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  1. Your thoughts and votes please...
  2. Your thoughts and votes please...
  3. Noticed in the weekly local rag over this side of the M8 Willie Kinniburgh is managing Airdrie junior side Gartcairn. Took up the position just before Christmas.
  4. On O'Hara, where he finished the game last night when Donnelly replaced is where he offers most. He's been filling in for Donnelly but whilst he can play there it isn't where he is most effective. But all things being equal he isn't going to be replacing Liam Polworth. What I will say for him is that despite losing quite a number of headers to his opposite number, and whilst not necessarily having a scintillating game, he didn't hide and continually made himself available for the ball; and when assuming Polworth's position after he went off injured made several runs that weren't picked up by his team-mates. No questioning his attitude or desire for me and perhaps a similar vein to Richard Tait last season just because he was playing left-back doesn't necessarily mean it's best position. On Seedorf, I think I posted something along the lines of this prior to Christmas, somewhere if not here, that he looks to have lost something by not being involved as frequently as he was at the start of the season. The wonderful goals at Palmerston, against Hibs and at Tynecastle feel a long time ago. He really does look like he's regressing rather than improving. It is has been said that Stephen Robinson prides himself on making players better. It will be interesting to see if he turn Sherwin's form around in the months ahead. On Hartley, he concerns me a good bit. I remember an incident at Dumbarton in the League Cup where he looked so far off the pace he looked done. For him to build on that, get back in the side and perform (largely) as well as he did deserved immense credit. But he seems to be at the stage of his career that it takes him longer and longer to be at his optimum level. And when something knocks him off kilter you are back to that cycle of taking however many games to get back to his peak again.
  5. Your thoughts and votes please...
  6. Hold your breath Dave (maybe) it's unreserved seating so that should in theory give you a degree more choice of seat.
  7. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    By all accounts we have already adjusted more than minimally simply to avoid standing still. With the best will in the world I cannot foresee that budget being upped to match spending levels of perceived top six teams. The leap between our existing budget and that level would by no means be considered minimal.
  8. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Good news. I'd love to read more about it but as ever any time I try to open anything on the official site I get a lovely big white page full of nothingness. As for the current custodian for me it remains his position to lose until the point he loses form or we no longer have anything meaningful to play for and he has confirmed he is moving on. Until then he remains firmly first choice for me.
  9. Best of the Decade... Randolph Tait, Kipre, Hutchinson, Hammell Ainsworth, Lasley, Campbell, Humphrey Sutton, Higdon Lots of contradictions and 50/50's in there. Tried to go for longevity but still went for Kipre. Wanted to squeeze in Lionel and Humphrey. Sutton nudged out Moult as he did the business twice.
  10. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Not that I'm in any way demanding we unveil raft of signings at a minute past midnight but I did notice a couple of re-tweets from the SPFL twitter account about signings, one of which was one-time target of ours Ryan Stevenson signing for Stranraer. May have been out of contract of course.
  11. I don't think there was anything untoward involved at all. Sure there might have been one or two that were feeling it fitness wise but we had started like a house on fire and had the momentum. We failed to kill them off and gradually the tide turned. That isn't uncommon in games of football. Unfortunately by our own doing we then inhibited our ability to regain any momentum as an attacking force. I don't think there's anything more to it than that. Taken on its own it still remains an infuriating loss but in the grand scheme there has been significant improvement over the calendar year (and indeed how we have coped with the busy December spell which has caused us issues in Robinson's tenure). For all the talk about weaknesses here and there coming back to bite us we're third I believe in points in gained across 2019 and third in the table in the current season. If can replicate the form we've shown after the January breaks over the last couple of seasons, add a player or two to the squad (be that new signings or returning players) then we are in as strong a position at this stage of the season than we've been for some time.
  12. Just as an aside, even though it doesn't matter much in truth, even that image isn't a true reflection of what they bring for derbies, that's from their Challenge Cup Final in early nineties against Dundee I think it was. I think in relatively recent times the biggest they'll have brought was for the Scottish Cup when they held us at Fir Park and the replay was at Broadwood.
  13. Well that was a chastening experience. I'm sure there have been plenty but off the top of my head I'm struggling to recollect a game that we were so far ahead of the opposition, in terms of dominance if not scorewise, and contrived to be so soundly beaten. I thought we started brilliantly. I've read one or two remarks saying we did nothing after scoring but I thought we could easily have been three or four to the good before 20 minutes had passed. If we had managed to get the second during that twenty or so minutes of dominance then I doubt Hamilton would have come back, but we were made to pay for our failure to kill them off. Understandable that we might not be able to maintain that intensity for the whole first half but we became increasingly sloppy and allowed them to come back into it. We did however seem to have withstood their period of pressure and created a further opportunity ourself. Over the piece they must have been pretty happy to have escaped at half-time just a goal behind. But that second half. Dear God... A painful, but hopefully heeded reminder, that for all we are sitting third, have improved immensely over the calender year, have played some terrific football and have some very capable players, that if we aren't on it we can be very cruelly exposed. It isn't something you can throw at the team too often but they didn't look like they wanted it as much as Hamilton as that second half grew on. It frustrates that we didn't even need to be cut apart either. It was fairly basic, ball in the box stuff and watch us panic. Thoughts will focus on the substitution. A difficult one. A change was most certainly required but did the inclusion of another defender just illustrate our panic? It certainly did nothing to make us less susceptible to their increasing attacks as it turned out but not unnatural to look to try to make yourself more difficult to break down if you are on the backfoot (regardless of opponent and position). What it did do in removing both Hylton and Scott was cripple us in terms of us returning to a more offensive outlook when they equalised and the game was completely up when they went ahead. It's glass half empty, glass half full stuff about the other results. We've ridden our luck with Aberdeen dropping points and Hibs and Kilmarnock losing. But what an opportunity lost to strengthen our position. But all things considered that doesn't really come into it when the pain of the defeat is still fresh. We've turned in one of the worst halves of football in quite some time, lost a derby in front of one the healthiest home supports in some time and that stings pretty badly at this moment in time.
  14. Your thoughts and votes please..

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