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  1. Johnstone is currently our best option up front,as for the other three,you couldn't make a player out of all of them,we really need to be getting at least two of them out the door in January.like you,i think johnstone could do well when playing beside somebody thats half decent.
  2. Scunnered yet again.sometimes you need a wee bit of luck go your way and we never got that today,we were right up against it with having to make 3 substituitions so early on but the bottom line is,there is nothing happening on the pitch,were just a poor poor side that lacks any kind of quality and ideas.im actually glad main won't be playing against accies now as he's absolutely rotten,he would be one of the first players we should be getting shot of in January.
  3. Approach this game like we did against aberdeen and we will get something,play like we did against st mirren and we won't,it's that simple.the players themselves must know that and for as much as im not a big fan of robinson,the players need to be taking more of the blame and get the finger out and start being more consistent and not just turning up whenever they feel like it.
  4. Not for the first time this season has the team looked worse after we have made all our substituitions,the club's master plan of strenghtening the bench over the summer,has clearly worked.
  5. If the club is happy too just stay up every season and expect fans too keep turning up too watch the utter dross thats been served up this season,then the time will come when it backfires,i don't miss many games over the course of a season but im finding a chore too go and watch us right now.we have a manager that has zero interest in any form of entertaining football,we have to many players that are simply not geood enough for this level and if it continues this way then i can see me starting too miss more and more games and i bet im not the only fan feeling like that way.i don't expect too see us banging in goals and playing free flowing football every week but at the same time i don't want to be bored out my tits watching a team that struggles to do the basics.something has too give because what's being served up on the park is beyond embarrassing at times.
  6. As much as i want robinson too go,it's not all down too him.i really am scunnered watching some of the players we have at the club right now,the sooner the majority of them fuck off and start stealing a wage elsewhere the better.
  7. Oh well,it's about time that wee club had some quality banners,rather than having dougie imrie's ugly coupon stuck on an old trampoline.
  8. Great 3 points,it's about time we got a result against that lot and with the other results going our way,it's been a good day all round.
  9. Players should be desperate to get to cup finals for the sake of there own careers,any financial reward through bonuses paid by the club,should come by actually winning the thing and not being a runner up.
  10. I've never been a big fan of rose but he played his part in getting the club to 2 cup finals and for that,i wish him nothing but the best for the future,hopefully we can get a few more out the door in january and shake the team up a bit.
  11. I don't buy into this mate,we've just put in yet another poor performance and lost again but we shouldn't be too bothered as teams below us dropped points too,let's just hope dundee don't get anything tomorrow.we need to get the finger out and start getting some consistency going as it wouldn't take a lot for the teams below us to suddenly be right on our tails.
  12. You would think we would have learned our lesson from the previous games against hearts this season,that the long ball doesn't work against them but oh no,we go and do it again,fucking clueless all round from the management and the players.
  13. There will be roasters in every stand,in every ground in the country,let's not make out that were somehow worse than everybody else.
  14. I've been critical of mchugh this season but all credit too him,he was excellent tonight.hes much better at centre half as he's too slow too play in the middle of the park.
  15. Our ability to pass the ball and keep possession on a weekly basis is shocking.we keep hearing about getting back to basics but the truth is,we can't even do the basics like make a simple 10 yard pass,it really is embarrassing.
  16. Shocking selection,if we get pumped after he's picked that team then he should be sacked at full time.
  17. Ive seen him plenty of times live this season and i would rather have him in the team,than us resorting back too having the likes of mchugh back in midfield but giving robinsons back to basics comment,you can be sure thats what's going too happen.
  18. Bigi has already been made the fall guy this season and after robinsons comments after the livi game,i wouldn't be surprised if he's in for another spell on the bench.for a manager too say he's had to put to many footballers into the team is a ridiculous comment to make,that along with the back to the basics pish that we keep hearing.i hope we get shot of him sooner rather than later.
  19. We've had some poor performances this season but that today was the worst of the lot,it was beyond farcical.this group of players as well as the management,really leave me scratching my head at times,thinking wtf was it we were actually trying too achieve,not for the first time this season was there any game plan and we couldn't even do the basics with any degree of professionilism,the goals we lost were school boy stuff.
  20. One step forward and two back,in the space of the past week,shambles.
  21. We've been utter shite so far,big improvement needed,if were too get anything from this game.
  22. Great too hear this was such a success,top work guys,well done.
  23. It's clear that thomson has an agenda against us,the amount of games he has ruined for us isn't a coincidence,everytime he is due to take one of our games,you just know that before a ball is kicked he is going too produce the red card and give a penalty against us.i expect us too be fighting relegation,so we could be in for some big games towards the end of the season and the fear is he will be involved and fuck us over yet again and potentially cost us dear.yesterday should have been the final straw,a formal complaint against this prick should be on its way too his employers from the club.

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