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  1. Talking about other teams getting pumped by 7 goals too try and deflect away from that shocker of a performance today is complete an utter nonsense.
  2. The results against st mirren and dundee(which have just papered over the cracks imo) have bought him more time,sadly i don't see us getting rid of him anytime soon.
  3. Let's hope the management team and players are over analyzing this one,each and everyone of them should be embarrassed by that performance.
  4. We chucked the towel in when it went too 3-1,the players should be ashamed of themselves,absolutely no professional pride on show whatsoever.
  5. McHugh let us down but the rest of the team needed too stand up be counted and they've failed badly,shocking stuff,our goal difference was like an extra point too the teams below us,that's will be wiped out big time after today.
  6. We were well in the game and then mchugh does that,not the first time he has sold the jerseys this season,a spell on the sidelines after his suspension will do for me.
  7. Dundee are there for the taking,let's not get dragged into a game that won't suit us, let's start on the front foot and be positive and make sure we take the 3 points from this game.
  8. What a difference it makes having bigi and turnbull in the middle of the park who actually want too keep the ball and make passes,if we can get campbell back too his best,we really could be onto something with that midfield.
  9. Robinson is delusional if he doesn't think much is wrong with our current set up,it's worrying that he thinks that way and ultimately will most likely cost him his job.
  10. mfc

    Who’s next?

    For me the summer recruitment is the main reason why were in the trouble were in,we brought in zero quality and robinsons master plan of only strenghthening the bench has really backfired,what message did that send out too regular starters if we were only looking too strenghthen the bench,that there place in the first wasn't in jeopardy no matter what and now that nobody in the first team is playing that well,we don't have any real options from the bench as we're stuck with a lot of dross signed over the summer.
  11. We were one dimensional last season but we got away with it for the most part as we were a team with a lot of new signings and everything was fresh and up until he left moult could produce a bit of magic out of nothing.this season we have been well and trully sussed by every opposition,we have next too no options from the bench,due too our shamblolic recruitment policy over the summer.we badly needed some new signings that could go straight into the first and freshen things up and help too push us on and build on what was a really good season last season.we got too 2 cup finals and sold kipre for a big sum and also keep the vast majority of last season squad but we have seriously gone backwards in such a short space of time.our home form is a real concern,one point from accies,livingston and st johnstone is simply not good enough and I wouldn't bank on us picking up many points away from home this season.for me nothing will change under robinson,he's a one trick pony, that is sticking by tactics that are failing more by each passing game,the players have been piss poor and need too take there share of the blame but right now the only obvious solution too get us out of the mess were in,is too change the manager.
  12. Thanks for the memories of 2 cup finals robbo but that won't put points on the board,time too go.
  13. I thought we would see a change of approach against livingston and it never happened,the performance that day was up there with the worst ive ever seen from a motherwell team,it was that bad,it was actually a step below the hoofball we have had too endure this season.stjohnstone like us are struggling and lost heavily last time out so they should be there for the taking but rather than going for it,I think we will stick too the usual of putting 11 guys on the park in a formation thats failing and hoping something happens.if we go and put in another shocker of a performance at home,then questions really will need too be asked of robinson.
  14. I've seen quite a few of the under 20s games over the last year or so and I totally agree what's been said about maguire and donnolly,maguire showed a lot more towards the end of last season than donnolly has in the first team,the same argument could be made when comparing turnbull and gorrin and livingstone and taylor sinclair.im not saying everything would be rosey if these youngsters were in the first team but it really does highlight just how bad our recruitment was over the summer,we never strenghtened the starting line up,robinsons plan was too improve our options from the bench and other than Johnson we have failed in that aspect but yet players who star for the under 20s seem too be further away from the first team than ever right now.
  15. Yet again we stick by a formation and approach that is failing more by every passing game and we then go and put in a performance as bad as that,time for the excuses too stop and get robinson punted as this is only going too get worse if we keep him on.
  16. This is easily the worst game of football I've ever seen,we really are brutal.
  17. I would like too see us go 4-4-2 for this,get down the wings and get balls into the box for our strikers too go and attack rather than have them constantly battling with centre half outside the box by punting high balls all the time.for as poor as we have been lately,I actually think we will win this by a couple provided we shake things up on our approach to the game,if we don't and we want to get ourselves involved in a scrap then I can see a similar outcome to the accies game.
  18. We got too 2 cup finals and sold a player for about a million but yet we haven't remotely kicked on,we have gone back the way,our approach too the summer transfer window was embarrassing,robinson has been tactically sussed and our dreadful options from the bench means we can change very little.were awful too watch and were now stuck in a bit of a rut.something has to change sooner rather than later and for me that has too be the manager.
  19. Robinson done really well last summer when he had a big rebuilding job on his hands,bringing in the likes of carson,kipre and dunne but the approach to this season was baffling,for a manager too just focus on strengthening his bench is crazy and he failed to even do that,we are no better off for having gorrin,sammon and taylor-sinclair in our squad.
  20. The way we have approached the second half has been a joke,sitting back and continuously giving the ball away and our defending throughout has been a shambles.
  21. We're stuck having to play cadden at right wing back and tait out of position because the left back/wing back position wasn't addressed over the summer,taylor-sinclair seems to fit the bill like guys like hendrie,here to sit on the bench and not here to improve us whatsoever.
  22. According too the sun,were trying too sign andy boyle, a centre half from Preston.
  23. We've been all over the place at the back,we really do miss dunne big time,the defending for the goals has been shocking and as for rose has he even touched the ball,he's been totally anonymous yet again.
  24. As much as I love hartley and his no nonsense attitude,his comments here were unwise,you can be sure thomson will have it in for him before a ball is even kicked,he should be concentrating on his own game and not get involved in stuff that the media is going too jump all over,if were on the wrong end of the scoreline he's going too make himself look foolish,but having said that I hope we get tore right in about this lot on sunday.
  25. I caught a bit of radio scotland yesterday before heading off too our game and they were talking about how bad livingstons plastic pitch is,alan preston was saying it's the worst pitch he's ever seen,next week will be an absolute shit fest.

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