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  1. 49 minutes ago, Neilwell86 said:

    Agree with the above, definitely a player there. one on one I was always confident he would score. I loved that 2nd goal away to Dundee.

    in fact, that was just a cracking day out.

    The 2nd goal at dundee was my favourite from last season,it was just great play all round.i would like long to stay,you could see as the season was progressing that he was improving all the time and his pace was always a threat,if we can keep him or sign someone similar then giving all the uncertainty thats been going on,we will find ourselves in pretty good shape.

  2. 25 minutes ago, underboyleheating said:

    The reverse of our traditional claret hoop/amber shirt has been utilised several times over the years by various manufacturers. Here’s my ‘what if’ adidas had produced it in the 80s. I think it’s probably due a reboot as we last utilised it in 2002.


    That's cracking,i love that.

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  3. I was only 8 back in 91 so i dont remember a great deal from being at the game or the day in general but the one thing i do remember was my rangers supporting pal begging to be stevie kirk when we went for a kick about out in the street later that night :lol:.i never get tired of watching the final,seeing darren jackson greeting like a big lassie when he went up for his medal is a particular delight.

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  4. I really enjoyed that,there was a freshness and energy about us,that's been sadly lacking lately.as a whole the team played really well,with some outstanding individual performances,for me that was longs best game for us and its no coincidence that when campbell is on it,the team plays well,he was different class tonight.

  5. I genuinely believe we have blown it,we have hit the skids at the wrong time and there's nothing to suggest we are going to stop the slump and turn things around,confidence is completely gone and we seem hell bend on shooting ourselves,tonight and the st johnstone game should have been a minimum of two points,to keep things ticking over but yet we go and blow it by conceding goals right at the end.i really don't see where the next win is coming from and think our next 3 games could really end our hopes of finishing 3rd and most likely let 2 of the teams below to then go above us.

  6. We've been shite up front all season but got away with it for the most part as our defence was pretty solid,that has now gone and were just as bad at the back,our season is on the verge of imploding and i don't see much hope in us turning it around.

  7. 27 minutes ago, joewarkfanclub said:

    Looking at our limited options Id stick with 4-3-3


    Grimshaw Gallagher Hartley Carroll

    OHara Polworth Donnelly

    Aarons Watt Hylton

    That's the team,i would go with too,i was thinking we should maybe go 2 up front for this but now long is injured,that's out the window.its a real concern where the goals are going to come from.

  8. For as shite as we've been since the hamilton game,there's still a lot to be positive about,win on saturday and theres a decent chance come the end of the weekend that we will be back into 3rd and then have a home cup tie 3 days later.now is definitely the time for calm heads as these 2 games will have a big impact on how the rest of our season will pan out.

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  9. Manzinga will be no loss being suspended but if he did dive and got sent off for it and made us play the last few minutes with 10 men,then he can get himself to fuck.were on a slippery slope the now,we've started conceding shitey goals for weeks and if we don't get the finger out,we will blow all the good work we have done up until now.

  10. That type of performance seems to be the norm against celtic the now,well in the game,miss one or two chances then end up losing heavily.its starting to become painful watching long play up top on his own,i like him but he just can't do that role,he's the type that would be a good foil for a striker that could hold the ball up and he could make a nuisance of himself and use his pace too go in behind,seeing him battling with centre halfs is just a waste of time.i really don't know what the answer is as none of the other forwards that we have are in the mould of someone that could hold it up and bring a bit of physicality to the front line.there was some positives to take away from the first half but at the end of the day,its still a heavy defeat,let's hope it doesn't have a detrimental effect for Saturday.

  11. We've managed to find 20 goal a season strikers before on our budget,granted its not always going to be possible,it doesn't look like that's the type of player we've been looking to bring in this season for whatever reason,we've been more focused on these pacy forwards that can play anywhere across the front.the hamilton game should have been the wake up that we badly needed a central striker,not necessarily someone that would score most weeks(though that would be nice)but someone that would allow us to alter the way we play,we have no out ball,nobody to hold it up and no physical presence up front,chucking mugabe up front yesterday was just embarrassing.it isn't quite panic stations but teams will suss that were so one dimensional up front and we could become really predictable for the remainder of the season.

  12. That was as bad as it gets,we were absolutely dire.the wake up call was there after the hamilton game that we badly needed to sign a central striker and we haven't addressed that issue,everything is all to samey up front,we have no out ball,nobody to hold it up and as much as i like long, he can't play up front on his own.we could really become predictable for the opposition between now and the end of the season as our forward line is made up of mainly the same type of player.we have put ourselves in a great position this season but i really hope we don't look bad and rue not bringing in something different.

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