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  1. joewarkfanclub

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    This has a feel of the Ross County game about it. A game we think we should be winning and coming into in good form, and we somehow manage to conspire against ourselves to lose it. Im usually an optimist, but we are going to need to play to our best to get anything out of this. Hopefully thats what happens and we are not bemoaning another missed opportunity.
  2. joewarkfanclub

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    Re Tom Boyd. It would be easier to just induct the entire team as one entity and ignore him as an individual. I would do that with all our trophy winning teams to ensure fairness. If an individual within one of those teams deserves a nomination on their own merits then so be it.
  3. joewarkfanclub

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    Graham and Pettigrew should be inducted as a double act....
  4. joewarkfanclub

    Declan for Scotland

    Mulgrew is a stick on to start. After that its one from Findlay, Devlin, Gallagher. I would have thought Findlay would be favourite purely because Clarke knows what he can do and is more likely to trust him. However, if the other guys show up really well in training you never know. More chance of game time in the San Marino game I would have thought, but you never know what could happen with injuries / bookings etc.
  5. joewarkfanclub

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Fair point....
  6. joewarkfanclub

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Id have him back anytime. If he feels he has made enough money and just wants get regular gametime, its possible.
  7. joewarkfanclub

    Declan for Scotland

    Let it go mate! No one is more pleased for big Declan than me. Given all the call offs, his selection is absolutely justified. But at the time the question was asked there were a number of guys with a claim all playing at a higher level of football than him. I hope he gets selected, plays a blinder, cements his place in the first team and scores the winning goal in the play offs. Of course, if that happens, he wont be a Motherwell player for very long, so lets just enjoy him being in the squad....
  8. joewarkfanclub

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    I would encourage every Well fan to get a copy and/or read John Swinburnes book, A History of Motherwell Football Club. Its a great read and insight into not only the greats that have donned the claret and amber, but our clubs place in the history of Scottish and indeed World Football.
  9. joewarkfanclub

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    One of my first Motherwell heroes. Different class!
  10. joewarkfanclub

    Robbo on Sportsound

    Stephen Robinson on Sportsound tonight with Kenny Miller and Stevie Naismith. Talking about Scotland squad, international football and his time at Motherwell. Was a good listen and he appeared to be held in high regard by Miller and Naismith. Pretty sure you can get it as a podcast on BBC Scotland.
  11. joewarkfanclub

    Declan for Scotland

    Happy to accept your evaluation of Hanley and Cooper. However, both are at far bigger clubs playing in better leagues. Evidence that they arent good enough "at international level" isnt evidence that Gallagher is.
  12. joewarkfanclub

    Declan for Scotland

    Turnbull was unlucky not to be picked in June before his op and the transfer debacle. However, unfortunately for him, he plays in a position that Scotland are currently well served. McTominay, Christie, McGregor, Armstrong, McGinn, Jack are all experienced players who have played for longer at a high level. Shankland (and to an extent Brophy) are different, in that they play in a position where we have very few options. Given that the next 4 games are effectively warm up games for the play off's we might as well have a look at him and see what he has got. Using the same argument, I can understand the feeling Gallagher deserves a shot, he has been very good this year in our league, but do we really think he is better than Hanley who has captained Norwich into the EPL or Cooper who captains Leeds in the Championship? There is no evidence for that. Comparisons with McKenna, Soutar, Devlin, Halkett and Findlay are fair enough, but even that is subjective given we see far more of our player than the others. Stevie Clarke will undoubtedly have been the same which is why he picked some Kilmarnock players for his first squad but only the 2 who deserve to still be there on merit remain.
  13. joewarkfanclub

    Declan for Scotland

    Strong language given the 2nd half of my post actually qualifies the first half. If I had said, "I dont think he is of a standard that would significantly improve Scotland at International level", would you still argue? You can argue the point of whether you think Gallagher is good enough or not but arguing the use of language is a bit tiresome.
  14. joewarkfanclub

    Declan for Scotland

    I think I answered that in the second half of my post.
  15. joewarkfanclub

    Declan for Scotland

    I think Gallagher has been excellent for us but I dont think he is at the level required for international football That said, we are not exactly blessed with options at centre half for Scotland. I would say when fit McKenna and Souttar are probabably the best we have. After that its up for grabs. Mulgrew, Hanley, Bates et al have all shown vulnerabilities. I think Halkett maybe had a shot at the squad but he is now injured, so its not that fanciful an idea if Steve Clarke wants to try options ahead of the play offs.

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