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  1. Hibs appear to have recovered a bit of form going forward but they still look susceptible at the back. Could be a high scoring game. 0-0 then!
  2. I dont think we can afford to go with our usual 433 in this one. I think we need to match Aberdeen up in midfield and compete that area so we dont get caught out like we did at Fir Park. Gillespie Grimshaw Gallagher Hartley Carroll Donnelly O'Hara Campbell Polworth Scott Long Id bite yer hand off for a draw right now.
  3. Probably not! Just the usual suspects sharpening the knives gets annoying!
  4. Re Seedorf. I actually think putting him out on loan to a Championship team would be the best thing for him right now. He needs to go and get first team games out of the spotlight and give us a chance to see whether he can develop or not. Difficulty with that is it might dent his confidence furrher and you are handing his development over to someone else. We would need to choose wisely and see if that team were interested.
  5. No Im not asking that. I know we have had loads better. But the majority of them are a punt and we have no idea they will be better until they arrive and we find out what they have to offer. Merely proffering he opinion that he would be a useful foil for Long and as a known entity, less of a risk if thats the type of player we are looking for. Of course Long may not sign an extension and Robbo may have a long list of other striking options making the whole discussion a moot point.
  6. On the money we pay? Most are a total punt from the english lower leagues. At least we have something to measure Erwin by. For every Louis Moult there is Tony Straker!
  7. Maybe Chris Long moaning at him for 90 mins could work! Not sure what Erwins contract situation is, but if we are looking for someone to hold up the ball and link up play we could do a lot worse.
  8. I think the problem with Hartley is that he is an old style blood and snotters centre half and was suited to the way we played before. He is far less comfortable with the ball at his feet and passing it out from the back as we do now. The injuries have taken out whatever pace he had left so he is left looking vulernable when pressed high one on one. He does however offer good experience and organisational skills and a serious goal threat at set pieces. Mugabi doesnt offer all of those things as yet so do you stick or twist?
  9. UBH for official club kit designer. Not seen a bad one yet!
  10. Surely that depends on what the CCTV actually shows and the arguments made in court. Why dont we all just wait and see what happens.
  11. Ive heavily criticised Seedorf in the past and was as frustrated as anyone last night with his performance. The one positive thing in his defence is that he is only 20. However, he needs to be showing some signs of improvement and at the moment there isnt much to support that.
  12. 1350 from a crowd of just over 2400....
  13. Agree with all of that. Campbell is a born leader and a very good footballer. The only thing that might hold him back from the very top level is his athleticism. He is probably one of the fittest guys at the club but he is just a little short of real pace for me to cut it in say the EPL. Cant wait to see a fit Turnbull and Polworth in same team providing passes for Long. We could tear a few teams apart.

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