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  1. Very solid performance after a slow start. Defensively we were very good and limited St Mirren to very few chances over 90 minutes. No doubt James Scott turned the game in our favour and the whole team grew in confidence because of that. We managed the game very well in the 2nd half and should have scored more.
  2. Lots of really good performances tonight. The whole back four were good but Mugabi was a stand out again. Polworth and Donnelly both had very good games and Hylton did well. Hard not to give it to Scott though. Looked dangerous every time he had the ball and 2 great goals.
  3. The club record fee is still the £1.75m paid for Phil O'Donnell. Only that at the fee for Faddy come anywhere close.
  4. Not sure how we can have lost money when we cant borrow from anyone and we have just paid off all our debt. I would have thought it was almost impossible given our structure. It may be a notional loss comparing money in to money out. Be interested to here from anyone with more knowledge or insight.
  5. No real stand outs for me, certainly not for 90 mins. Hartley was pretty solid and always a danger at set pieces. Cole was very good second half. I went for Carroll, he looks like the left back we have been missing and got his first goal for the club. Decent days work.
  6. I noticed that comment and drew the same conclusion that he was referring to Sloth.....
  7. Gets his team to a Champions League Final, then gets sacked before xmas? Aye sounds familiar!
  8. Delighted for the big fella getting his first cap. Thought he did well enough, certainly the better of the 2 centre backs. For me McKenna caused their goal. Terrible first touch and foul to concede the free kick. Not sure what more Gallagher can do with the header. Did well to get something on it. He will be better for the experience.
  9. My favourite Motherwell player right now by a mile! #oneofourown
  10. We need to do what we did in the first 35 mins at Fir Park for 90 mins, and it still might not be enough, but at least it will give those brave souls making the journey something to get behind. If Celtic are not quite on it, you never know......
  11. I didnt know that. But the point stands.
  12. Les is a hardnosed businessman. You dont make the money he has made without ruffling a few feathers. Quite often that doesnt make you very likeable. TBF though, I dont need to like Les to be thankful for what he did for our club. He may have made mistakes, but he was the right man (maybe the only man) at the right time. So thank you Les.
  13. I see Bayern Munich are also in the market for a new manager. We just cant seem to catch a break this week!

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