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  1. So many games to recall over the years, but the ones that immediately stand out are...... 1991 Scottish Cup Semi Final v Celtic. You normally dont get a 2nd chance to turnover one of the big 2, especially at Hampden, and the expectation levels were pretty low, especially after going behind so early in the game. The euphoria of wee Psycho's 30 yarder hitting the net and the 4th goal from Kirky to seal our first Cup Final appearance of my lifetime. Much more enjoyable experience than the final as I was just too nercous to enjoy that. Our first European appearance at Fir Park under the lights wearing the "floodlight white" kit. Fabulous atmosphere at an absolutely rammed Fir Park and a very good performance. Cooper and Russell were in their pomp. Caught by the inevitible breakaway goal to end our chances, but not before we replied with 3 of our own only to go out on away goals. Dortmund away. Probably one of the best performances by a Motherwell team that I can recall, given the standard of the opposition. We gave them a real fright and if Tommy Coyne had just converted that chance at the end, who knows what might have happened?
  2. Just imagine that under the floodlights on a big European night! Worth a goal of a start surely!
  3. Tempted to say anywhere across the front 3! But I belive he is a wide midfielder / winger.
  4. I would certainly be nice to see him actually play in our first team. I know the club couldnt turn down the money at the time and that we would never hold a young player back, but you cant help but feeling robbed a little of the opportunity to see an emerging talent play for us at least a little while before moving on.
  5. I think that seems like a solid signing. Nothing flashy, buy someone experienced and proven at our level.
  6. I really like our new kit. But that Bradford one is a belter. I would even accept wearing black shorts if we were being true to history.
  7. Thats just not true. Ojala has looked good in spells but is clearly very injury prone and that has effected his performances for us. Probably why we had the chance of signing someone of his calibre. Solholm started very well then tailed off badly. Whether that was as a result of going straight from a Norwegian season into ours without a break or whether he has been carrying an injury is hard to say, but he is not a duffer. Lets wait and see how both respond to a proper close season and good pre season before we right both of them off.
  8. Your not in a minority, I think a lot of our support dont rate either of them. Personally, I dont think either are great. But they are a long way from the worst we have ever had. McGinley is a better defender, but cant cross the ball. Carroll has much better delivery but consistently gets caught out of position and cant block a cross. In short, roll the 2 into one and you might have a player. Unfortunately that player would be off to pastures new within a season of their arrival. Its where we are as a club in the modern game and why context is always required when assessing our players. I dont think GA will be looking for another left back, but I wouldnt be averse to someone coming in if one of the above can be moved on.
  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on a player. But it does help when there is actual meat put on the bones to allow debate. I dont necesarily agree with your opinion but at least youve stated why you feel the way you do. I wouldnt say Slattery was lazy. There may have been questions over his fitness last season, but Im sure that can be worked on. I also like the fact that he isnt afraid to commit a dirty foul if its what is required at the time. With better quality around him Im pretty sure we will get more out of him this season.
  10. For me we need a midfielder of some quality to partner Slattery. If you can be solid in the engine room and keep the ball better than we did last season it gives you a platform to play from and we might get more from our forward players than we have been doing. I dont know if Spittal is viewed as that player, but if he is I'd want another to give us some options. I still think Cornelius would flourish with some better quality alongside him.
  11. Do they still do the finance option of paying up over installments?
  12. That has to be made up! Cant believe Aberdeen would want him, let alone pay £350k for him. I liked Dunne, his pace is a real attribute, but his defending was erratic and his injury record is horrendous.

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