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  1. That team would qualify for Europe comfortably most years!
  2. Given we are all bored shitless with nae fitba, and topic posts have pretty much dried up with nothing to talk about, I thought Id start a post to generate discussion. Who are the best 11 Motherwell players you have seen in the flesh? Obviously dependent on your age this will throw up some wildly different selections. Feel free to give reasons for selection and discuss / debate ad nauseum! I will start with GK - Sieb Dijkstra there are other goalkeepers I could pick that would be considered more solid, however, Sieb was a true character of the game. Helped by his dayglow rubiks cube shirt and pornstar moustache, he was a stickout as soon as he walked onto the pitch. But Sieb was also a great goalkeeper. An excellent shotstopper, his ability to come out for cross balls and catch them cleanly was something to behold and coined its own chant, "Seeeeeeeeib!". He must have been a dream for any centre half to play with as he repeatedly came as far as the penalty spot to take what was rightfully his. He did also however, drive Wee Tommy mad with his dribbling out of defence, which on the odd occasion did cost us a goal, but the big man was an entertainer and his showboating was a thing of legend. Right Back - Luc Nijholt Another dutchmen Luc wasnt with us for very long, but his contribution in that time brought a Scottish Cup Winners medal. He will be forever remembered for his tough tackling no nonsense style, however, being dutch he was very comfortable on the ball and a very valuable addition to the team. You wouldnt mess eith Luc, especially after he'd had his Weetabix! Centre Half - Brian Martin Big Buff for 2 seasons was head and shoulders the best centre back in Scotland. The crime was that he didnt get his Scotland call up until his form had started to dip a little and no one really saw the end of season tour in Japan, so his international recognituon was shortlived and easily forgotten. Buff was imperious in the air and majestic on the ground. He could stride out of defence with the ball at his feet and I will never forget his 30 yard howitzer at Ibrox right into the top corner. Absolute scenes! Centre Half - Miodrag Krivokapic Big Mio joined after the Cup winning success and many wondered if his best years were behind him at Dundee United. We could not have been more wrong. He slipped seemlessly into the team and his performances over the piece were outstanding. Similar to Nijholt in his uncompromising style, but Mio could also play. Left Back - Joe Wark There can be only one. Quite simply Motherwell FCs greatest ever player. How he never got a single cap for Scotland is not only incredible but a national disgrace. Right Midfield - James McFadden Well, I had to get him in somewhere! Maybe didnt play here that often for Motherwell, but there was no better sight than Faddy collecting the ball out wide and coming in onto his left foot and letting rip. We all know what happened next! Centre Midfield - Phil O'Donnell Over his 2 spells at Fir Park Phil was a class act, although, a much different type of player in either spell. From the young exhuberant box to box midfielder of his first spell, to the slightly deeper holding midfielder of his second, Phil was just always so composed and did what all good players do, made it look easy. I will never forget his debut against St Mirren where wee Tommy pitched him in at left back and Kenny McDowall just booted him up and down the park. I think they used to call it "Character building". Will always be remembered for being "Brave as a Lion" and will continue to be sadly missed. Centre Midfield - Paul Lambert I did toy with the idea of putting Bobby Russell in here due to his telepathic understanding with my next pick, and there are some merits to be had in arguing for Davy Turnbulls potential, but seriously, how many former Motherwell players have won the Champions League? A creative midfielder with style and flair Lambert shone in the 2 games v Dortmund, which ultimately got him his move and propelled him into the international arena where alongside John Collins and Barry Ferguson he was an absolute standoutfor Scotland. Class act. Left Midfield - Davy Cooper Nothing more needs said Forwards - Bobby Graham / Willie Pettigrew We have been blessed with some great strikers over my time supporting Motherwell, Coyne, Arnott, Sutton, Higdon, Moult. But this pair had a partnership which was unique. Similar to Russell / Cooper, they had a telepathy which delivered. The stars of my first ever Motherwell, they left a wee boy transfixed and subject to an addiction I have not yet been able to beat. Subs We all have our favourites and folk we would like to have got in the team but just couldnt because there was someone better in that position. There are also the cult heroes who, although maybe werent the best became fans favourites. Here are a few of mine. Ally Maxwell, George Burley, Martyn "Kaiser" Corrigan, Chris McCart, Fraser Wishart, Colin "Psycho" ONeill, Bobby Russell, Johnny Gahagan (on the wing), Dougie Arnott, Tommy Coyne (m'Lord), Michael Higdon, Henrik Ojaama, Louis Moult. Look forward to reading everyone elses Motherwell story.....
  3. They wouldnt be far away but McCart and Paterson were good centre halves. In fact Paterson quite similar in style to Gallagher and just as good in the air. Campbell would be there or there abouts, but would struggle to dislodge a fit Colin ONeill. O'Donnell and Angus in the centre were different kinds of players so maybe an unfair comparison there. I wondered about the goalkeepers. Maxy was outstanding for us for 3 seasons. Gillespie and Carson are both very good, would they challenge him for no1 jersey?
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed that tonight. I must admit enjoying the referees performance. Some really meaty challenges going in from both sides but he kept control of the game and stopped it from boiling over without being over fussy and brandishing cards galore. Just wouldnt happen nowadays. I had also forgotten what a good game Jimmy Griffen had. Quite a battle between him and Bowman and at times McInally, but he more than held his own and would have been my MoM if it hadnt been for the heroics of Ally Maxwell. Looking at our team now, other than David Turnbull, are there any of our current players that would get in the 91 team?
  5. Glad Jeremy Corbyn isnt our manager. The club wouldnt survive the media onslaught!
  6. Will the orange nets be in play tomorrow night? I think we should be informed!
  7. Today is a good day! Well done Motherwell. Thank you David Turnbull. It wont be forgotten.
  8. I would much rather he moved to England than Celtic, but I can see the logic in it for him. He is still a young boy so Celtic would offer him the chance to play with better players in a league he knows while testing himself at Champions/Europa League level giving himself more exposure and the chance to move south as an established first team pick, when he is mature enough to handle being away from home and his family. If he moved now he is still probaly going to be a development player and have to fight his way into any first team. Every player will back themself to do that but it doesnt always work out for them.
  9. Not a penny less than they offered in the summer. Like I say, he is our player. We looked after him in his hour of need. It was the right thing to do, but we deserve to be justly rewarded. The Tierney analogy is a very good one.
  10. Id much rather watch DT play for us until his contract expires and take the development fee than accept some lowball offer from Septic or anyone else. We looked after his rehab. They wanted to cut their offer to do the same so clearly understand there was a cost attached to it. The price should be the same or be gone!
  11. Jesus, theres some torn faced barstewards on here.....
  12. Our media team are really something else! That was a great watch and really brings into focus how precarious the career of a professional footballer can be. Was interesting to hear that the injury was much more serious than initially disclosed and great to see Davids resolve to get back to his best. I hope we get to see more than just a fleeting glimpse of him back in claret and amber, but there is no doubting the boy is still heading to the top!
  13. I know Ya Bezzer doesnt like 3 at the back but I agree that 4 in midfield is sometimes overun. Sometimes your hand is forced. Easily tweaked from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2 by dropping Tait deeper. Grimshaw could be an option in a 5 and Turnbull could be a straight replacement for Polworth for the last half hour. Gillespie Gallagher Hartley Dunne Tait OHara Polworth Campbell Aarons Watt Long
  14. I had kinda ignored Dunne as I didnt think he was fit enough yet. However, given our lack of options he may well be asked to step up. Id forgotten Donnelly was suspended but that makes things even tougher selection wise. I think its fair to say we may continue to struggle the next few weeks unless Robbo stumbles upon a formation that works.
  15. For us to go to a flat back 4 we would need to bring Grimshaw back in at right back and play Tait on the left which most people on here criticise regularly. The only other option is Donnelly in one of the full back positions. However, if O'Hara is injured we might need him back in midfield as we cant risk Turnbull in there from the start at this stage. Our selection problems appear to be getting worse rather than better. Ross County could be interesting. PS. Great to see Turnbull back. Will take a few weeks to get back up to full match sharpness, but a very positive step on the road to recovery. Now if he would just sign that new contract.....

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