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  1. I'm sure davies found a team mate atleast once....but then again
  2. Lamie is the worst player I've ever seen play for us with the ball at his feet,a paid professional that consistantly can't find a team mate,fucking embarrassing.
  3. "a flash of inspiration can get motherwell back into the game",jock brown has lost his marbles.
  4. I had slightly turned after the st mirren game but now he has to go,this team has nothing about them and there is no signs things will get any better,losing to a rank rotten kilmarnock side is the final straw for me.
  5. School boy stuff yet again,this team is heading in only one direction.
  6. For me they have been the poorest team we have played this season,if we can't muster a reaction in the second half then the alarm bells are well and truly ringing.
  7. Holy fuck,lamie you are embarrassing
  8. We badly need a partner for watt,the ball just doesn't stick if it doesn't go to him,cole is a headless chicken,it was his lazy ball up the line that led to the kilmarnock goal,lang will be away and white and long should be getting punted as soon as possible.
  9. This has got first goal wins writing all over it.
  10. They cross field balls from lamie have been dreadful already.
  11. I can see ross stewart ending up at aberdeen and they will flog cosgrove,cummings is decent at our level but comes across as absolute bampot,I'm not sure i would be touching him.
  12. I've said a couple of times on this thread earlier in the season that the players are just as much to blame as robinson as today was an example of that,don't get me wrong bringing whyte on yet again was a mistake as that substitution alone changes how we plan on seeing the game out and it just doesn't work.the players carry the can today though imo,we should have that game done and dusted,sloppy decision making in the final third and another poor goal conceded has cost us.its a decent point but has that feel of a defeat about it.
  13. The substitutions all season have been baffling,after ibrox whyte shouldn't be brought on again,it's like playing with a man light and that's the last thing we need going into the latter stages of a game.truth be told our bench offers us nothing,there hasn't been one game this season where I've thought get such and such on they might make a difference,the quality of our subs is woeful to say the least.
  14. Threw it away big time,I've no idea why we brought white on yet again and not cole,another substitution that's been counter productive.
  15. mfc

    Set Pieces

    Polworths set pieces are just plain lazy,he either doesn't beat the first man or it's just a lump it into the box and hope for the best,to not beat the first man with a free kick in injury time that wasnt that far outside the box after we have just brought white on was disgraceful.i still cant believe jock brown called him a set piece expert a couple of weeks ago.
  16. Aye that was dire viewing yet again,there really isn't much happening for us right now,were devoid of any ideas,no width,no pace,we surely must be one of the slowest teams in the league.i don't really rate that hedges guy from aberdeen but he's the type of player were needing,somebody that can open the legs and drag the team up the park,tony watt is good at coming deep and doing that but then there's nothing in the box when he does,the midfield is total static and not one of them are willing to gamble and get in behind the strikers.whats worrying is that we have tweaked the formation enough times already this season but yet we are playing exactly the same way in each game.we badly need a mini shake up of the squad next month to get us going again.
  17. Decent enough result but awful performance yet again,there really is no positives about our team right now.
  18. You bring a big guy on in injury time and polworth doesn't beat the first man
  19. That should be polworths last set piece,fucking awful yet again.
  20. This really would get football stopped.
  21. Fuck sake,stop with the stupid long diagonal passes.
  22. This is absolute dire,not one of our players has the ability to put there foot on the ball and do something.
  23. How can we never start the second half on the front foot,always pedestrian at the start of the second half.

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