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  1. Living in Ayrshire and working with a shitload of Killie fans, I will take Rugby Park anyday. Its a great day out (when we win!)
  2. Can we not even afford that?
  3. Hopefully a change in direction from bloated squad of journeymen, to a sleeker more streamlined squad with a sprinkling of quality, supported by our academy graduates!
  4. I dont think its wishful thinking at all. McGinley in particular has had it tough moving up here on his own stuck in a flat outwith his playing/training schedule, having to cope with that and then getting injured on top of it. I think there is a decent player in there and I would hope that as we come out of lockdown he might enjoy being here a bit more and that might help his performances on the field (which I dont think have been anywhere near as bad as some suggest). Lamie has improved dramatically since his early performances, probably due to getting a fair run in the team and an upturn in results. I think he is a decent squad player and can do us a turn. However, I think we should be looking to strengthen in centre defence, it all depends on who becomes available in our price range.
  5. Liam Kelly would be outstanding business.
  6. Stephen O'Donnell is a solid SPL level full back. Not a world beater, and against higher quality opposition he can get found out at times. However, anyone who thinks there is a queue of superior players lined up waiting to sign on at Fir Park needs a reality check. This is very good business for the club, not just from a playing perspective, but in raising or at least maintaining our profile as a club who can help players progress their careers. It may help attract some decent palyers in the summer.
  7. The rebuild will be interesting. Alexander has already indicated that he thinks the current squad is bloated, so not unreasonable to think that he may be planning a smaller squad with a few higher quality players in it ( if we can get them). It was the most frustrating part of Robinsons tenure that we appeared to waste any advances we had made by creating very unbalanced squads with no appreciable increase in quality. None more so than in the season following our 2 cup finals, when we were in a very strong financial position to build for the future. We clearly arent sitting as strong financially right now, but with the right strategy and some shrewd signings, we should still have an opportunity to improve.
  8. Id imagine same starting line up as last weekend unless there are injuries. Bite your hand off for any kind of win, but more than happy to draw our way to safety if needs be.
  9. As long as any available go to Well Society members first. After all we own the club!
  10. Pretty much everyone got pass marks with one or 2 really decent performances. Roberts had another very good game but MOTM was Lawless. The 90 mins will have done him the world of good. Hopefully he can make a similar impact in the remaining games.
  11. No idea who you could be talking about.....
  12. Add Maybole Juniors to the list!
  13. I think Bevis can do a job for us at our level and he is still young enough to improve and develop with gametime. Given that it looks.like we will be replacing a lot of players for next season, getting some core business done early is sensible.
  14. Regardless of what the truth is, there is no denying that Gallagher has slipped down the pecking order in the squad. With both Hanley and Hendry playing regularly with their clubs and now in possession of the jerseys, he will have a fight on his hands to get his place back. The squad might also need trimmed for the finals. Its not unreasonable to think that one or two of the 7 players able to play centre half from this week might not make the final cut.

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