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  1. Good shout but looks like Ndjoli is now surplus to requirements? We now appear to be a bit overloaded in the front three department...
  2. He has a £500K release clause (from a very good source) and is on the Gers radar in case Morelos departs.
  3. As a fan of a certain vintage, would agree there’s nothing better than beating Hearts, but our game management in terms of timewasting and shithousery in the last few minutes was outstanding, with the red card the icing on the cake. Beating the decades-long masters of the Dark Arts at their own game - priceless.
  4. MearnsWell

    Vs Hibs

    Really pleased with that today. Donnelly for me, goalscoring apart, really is starting to contribute well as a midfielder, thought that Campbell and Polworth were also outstanding. Hartley the old warhorse is back, and probably merits the first team spot. Wingers ain’t the finished article but, hey, could we afford them if they were? Canny complain with two goals, Days like today make the ol’ Motherwell rollercoaster worthwhile....
  5. Ben Hall just signed for the Jags until January
  6. Only in a metaphysical sense...
  7. First game of the season for me, and you’d have to go back to Mio or Buff for a centre half with Gallaghers composure.
  8. Jay from the podcast made a great point on Turnbull being like ‘The Matrix’ where time slows down. Was fortunate enough to see Faddy coming through, Turnbull for me is probably the better all rounder, just enjoying watching him while I can
  9. The usually reliable Scott Mullen tweeting just now about Bigi to Hibs
  10. Bradford in for Sammon, loan needs to be cut short to accommodate move according to tscoagen on Twitter
  11. Bit of box office to be fair, it’s the Lanarkshire derby plus you get to sing the Dougie Imrie mattress song...
  12. Yes. McCormack lasted 45 minutes of lack of fitness-driven ineffectiveness before being replaced by Main, who couldn’t get a banjo on nodding terms with a cows nether regions...
  13. Due to personal circumstances, that’s the first I’ve seen us in the flesh this season, and we were utterly, utterly abject. The Malpas era looks like f**king Barcelona Tiki-Taka compared to that. What’s the point of changing formation to 4-4-2 with wingers and still playing hoofball? Major clear out required from top to bottom, the Accies result cannot be allowed to mask this.
  14. We’ve got a Cadden-size hole on the right for another couple of months so looks like a good shout
  15. Also think it’s great, adds creativity also, and in his interview he says he wants to help bring along youngsters, which has to be good news. Win win.
  16. McCormack just announced on club twitter...
  17. ...and the Record just reporting he has to get a medical/fitness assessment on his knee, with us hoping to tie up deal by weekend. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/ross-mccormack-closing-motherwell-return-13803906
  18. Part of arguably our best front 3 in McGhees 1st season, and has proved himself on bigger stages since then. Even if it’s only loan until end of the season, he’d give us punch and creativity up front we’ve been lacking in Tanners absence and misfiring others. Few folk on Twitter and here confirming he was at the game today. Fingers crossed...
  19. Don’t do knee jerk reactions, never even threw my season on the pitch at the end of the Malpas era, however a change is required. There’s no consistency, we’re up and down (more down) than the proverbial adult service providers underwear, the strategy this week alone has been diabolical. If you throw in the towel *ahead* of a match under auspices of resting players, then you’d better win the next one handsomely. The signings have been more bad than good this season, we’ve players that clearly *arent* suited to SPL football and the squad is fundamentally imbalanced, “We never took out chances” and “we go again” are not acceptable excuses and I haven’t even watched the post match interviews yet. There are managers out there, within our budget, who would bite your hand off for the opportunity with us and do a far better job than Robbo. Sentimentality about historical cup finals we didn’t turn up in doesn’t come into it, the poor results *this* season could be the undoing of the club, *our* club. A tough decision and action needed from the CEO and board.
  20. Just reported late last night that Carson has no breakages, but is unlikely to make Dons game.
  21. Tom Aldred. He’s our centre back.
  22. If Tavernier leaves then it’d make sense for them I guess. Needs to be right money up front, which kinda discounts our Ibrox chums however...
  23. Goodbye message on Twitter from Cedric - no club statements as yet
  24. As long as he doesn’t get croqued we’ll be ok... (I’ll get ma coat)

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