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  1. Andy_P

    Season Tickets

    There are many ways to pay for your season ticket. If you can, you can pay in full now by visiting tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk. If you’ve never logged in to the website before, follow this guide if you are an existing season ticket holder. If you’re buying new, please create a new account. Alternatively, you can buy over the phone by calling 01698 338002. Please be patient, as we have limited telephone sales capacity at this time. You can also email [email protected] and ask us to call you back. PAY BY STANDING ORDER You can pay for your season ticket in four instalments from May to August by using our standing order facility. Forms are available here, or you can call 01698 333333 and we will get you set up. If you’re filling out a form, you can scan it and email it to [email protected] or post it to the club. Please note that standing orders are only available on our full season ticket prices, and can not be used for our early bird rate. FINANCE As usual, we will be offering a finance option on season tickets to spread your cost over a longer period of time. We will announce shortly how to apply for finance. Details will be available at motherwellfc.co.uk.
  2. Andy_P

    Season Tickets

    Season Tickets on Sale Now Prices frozen. Early bird offer runs to 31st May. Free ticket for first European Home tie/ first League Cup tie next season.
  3. The very ones CoF. If you skip back to page 1 of this thread and go couple of posts down you'll get a better view of them on some images there.
  4. I think it's been no more than a clearing of the trees. There was a toilet down in there at one stage.....ok there was a brick wall down there at one stage, as there was at the Knowetop end before "proper" toilets and a snack bar combo was added around 1987 or abouts at the top of both terraces.
  5. Alex Rae is a person I've never taken to either on or off the park, I'm consistently surprised at how often he appears to resurface in the media, but his tweet last night celebrating the fact the SRU have declared the domestic season null and void was comedy gold. Reeking of desperation.
  6. On part two the link with the Scottish Health Education Group started in the mid-eighties (you might remember the "Motherwell, Motherwell, Go for Good Health and be a Winner as Well" abomination) so there was health related stuff up across the ground from them on. I can remember, or at least have seen images showing firstly an advert on the roof that something along the lines of "half way down Robertson Street" on. The first SHEG advert that I can remember had something like "Go for Good Health and Get Fit for Life" on the roof. That was on it when the East Stand opened in 1991. "How Much Do you Cough Up for Cigarettes" was on it a few years after that. After the Cooper was built the Main Stand and East Stand both got new facias for a more consistent look across four stands so on the basis that the Cooper opened in 1995 I'd say the change of signage would have come in the aftermath of that. When exactly I couldn't say.
  7. Ex-Gers starlet (came on as a sub in a friendly against Linfield once) and Hoops hit kid (scored a double against Albion Rovers in a testimonial) used to be my favourites.
  8. In was born in 1974 and still remember the Pools panel operating so it must have continued for quite a while. I recollect the disappointment of the game being off turning to utter disgust if, when watching on Grandstand's Vidiprinter, the panel had determined Motherwell would have lost.
  9. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    And in three of your five posts thus far you've been unnecessarily negative and narky towards other posters listing the faults you've fault in them. People in glass houses and all that...
  10. There aren't too many circumstances where a point from a trip to the capital isn't a half decent result. I think the fact we were ahead at half-time and Aberdeen were losing, and being potentially six ahead of them, leaves a feeling of what might have been. In our hands to create that gap again on Friday night though.
  11. Your thoughts and votes please...
  12. Your thoughts and votes please...
  13. Of course. The in game tweets are obviously designed for fans who can't make games. Given your view was curious to see how many you made to see how many times you might be following games online rather than being there to get some context for your opinion. I've seen lots of people who don't make too many games say they've given up on the official twitter account completely and follow local newspapers and even on betting sites to try to get a feel for how things are going. That can't be right. Personally I'd rather have too much information and filter out what isn't relevant than the sparse updates when I can't make it. There waw also the mooted intention to cater for both preferrences with a "Match Day" service as provided by other clubs but that hasn't materialised yet. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk

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