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  1. We've been shite so far,absolutely no urgency about us whatsoever.
  2. Its been clear for a while,even at under 20s level,that both turnbull and hastie had the potential in time to come into our first team and make an impact,why we've waited until that's happened to try and get them both on new deals is a mystery.there was folk I would talk to at under 20s games last season,who were concerned even then that we didn't have turnbull on a longer term and that was way before he got into the team at the end of last season.I get that nobody could really have imagined that both would have made such an instant impact in our first team and the club probably thought they had more time to get them on new contracts but the fact that we put ourselves in the position where we could have lost arguably our two most talked about youngsters since faddy,is criminal.
  3. Getting compensation out of sevco,might not be straight forward either,you just know they cunts will try and take the piss and offer too pay it off over the next 10 years.if he is indeed signing for them,then I hope we tell him not to set foot inside fir park for the rest of the season.
  4. Hastie is off to rangers according to tomorrow's sun.
  5. According to the record,we've offered livi's declan gallacher a pre contract.
  6. Agreed,he's bound to be one of our highest earners,so it will be good if we can get him off the wage bill.campbell looks like he's on the way to getting back to his best and gorrin has been good the last couple of games so bigi's time on the park will be limited if he was to stay.
  7. Getting turnbull on a new deal is the best bit of business we could have done this month,i'm over the moon he's staying as the boy is a class act.
  8. According to today's sun,turnbull has said he wants to stay and a new deal should be signed soon.fingers crossed it happens as the boy is a class act.
  9. I'm not a fan of robinson but fair play for making the necessary changes tonight after that shambles on saturday but he really needs to start getting a settled side on the pitch, even if that means leaving some of his favourites out the team.
  10. Two youngster's combine to provide a bit of magic....I fucking love it.
  11. Agreed,that is a big part of the problem,we haven't used our players effectively this season,were near the end of the january and robinson doesn't know what his best 11 is.we actually found ourselves in a really good position at the end of last season,all that was needed was 2 or 3 players that could come straight into the first team and introduce the likes of turnbull,if we were shrewd with the money that was brought in through the cup runs and player sales,we really could have kicked on but we did the complete opposite,the standard of player we brought in over the summer was dire,too just focus on strengthening the bench while expecting the majority of last seasons team to keep there standards up,has really backfired,we have found ourselves with under performing players and utter garbage on the bench,that can't be relied on.last summer has set the club back along way and whoever is in charge for next season,can't allow the same thing to happen again.
  12. The shit names always get banded about when clubs like ours are needing a manager,its usually down to the old pals act in the media,to try and get guys like yogi hughes a job and keep them in the game and you can be sure when the time comes,the likes of him and hartley will be talked about for our job,thankfully taking shit managers from up here is a road we don't tend to go down and I'm sure no matter how bad things get we will resist yet again and go for someone a bit left field.
  13. Who put robinson under pressure to play our new signings?,he made a cunt of it today with his team selection,there's nobody to blame for that other than him.
  14. We got a decent result in our last game but yet we decide to change the team and bring in 2 guys that robinson has admitted are nowhere near fit,absolutely mind boggling,we then play with 2 wingers and 2 smaller guys up front but persist with the long ball stuff that's been dire all season,so when is it exactly this new style of play that robinson is talking about going to be on show,if ever there was a game to go and show some attacking intent,it was today.between the team selection,tactics and robinsons joke of a post match interview,its been a shambles all round today,you really couldn't make all that up if you tried but it's become the norm for the club right now.
  15. More embarrassing post match comments from robinson .
  16. Very true,I said the exact same thing to my dad as we were walking out the ground at full time.
  17. Robinson shouldn't be allowed to sign anybody else,he should be hunted before he wastes anymore on new players,get a new manager in and tell him to work with the squad he has until the summer,when changes can be made.the season is pretty much over,chances are were going to finish roughly where we are already in the league,there's no point in persisting with shit performances every week and sticking with robinson until at least the end of the season,change it now and let a new guy have plenty of time too assess the squad for next season.
  18. The management team and the players should be embarrassed by that today,we've had some shocking performances at home this season but for me that was the worst yet.I really am scunnered watching us right now and its becoming like a chore to go and watch us,the excitement levels of going to the football are at an all time low.changes are required,we have a manager and a number of players,that are simply not good enough.
  19. The truth did come out....there both shite at football.
  20. Robinson said recently that he was looking at changing our style and use this transfer window too help achieve that,hopefully he sticks too his word but adding a pacy winger and the obvious quality that mccormack brings,the signs look promising so far,I wouldn't be surprised if we sign another attacking option and hopefully punt sammon back to hearts.
  21. Anytime,I've seen miller,he doesn't look good enough,he can also play out wide but what would be the point in bringing hastie back too have his chances potentially limited by a loan signing from celtic...no thanks.
  22. I've been really critical of robinson this season but fair play too him here,he has said recently he wants too try and change the way we play(time will tell if that happens) but this signing is a step in the right direction and with the talk of pace and width being needed,we might be in for a more than decent january window.fair play too everyone at the club for pulling this one off, welcome back roscoe.
  23. Hopefully we have the option of cancelling sammons loan this month but even if we did,i don't see us getting shot of him unless we sign 2 strikers.
  24. We can't afford anymore injuries,if hartley isn't ready he shouldn't be risked on that shitey pitch but if he does play,he needs too keep the head as he's got previous in this fixture and you can be sure accies will be out to wind him up.

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