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  1. On paper at least, Slattery would appear to be a "brilliant addition" and the kind of signing I would be looking for. Lets hope he can hit the ground running and realise his potential. A couple good seasons out of him and move him on for a few million will do just nicely!
  2. There ye are now! Thats what I was looking for!
  3. Not a personal slate at all. Im genuinely interested as to what it is the players are being asked to do that we arent seeing. It might help us all understand and make more balanced and informed comments.
  4. In the absence of anyone better / fitter being available Id go with this on Saturday. 4-2-3-1..... Kelly SOD O'Connor Lamie Carroll Maguire Donnelly Woolery Watt Lawless Van Veen
  5. This to me is the key point. Watt was our most influentail player last year and was the one leading by example putting in a shift and at least trying to encourage others to do the same. We should be looking at our squad and playing in a way that gets the maximum out of what we have. Not shoe horning players into a preferred formation. Given our dearth of midfield creativity, surely playing Watt thru the middle where he can be more influential and bridge the gap between the midfield and strikers is the way to go?
  6. Which would let pretty much all our season ticket holders in if equally applied....
  7. Kelly. Kept it respectable.
  8. Fairly certain we could allow all of our season ticket holders in and have sufficient social distancing around the stadium. It was a lot easier to get parked on Saturday though!
  9. Thought that was actually a very decent performance today. We totally controlled the first half for 40 mins and virtually gifted them their 2-0 HT lead with 2 sloppy goals. That said, we upped the tempo a bit in the 2nd half and it was pleasing to see the mental toughness required to get ourselves back in the game and then drive home our superiority. A good run out for a few of the players still looking for fitness. Donnelly in particular, while not being great will benefit from getting 65 mins under his belt. Thought OConnor did ok albeit showed his inexperience on a number of occasions but he will get better. Van Veen looks like he will hold the ball up and lead the line well, albeit he needs to sharpen up a bit in front of goal, he should have scored at least one of the several chances he had today. Woolery looks pacey and with a bit about him. Lots of positives to take from the game, but we really need to toughen up a bit at the back.
  10. Plain black with a claret and amber or claret amber and white hoop would have been smart. Stick with the italian styling and you cant go wrong!
  11. Motherwell dont really do "marquee signings" but I have to say this one is well up there! Delighted to have Liam back and on a 3 year deal! Hopefully he can maintain last seasons form and push himself into the Scotland Squad. With Marshall and Gordon both coming to the end of their careers, there is a big opportunity for a young keeper to make the spot their own. Be great to have another Scottish international in the team, even if it means he will undoubtedly move on to bigger and better things eventually! Well done to everyone involved getting this one over the line!
  12. I dont disagree with anything that you have said here, which is why my post was carefully worded. I certainly havent bought into any media narrative. Patterson will be the future. When that future will be is uncertain. He needs games to prove himself, but he has come thru the all our youth levels and has physical attributes that SOD does not. He also appears to have a belief in himself that will serve him well. Its still SODs jersey, but the heir apparent is obvious.
  13. Didnt know Graeme / Madwullie, but sorry for your loss and best wishes to his family and friends. I can empathise regards your feelings of loss. It gives you a real sense of your own mortality, and hardwires itself into your enotions only to come spilling out at the most unexpected moments. Im sure your own recent experiences have contributed to that. Sad to hear this is your last post as the forum needs its regular posters and "characters" to remain vibrant and worthwhile. I hope after some time out you may change your mind. If not, your last post was an eloquent one and one worthy of your contributions over the years.....
  14. SOD is a very solid SPL level right back who we are lucky to have at the club. Short of bringing thru an emerging talent (Max Johnston?) we will struggle to get a better player than him coming to Fir Park on the money we pay. I do though have mixed feelings about his Euros. Was chuffed to bits for him re his performance against England and his interviews after the game and the next day showed what a genuinely decent guy he is. However, his limitations were exposed against both the Czechs and Croatia where he appeared to be somewhat nervy. The presence of Billy Gilmour and McTominay inside him at Wembley undoubtedly had a stabilising effect on him as they were always available for a pass. But even so, some of his crossfield passing at Wembley was sublime. It makes me wonder if he has self confidence issues particularly playing at Hampden where he is more aware of the criticism he gets from within our own support? For what its worth, I think Nathan Patterson is the future for Scotland at right back as he showed in a 10 minute cameo on Tuesday night the directness and pace to drive forward that is required at international level, however, he will need games, which he wont get at Rangers as long as Tavernier is there and fit. So for now, Im delighted to have Scotlands first pick right back at our club. Whether he plays the full term of his contract or is sold for a decent fee, the club will undoubtedly benefit.

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