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  1. If anybody has put in for a ticket and cannot attend please give me a shout as I'd be up for a pint and the game.
  2. Somebody could hand you a million pounds and you'd complain about the colour of the briefcase it came in.
  3. Van Veen for giving the linesman the fingers and telling Willie collum to fuck off.
  4. Van Veen was all over the park today, very impressed with him. Hope he can build upon that and we may have found ourselves a genuine asset
  5. I quite like it personally. I see it's agitated the usual "petttrrull bloo, hoop, sash, traditional shorts" helmets.
  6. Woody was a good guy who I remember from overlapping social circles as a youngster. Had hoped he had turned the corner with his treatment, but sadly not. Thoughts are with his young family. Fucking shame man.
  7. eddiemunster


    Fucking hell. I did Andy's wedding photos years ago and he and his wife and all their family were lovely people. They must be absolutely reeling. Very sad news indeed.
  8. Get Kyle Lafferty and his gypsy haircut to fuck.
  9. Graham Rix has a proven record with developing youths.
  10. Covid is our top scorer this season. Contract extension please.
  11. Loves the filums so he does.
  12. Referring to Fir Park (or any fitba stadium for that matter) as "The Old Girl" is a heavy rid neck.
  13. Someone could give you a million pounds and you'd moan about the colour of the briefcase.
  14. Is this Tony Watt stuff a fucking meme or what? He's absolutely shite and talks like he's got all the brains of an Easter egg.
  15. Who phoned the screws Mrs Robinson? Stephen only gave you a light blow. Whoa whoa whoa.
  16. Just as well he's only January in the calendar.
  17. I've backed us to win on a four fold, which means we will probably draw.
  18. Boo!! Robinson out! All the new signings are pish!!
  19. What an absolute scudbook.

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