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  1. Andy_P

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    I would be surprised if they went £24 for the Cup game. I would guess between them they'll come up with something around the £15-£20 mark.
  2. Andy_P

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I think this has been a good debate also. I think there are people who made their minds up about Robinson within days of his appointment, perhaps even beforehand and no matter what he presides over it is never going to be enough. We will never have a perfect squad balance because it will always too little or many few of this or that position. Why are we signing English players when there are Scots around? Why are we signing overpriced Scots when there are bargains elsewhere? Why are we playing too many or not enough youths because the results aren't what I demand? The recent attempts to play down the runs to both Cup Finals because we happened to benefit from an own goal or a penalty along the way is typical of of such cringe worthy stuff for example. Jesus, this is the kind of stuff you expect opposition fans to be hitting you with not your own! In short he's never going to win with some, whatever he does will be always be wrong and comments from such posters should be viewed in that context. But the debate about style of play and the results is definitely worthy of the scrutiny it's currently getting. And the more edgy people get the more focus it's going to receive. I was delighted with last season and the outcomes. An improvement on league position and two Cup Finals is not to be sniffed at even if the performances were less than silky more often than not. Go on to any forum in the country and you'll see supporters make claims about forgiving results and performances if they see a committed team giving 100% for the cause. Well we got that, many of us quietly enjoyed the fact we were no longer viewed as pushovers, and some and we had some very good days along the way to boot. But as with any "new" style or identity that a team adopts in Scotland (I think back to Billy Davies for example and his swashbuckling four attacking front men lining up with the likes of Twaddle-Spencer-Goodman-Townsley) and they get sussed all too quickly. Robinsons' side is no different. The nature of the small league with repetitive nature of the fixtures means you can't keep a style a secret for long and variations verging on evolution in style, not to mention alternatives, are required before you become overly predictable. There is also the fact that if the bulk of the squad are hearing the same message over and over again and again it is only natural the group will switch off and the message will lose its impact over time. It's still early days in the season but I think there is a danger that it could be happening now. I had hoped that the summer would have seen a gradual shift to something more easy on the eye. It hasn't emerged as yet but I retain a hope, perhaps an increasingly foolhardy hope admittedly, that an evolution in our style of play does remain possible. We do have players that enable us to play a more possession based game. I don't want to pitch a 19 or 20 year old as the saviour of season but it's difficult to think back to David Turnbull at Firhill and against Hamilton and not think that the way his plays the game would not be of benefit to us currently. Even if Robinson continued with his (and I still say not unreasonable) desire of putting balls into the box from wide, the presence of Turnbull in distributing the ball around the pitch in his tidy and efficient manner would surely help those in the wide positions get more deliveries of a type that will cause problems rather than the increasingly visionless hit and hope balls into the box. Add in Tanner who was as good as he had been in his Motherwell career before his injury struck, Bigi on his day and Rodriguez-Gorrin when he gets up to speed and there is some hope of more creative blend. Quite what position we'll be in when Tanner returns I don't know but whether we persist with the current set up or begin to deviate from Plan A a bit more over the following games I hope things change for the better quickly, or perhaps there genuinely will be a question for those on the board to consider a lot sooner than they might have believed possible.
  3. Andy_P

    Hamilton Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
  4. PATG available I believe. Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  5. Not fussed how. Not fussed by how many. Just get it won!
  6. Andy_P

    Hibernian Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
  7. Andy_P

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I think the key word in there is continually. Your aspirations don't seem unreasonable at all but put in the context of a club that still owes money to two former owners then until we have them paid off and become debt free, or at least its at a level that's easily manageable, then think I think the existing model remains. Once we reach that point perhaps we may see the model change slightly and see some loosening of the purse strings to attract more "complete" players.
  8. Andy_P

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    If the club were to come out with big bold public statements about what they were going to do and then it didn't happen there would be folk queuing up to slaughter them. Okay for some that wouldn't be much different to what they do when things were going well but better to keep your targets in house and give the safe answer when asked in public. I'd wager in many cases they aren't the same but both Burrows and Robinson are quite correct, no matter how dull it might appear, first and foremost our primary aim should be to ensure a place in the top flight for the following season.
  9. Andy_P

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I tend to think there's been definite improvement in how we've handled transfers of our players. It's not so very long we were in the position of being desperate to sell a player in the January window to help us through to the end of the season. We've come a good way since then and they generally go much closer to our terms these days. It matters not a jot how rich English clubs. It matters what they are prepared to pay for our players. From many of the reports it seems that there's a sensible balance between gaining a decent fee with clauses built in to generate additional returns further down the line. The commitment to players like Kipre, Moult, Heneghan and Johnson that you come to Motherwell, progress and get a step up has been honoured and the process begins again hopefully with whoever next comes in. It's unfortunate timing but the transfer model has worked perfectly.
  10. Also have to refresh on occasion. Oddly I don't see the player images when on Firefox either. I wondered what one of the club tweets was on about when mentioning life size photos of the players in the player profiles. I have to refresh to see them on Firefox otherwise I just have a curious big white space.
  11. Andy_P

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Along similar lines some talk when Elliott signed was that there were only two churches on the mainland of the church to which he belonged. Oddly enough one in Motherwell and one in Hull.
  12. And so it begins... Perhaps too soon? Lots of negatives about readiness, fitness and suspensions. On the positive Hibs will be taking us on fresh from charging about in 35 degree heat or so in Greece the Thursday before.
  13. Andy_P

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Time will tell. There was an argument that this might be a make or break for Frear what with him going into his last year. It's started well but if that doesn't continue you've potentially Hastie ready to challenge for that place with a year/eighteen months more first team experience behind him than what he might have had by staying put. Perhaps the same applies with MacLean, particularly if Cadden goes. Turnbull likewise if Bigi were to go too. You might be right Lobey but at the moment the theory of a group of 18-20 with some youngsters on the fringes of that group and others gaining experience elsewhere ready to step in, or at least move up the pecking order when others move on is a reasonable balancing act. Whether those on the fringes or out on loan are of higher quality than those further up the pecking order currently though is another argument! Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  14. Andy_P

    Clyde Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...

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