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  1. Spanked off a team managed by brian rice,what a red neck.
  2. I think we're in need of experience to come in and hopefully steady the ship,tin hat on time,I would maybe favour mcleish over tommy wright.
  3. Sadly there isn't any middle ground,we have some good players for this level and some really shit ones,nothing in between and the shit ones contribute nothing while the good ones are all off form,a really worrying combination.
  4. I was never impressed with st johnstone under wright anytime we played them,they were workmen like and hard to beat with a bit of a dirty side to them,all the things we could be doing with now though.
  5. I'm hoping the 4 game thing was just nonsense writing in the sun,surely we haven't said to lasley right you have the next 4 games to earn the job as what if the 4 games go tits up are we then going to start the recruitment process,that would be absolute farcical.
  6. This should be the last straw,the board should be meeting up at fir park tonight to sort this mess out,we need a new voice in the dressing room and quick.
  7. Seriously white on again,the game is well and truly gubbed
  8. We have waved the white flag,losing to both kilmarnock and hamilton in a matter of days with bearly a whimper is embarrassing,we are serious trouble now.
  9. The board have to get together and act immediately,no harm to las,as it's not really about him but we need a new manager and soon,this can't continue,we have to give a new manager every chance to bring in new players
  10. We made a complete arse of the recruitment over the summer,not one player that we signed will be remotely missed when they eventually get moved on,iwould even go as far to say they have dragged some of our better perfomers down to there level.we missed a real chance to try and kick on after finishing third by making two or three signings that could have came in and made a difference and that's before we sold turnbull.i take your point about covid and no crowds having an impact and your completely right but why then did we go and sign so many new players,remember at one point robinson was saying no new players could arrive due to the uncertainty coming into this season.imo we really took our eye off the ball over the summer and it ultimately cost robinson his job and worse maybe still to come if things don't improve between now and the end of the season.
  11. Amateur hour yet again,we can't defend to save ourselves,fucking embarrassing.
  12. We badly needed to freshen it up as well as trying to get a bit of width into the team so I'm happy enough that hastie has a chance and no sign of a lamie which is always a plus.
  13. I'm sure aberdeen are letting that foreign boy they have at right back go so them being interested in o'donnell would make sense.hopefully campbell has higher ambitions than moving to aberdeen,for still being young it feels like he has been about for ages and has kind of outgrown the scottish game and needs a fresh challenge to kick him into another level.i wouldn't be surprised if cadden ends up at either aberdeen or hibs in this month.
  14. I was just going to mention alexander,that's the type of appointment i can see us going for.ive no idea what nick mcleish is in these days but if we're looking to go down the experienced route could he be a possibility.
  15. Agreed,I love las but he is part of the problem,he's assistant to the manager that's just had to resign as results and performances have been nowhere near good enough for about a year so he has to take a share of the blame.i can see him maybe being kept on to work with a new manager like leitch was with mcghee but giving him the job at this time would be a huge mistake for me.
  16. We tend to give the out of work hangers on in scottish football a body swerve, hopefully we do the same again this time.fair play to robbo if he didn't think he could turn it around,he has done the honorable thing.hes brought the club success in his time and I wish him nothing but the best for the future.
  17. The fate of our season rests with guys that haven't even arrived yet,worrying times indeed.theres no two ways about it we simply have to get things right in january or the consequences will be to dire to even contemplate cause this current lot are only heading in one direction.ive seen that three players are coming in,hopefully there's experience among them and some leadership as that's what we're crying out for.i agree with ya beezer there is a decent enough core to our team but even the guys we know we can rely on like gallagher and even more so campbell,there being dragged down by the guff there having to play beside.i hope three new signings are just for starters and we can get as much dross out the door as possible that could free up money for others to arrive.
  18. White just isn't good enough at this level but i totally agree how we utilise him is just nonsense,we needed to be getting crosses into the box to atleast give him a chance and at the very least make a nuisance of himself and hope we benefit from that.to be bringing him on for 20 minutes here and there and punt long balls and he flicks it onto nobody is just painful viewing,like i said he's not good enough but it's the manager that's putting him in that position.
  19. I agree,I love campbell and I'll be gutted when he goes,he's been brilliant for us but being honest the sooner he is away the better for him,his career is stalled with us and playing in this team is doing him no favours.
  20. I see it's campbell's turn tonight to come out with the same old guff "we need to get better we need to improve",every week its the same shite
  21. I was all for giving him the transfer window but that changed after we lost to st mirren,I don't think keeping robinson and letting him bring a couple of players in will be enough to turn things around,he has to go.
  22. Holy fuck,still trying to walk it into the net,just hit the fucking thing
  23. Definately has that feel about it,that we have come to the end of the road

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