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  1. He's 6'5 and doesn't score many,I'm not sure he's what we're needing right now,surely it would mean white leaving if we did bring another target man in.
  2. The game in this country is well and truly gubbed,the people running it are a shower of jokers,other countries have managed the whole situation of games being cancelled without any fuss and got on with it but yet again it's the authorities in this country that continue to make us a laughing stock.fucking joke,I hope we go and beat both of those bang average teams when the games come around.
  3. A decent signing who's actually capable of playing at this level compared to pretty much everyone we signed over the summer,hopefully there's a few more ins and outs to come.
  4. That gets worse the more you see it,how he can justify giving a penalty for that is a joke,2 points well and truly dropped,nice one madden ya tosser.
  5. Similar to a lot of performances this season,reasonable enough in the first half and then performance levels drop in the second and we can't see it out.a point isn't the worst result and hopefully we can build on it but we really need our game management to be better if we're going to start picking up better results,as for madden,he has as much love for us as craig thomson,he's a fucking arsehole.
  6. His assistant lucketti wasnt a bad centre half in his playing days,hopefully we will see an end to the cheap goals we have been giving away.
  7. I was waiting on the build some bridges line,I knew it would be you grizzly
  8. Millwall are in talks for wee alan according to the sun
  9. Polworth isn't a bad player if we can get him into the right areas like last season,if we don't it's like playing with a man down,he hasn't looked interested all season,granted we haven't been playing football that's even remotely decent but at the same time there's still nothing stopping him going looking for the ball and trying to influence games but like most of his team mates it's as if there just passing the buck and hoping somebody else takes charge.
  10. Decent signing,other than carson he's far better than anything else we've had in goals this season.
  11. Kelly would solve our goalkeeping headache,I would be more than happy to have him until the end of the season.him in and chapman out would be a good start to what will hopefully be a busy january.
  12. I was fully expecting that there would be interest in gallagher this month so I'm not surprised or bothered he's been linked with a move,i just hope there's nothing underhand going on though as the last thing we needed was stuff coming out that could potentially cause problems behind the scenes.
  13. That was my thoughts to when i read his comments on robinsons mental health,it was a daft thing to come away with especially after the performances against the likes of st mirren and kilmarnock which ultimately made robinson chuck it,if him and the rest cared about robinsons wellbeing they would have bucked up there ideas long ago.theres a few remarks and backhanded comments made over the last few days that is a real cause for concern,i can't think of many times over the years where there is clearly big problems in the dressing room as what there appears to be the now.
  14. mfc

    Lasley out

    I totally agree,I think we will only see some kind of reaction when a new manager comes in,no harm to keith but he can't get the job,were in total free fall and giving it to him would be the biggest gamble we could take.
  15. mfc

    Lasley out

    Yesterday was all about the players for me and how they would react and all it did was show them for what they are absolute spinless,they couldn't even show any sort of professional pride to stop getting spanked by hamilton fucking accies.lasley isn't the answer to our managerial problem though,i can see him being kept on but we badly need a new voice in the dressing room and quick.
  16. Cook has done well enough that there will always be an opportunity in england but who knows maybe a change of scene would appeal to him,like you and shaka said,finances would maybe rule him out but he's definitely the type we should be looking at.
  17. I hope not,i wasn't overly impressed with Aaron's the first time around,we should get away from this bringing guys back that weren't great first time around,devante cole being the latest.
  18. Good shout,his teams always play decent stuff and he comes across as a manager you wouldn't want to mess with.
  19. Aye there's been a couple of times recently where robinson alluded to certain players are unwilling to give there all and then lasley said something similar today.it sounds like there could be a few rather than maybe 2 or 3,that is definately a worry,hopefully we can get as of them out the door this month as possible.
  20. Aye your right,his family had stayed in ireland while he was over here,which I'm sure was one of the main reasons he had for wanting a break,i think his relationship with the st johnstone chairman had turned sour over his playing budget which was also a factor.
  21. Would wright really be interested in coming to manage in the same league with a club similar to the one he left and on the same type of budget to try and achieve the same objectives all over again.he is probably the type we need right now but I'm not so sure about him.
  22. Nothing would surprise me with mccall giving how we like bringing back ex employees,but it would be a definite no from me,good fit last time around but not this time.the sun(I know)are saying steve evans and John robertson are being considered.
  23. For me i wasn't fussed that tait and hartley left,we had as good as we were going to get out of them,its what we have replaced them with,terrible players with zero character or leadership.we definitely miss hartley for his leadership alone, remember him sticking one on imrie after a game against accies,i would happily have seen that from one of our players today rather than the heads down defeatest attitude were seeing now.
  24. Horrific goalkeeping,no matter what is happening with carson that should be the last time we see chapman,he can't be trusted.

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