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  1. Im actually getting quite excited about this season. Its a big if, but IF we can keep Turnbull we have the makings of a really good team. Long coming back is great. He is a really hard working player and continually offers himself and makes very intelligent runs which Turnbull will find with his passing ability. Turnbull will also take a lot of pressure off of Polworth to he the only creative player in the midfield. We should also be able to mix up our formations with all the options we have now, we can just about play any system we like. Puts Stephen Robinson in a very good position, although the other edge to that sword is that his tactical awareness will come under more scrutiny as he will have no limitations placed on how he would like to play!
  2. This is getting really boring now.....
  3. If Jake Hastie plays well and scores goals this season all will be forgotten. If he doesnt then the boo's will amplify and build. He really needs to hit the ground running. I wish him well.....
  4. Sorry, but neither Hylton nor Seedorf have come close to producing what Hastie has already achieved in his so called purple patch, so the evidence is there.....
  5. Fairplay to Gillespie. Great move for him. Really hope he can nail down a first team place. He seems like a good guy and it would be another feather in our cap when trying to attract aspiring talent.
  6. Anyone who says Hastie isnt better than what we already have needs have a think again. He may only have had a purple patch before, but neither Hylton or Seedorf have produced anything near the quality Hastie did during that time and they had nearly a whole season to do it. Im very much on the fence with the signing. I didnt like the way he left or who he left for, but he is back now and the management clearly think he can improve the squad as they would not brought him back knowing the furore it was going to cause. Its a bold move, and the lad will need a thick skin for the first few weeks, maybe longer. But he seems to know whats coming his way and appears up for it, so good luck to him.
  7. Gallagher and Campbell
  8. I think it works way better that way round. With claret shorts and socks its a winner....
  9. My only question is, can he improve the team?
  10. My over riding memory of the Morton game was hearing the line up and texting my mates saying it was an extremely bold team selection and that Barra would either be a hero over it or end up getting his jotters! Unfortunately the performance was so bad and the atmosphere afterwards so poisonous there was ever only going to be one result.
  11. The fact that he didnt incur any compensation fee being paid cannot be overlooked.....
  12. Turn of phrase. I agree 100% re US/UK. Still a phenomenal achievement though to have zero deaths, no matter how well prepared you are.
  13. Phenomenal story. Given their proximity to the source of the virus, to not have a single death in a cointry of 95 million people is quite incredible! Also, given the symbolism of the number in our clubs history there is something comforting in the fact that "Patient 91" has made a remarkable recovery! Hope you are able to get home soon G&F!
  14. Thats a lovely idea. Coop, Phil, Mowgli, Jamie to mame but a few....

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