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  1. His statistics also show that he made more clearances and interceptions than his fellow full-back last weekend. The statistics show also said fellow full-back had double the amount of touches, made more passes (albeit McGinley's accuracry of passing was better) and O'Donnell lost possession twice as much which could be very easily interpreted that Motherwell attacked more down our right than left, and St Johnstone attacked more down their right than left confirming that McGinley, as a defender, performed his primary function - defending.
  2. Not overly amused at that Cup exit. Nobody likes a defeat at any time but going out a Cup competition with barely a whimper tends to irk more than most. The performance wasn't there last week according to Mark O'Hara so I'd be interested to see what he made of today as it was even more poor than in Perth. And yet half an hour to go you find yourself ahead. Deserved or otherwise. Don't do anything daft, St Johnstone are hardly battering down to the door themselves. See it out. But no. It's difficult to have a great amount of sympathy when you are in winning positions two weeks in succession St Johnstone, a team of the ilk that if you are going to do anything, you need to be seeing off, and we can't hold leads in either of them. Lamie hasn't overly impressed when played at left-back so his introduction immediately raised eyebrows and his involvement unfortunately proved those held fears to be well founded. The second goal hardly covered ourselves in glory either. And after that, absolutely nothing. That you can't make much of an argument to say that St Johnstone didn't deserve the win says it all. The only consolation is that there's one less fixture to cram in next month. That's it, that's the highlight of our League Cup campaign, one game less to play. Poor stuff.
  3. He's hardly Stevie Hammell but he's nowhere near as bad as you're attempting to make out. You decided about 8 minutes into the friendly at Ibrox he was rubbish and it's patently obvious you are trying to prove yourself the master of foresight by throwing out a disparaging comment about him whether it's deserved or not.
  4. Your thoughts and votes please...
  5. Even though we can't go it would have been nice for a little variation that a Falkirk, Ayr, Alloa (albeit I can remember League Cup exits to them all) and Arbroath would have offered. It's rarely a good thing either when Cup draws throw up double headers against your opponents. Still, it is what it is and I'm happier it's at home than in Perth.
  6. Andy_P

    Big Dec

    That's right. He was in Italy with some of the squad on an advance party and I have recollections of him and those who travelled being introduced to what would have been either the Sampdoria or Genoa crowd and was part of the warm ups. He featured in a friendly against Egypt but was either injured in that or in training and sadly didn't make the squad. We had Michael McGlinchey with us who was part of the New Zealand squad in South Africa I think it was, but he was only loan and wouldn't technically be a Motherwell player.
  7. There have been numerous occasions, probably more often that in fact, where we've tried to go with an approach that's more negative than today in the current horrible run against them. And I'll bet if we were to look back we'd see the mirror image of these kind of posts crying out for us to have a go, that we're most likely going to lose anyway so why not try to take them on. We lost this game and the earlier game this season to Celtic by three goals. I tend to think that there is a bit more to be taken from a game such as this afternoon where we've had fourteen efforts at goal (unfortunately only two or three on it) than the game at Parkhead where it was a case of sit back and wait for the near inevitable.
  8. Wee bit away yet but for those of whose of you find the international breaks a bind, your St Johnstone game thread is open for business...
  9. Your thoughts and votes please...
  10. We certainly beat them three times in 1990'91. 2-0 on the opening day at Fir Park, 2-1 at Parkhead before the first Semi Final and then 4-2 in the Semi Final replay.
  11. I was at the Liverpool game but my only recollection from it was where I stood with Dad. I can't remember much of the game itself. There was a book launched to mark the centenary though and an autograph signing session at Motherwell Library, which also included some various artefacts from the club's history on display. I remember more getting the booked signed and it being hastily whisked away for a Christmas present than the actual centenary match itself.
  12. Your choices for Livingston :- 1. Tony Watt 2. Mark O'Hara 3. Declan Gallagher Which gives a total of : Allan Campbell 21pts (4 MOTM) Trevor Carson 12pts (3 MOTM) Tony Watt 12pts (3 MOTM) Bevis Mugabi 11pts (2 MOTM) David Turnbull 6pts (1 MOTM) Liam Polworth 6pts (1 MOTM) Sherwin Seedorf 5pts (1 MOTM) Stephen O'Donnell 4pts Mark O'Hara 4pts Declan Gallagher 3pts Nathan McGinley 2pts Christopher Long 2pts Ricki Lamie 2pts Liam Grimshaw 2pts Jordan White 1pt Devante Cole 1pt
  13. Your choices for Ross County :- 1. Tony Watt 2. Liam Polworth 3. Devante Cole Which gives a total of : Allan Campbell 21pts (4 MOTM) Trevor Carson 12pts (3 MOTM) Bevis Mugabi 11pts (2 MOTM) Tony Watt 9pts (2 MOTM) David Turnbull 6pts (1 MOTM) Liam Polworth 6pts (1 MOTM) Sherwin Seedorf 5pts (1 MOTM) Stephen O'Donnell 4pts Nathan McGinley 2pts Christopher Long 2pts Mark O'Hara 2pts Declan Gallagher 2pts Ricki Lamie 2pts Liam Grimshaw 2pts Jordan White 1pt Devante Cole 1pt

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