s the team we start with at Dens. Main was the only player who wasn’t impressive. He’s not going to score anytime soon sadly but his role involved wrestling with the Hibs players which he’s quite good at and his hold up play was decent in fairness. 3 goals in 30 games is pathetic though. Hastie was sensational! Him over Frear all day long. As was Turnbull whose touch and passing are on w different level. The new boy is fast and exciting. Gorrin and Campbell did well and Grimshaw’s runs and tenacity were a joy to watch. Defence solid. McCormack came on and had a few good touches but looks a mile off the pace. Despite what Lennon said, we were comfortable and they created nothing bar the odd cross. Gauld flattered to deceive. All for nothing if we lose at Dens though but I’m going to sit back and enjoy what I witnessed last night for a bit!
  11. Need a reaction here and a result. Interesting to see what line up is pulled from the “starting 11 tombola”! Motherwell 0 Hibs something
  12. For those saying “be careful what you wish for”....Well I wish for out of the 6 home games v Hearts, Killie, Accies, St Johnstone, St Mirren and Ross County to have won at least 1 of those games and scored more than 1 fucking goal! We didn’t even look like winning any of those games and the solitary goal we scored was a 93rd minute consolation one! Is that really too much to wish for? How bad does it need to get both in terms of signings, results, performances and tactics before there is a change?
  13. I don’t listen to his interviews anymore but if that’s the stuff he’s now coming out with then he’s lost the plot.
  14. Going out the cup at home to lower league opposition is unforgivable. Between that, the shocking summer recruitment, the tactics, the performances and results it’s been horrific from the start this season. Many of us hoped that signing off before the break on a win coupled with a genuine marquee signing would give us fresh impetus for the second half of the season but with that shot down in flames Robinsons position is now untenable and he has to go.
  15. That’s our 6th defeat of the season at home. 6 games v Hearts, Accies, St Mirren, St Johnstone, Killie and now Ross County. 6 defeats and a single fucking goal in those games to cheer. What exactly was worked on in Tenerife?!?! It’s time for a change I’m afraid.

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