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  1. I'm not sure of the relevance of completed league campaigns from previous seasons in our history to the current unprecedented situation. There's no precedent to suggest how our club might have reacted had we found ourselves in Hearts position. I don't think you can use two the cases where we were extremely fortunate to stay up through reconstruction/SPL regulations any sort of barometer as to what we might have done. Leaving aside both were decades ago when Motherwell were due to go down in the mid-eighties it wasn't Bill Dickie, Iain Livingstone, John Chapman or whoever who were the drivers for league reconstruction or threatened to go to court as Ann Budge and Hearts are in this instance. It wasn't Motherwell who proposed the idea to save themselves. Similarly it was Falkirk seeking to find a route around the SPL regulations that were in place, not Motherwell trying to wriggle out. The worst Motherwell might have been accused of was ensuring the regulations in place were adhered to. I think it is speculative to say with any kind of assurance what Motherwell would have done.
  2. I must admit I find it difficult to look back on that evening with as detached a manner as you have in your summary. Just thinking of that night gets my heart racing and that's before considering the potential repercussions for the very future of the club had we not retained our top flight status. It was an absorbing breathless night. The club's stance over the ticket allocation set a dogged tone that everybody ran with. Don't get me wrong the fear was palpable but there was a quiet determination. And the more the likes of Keevans dismissed our chances the greater that resolve grew. By the time we got out of Ibrox my legs were cut to ribbons with the celebrations, my face could have blended in with a Hearts top and my voice hoarse. Incomprehensible texts were going back and forward to family and friends unable to be there. The wave of relief and perhaps a degree of disbelief of what had happened. And yet a nagging doubt lingered. Ainsworth's chance to make it four and then them subsequently getting a goal back. They get the first goal back at Fir Park and it's all different. Suddenly they have the momentum and it becomes a different test of character. The next few days would be spent reminding myself of what we had done at Ibrox when they had tried to dominate us and of our ability to hit them on the break. It was still a long wait until Sunday. But that night. No, that'll live long in the memory. The game, the whole context. That's always going to be one I'll savour.
  3. Andy_P

    Signed Shirt

    Stuart Elliott bottom left? Which if that is right would suggest the shirt was signed a wee bit after we after stopped wearing that kit.
  4. That's not good at all. Fingers crossed he is able to get what he requires to help him recover.
  5. I would say that they bring money into because they feel they have a duty to keep supporters informed where they possibly can in the knowledge that it's a fan owned club. Clearly they aren't going to reveal everything but I can't see that they try to inform supporters is a bad thing. Again I'll say just because people might not like what they're hearing doesn't mean it shouldn't be said. It's why you'll get a chairman's report every year when the figures are released. Why you know what sort of budget they have in comparison to others so you can put things in context on the pitch. And it isn't just negative stuff you get from them either. The clearing of historical debt was given a lot of coverage back in February for example. That brought days of coverage across the media about what had been achieved. Looking at the report that this discussion stemmed from and the social media releases in the last few days there is an appreciation that these issues will be felt across the country and not just at Motherwell, and loads of acknowledgement from Robinson and across social media of what has been achieved. I would suggest it would be more of an issue if they weren't giving an indication of where they believe things are. For I can absolutely guarantee if they kept everything close to their chests and things went tits up in a big way you would have droves of people apopleptic at how they put money into Motherwell every month but they weren't given the facts in the preceding months and years. What I genuinely don't see is that the club are making themselves look "miserable as fuck" as you put it. I actually find it amusing that you have suggested that when in the last couple of days there have been a swarm of opposition fans hammering the club for the stuff they've put about us finishing third and accusing us of over-celebrating. I agree it can be wearing when no sooner has one fundraising campaign concluded than the next is underway but over the piece I think they provide a fairly good flow of information to give an understanding of where things are at.
  6. I can see this from both sides. If you'll pardon the pun you can only go to the well so many times and when there is a relatively limited number of us it is understandable that people may become weary of the message and stop listening. But that's not to say that the contents of the message is incorrect. Going back to the AGM for example I remember it being said that whilst the playing budget was raised for this season it was still reckoned to be second or third lowest in the league. Whilst they had reached a position where debts to former owner and directors were paid off they were still balancing the annual running of the club whilst trying to build some longer term contingency for bad seasons. Some times the message just isn't what we might want to hear. But I do think there's a fairly regular effort to "condition" supporters about the finances from both Robinson and the board so there isn't any complacency and people are still encouraged to join and continue to donate to the Well Society and are aware of the operating model. And to have the effect, or at least attempt to have the effect, of playing expectations down publicly too.
  7. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there wasn't, well not at our entry point anyway. Were next year a summer with no international football I could see there being a chance to spread things out a bit more but UEFA will want everything done and dusted ahead of the European Championships next summer so with that in place and the later start the window is reduced. They'll want to have their cake and eat it too so there's no chance in my opinion they would go for straight knock-outs. I can see them possibly having a single play-off round in both tournaments with them using co-efficient to determine qualifiers and everyone else being palmed off with some compensatory payment.
  8. I think as Dave (kmcalpin) has already alluded to I think people are well aware of the situation we find ourselves in and I would be surprised if many, indeed any, have renewed oblivious to what might transpire over the coming months; or feeling they have been in any way deceived. Motherwell providing the option to supporter to buy season tickets, having gone to the trouble of explicitly stating that people should buy if they can afford it, is no more dishonest than a holiday company continuing to offer holidays for autumn/winter knowing they might pushed back. Or a clothing retailer sending you emails punting their summer holiday range. The option is there and it is up the individual to decide what they want to do with those options. And whilst I accept it isn't an apples to apples comparison let's not forget that many people buy every year without knowing what our fixtures are going to be (as they generally out later in June), when the games will be played, what games will then be subject to movement again for television. In 2015 we actually put our season tickets on sale before we even knew what division we would be playing in the following season! Some will buy knowing they won't make all the fixtures but want to ensure they've a seat next to family and friends when they do go. I know of one or two who will barely attend any games but still want to make a contribution to their club. In short, there are all sorts of variables that come in to play every year when people buy tickets and people have different reasons for doing so. As it happens I haven't actually renewed myself as yet as there's a little bit of uncertainty over the good lady's working pattern so I'm also seeing how things stand. All being I'll get it sorted before the Early Bird expires. I think it is absolutely right that someone only renews if the circumstances are right for them but calling it dishonest and morally wrong for giving people the option? Nah, not for me.
  9. I'm paraphrasing but when the club chairman himself has said in a statement they acknowledge and appreciate the circumstances in which people find themselves and you should only buy if you can afford it I can't see how you can say you are being disrespected or the club is being dishonest.
  10. I didn't think it was as bad as I feared knowing what those programmes are all about and Stu92's forewarning. They can't be too far off being left with only cleaners and ticket office workers left to interview from Ferry's time at Parkhead. I've always quite enjoyed Ferry's one-on-one interviews but the shows with Slane and Kyle began to grate pretty quickly. But without necessarily going into great detail there's a fair bit beyond the transfer - Tony Watt, Stephen Robinson, chat about his progression through the youths and so on. I can't say I really picked up any change of pitch when Turnbull was talking about the transfer, but to be honest I don't notice any change of pitch when he's excited either. He does, as he has suggested in a couple of interviews, come across to me as quite chilled and easy oasy about everything good or bad. If there's any criticism to be levelled about the frequency of discussions of the breakdown of his transfer then perhaps some of that should be directed to Motherwell for the production documentary, which whilst I thought it was excellent, is in no small part a sales tool. Keeping The Ball on the Ground is a discussion by Old Firm-centric people for a largely Old Firm-centric audience and I think that has to be kept in mind.
  11. Andy_P

    Season Tickets

    Thanks for the clarification. I have to admit if there are those deflecting I'm not picking up on it. They do say your social media accounts become something of an echo chamber so it is entirely possible that view just isn't one reflected in the accounts I follow and the views expressed. I see plenty of people making reasoned arguments that we make moves to restart sooner, plenty of people making reasoned arguments that move to restart later. I don't see anyone trying to hid from the issue however. From my own perspective I don't think it unreasonable to consider how we move on, short, medium and long term in all facets of life economy included. An appreciation is required that such considerations are however going to come at different times for different people. That's going to vary markedly from someone in Government tasked with kick-starting "normality" to someone quite content to be picking up 80% of their salary sitting in the sun; from someone who has lost their job as a consequence of the financial issues to someone who is providing care at first hand. I will have a preference on what route to the "new normal" I think is best of course but I don't have any issue with anyone expressing various approaches even if I don't agree with them, your own view included. What I did however take issue with your initial remark that folk are twats for suggesting that saving lives is more important than the economy. Frankly that came across as callous and cretinous and in my view added nothing to your argument. You've provided clarification but I would suggest it was a poor choice of phrase and your point could have been made equally well without it.
  12. Andy_P

    Season Tickets

    Can you be specific on who you consider is using such chat to deflect away from the issues? Who are "the ones" you refer to?
  13. Andy_P

    Season Tickets

    Some twat? To be clear you are comfortable labelling everyone from the First Minister of Scotland to the rank and file members of the general public who have said similar through genuine immediate concerns about their loved ones as twats?
  14. That be the Hearts supporting, in no way whatsoever biased, Ewan Murray? I'm not saying he isn't correct but were it Hamilton Accies or Ross County sitting where Hearts are he'd be sitting with his feet up watching reruns of the Ryder Cup and his Twitter feed about 200 tweets lighter.

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