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  1. I don’t think enough has been said about how good Polworths pass to Long was for the second goal. First time, perfect weight.... outstanding.
  2. Scott McDonald and Tom Aldred teaming up together at Brisbane Roar.
  3. Leitch I have no idea.... Ben Hall was starting almost every game and looking like he was cementing his place as a first choice centre half. Do you honestly think he would not have improved if he had stayed with us and played more first team games..... would he now be at Falkirk, honestly in my opinion I highly doubt it. If he had stayed and established himself as a first choice to then move as a first choice, ala Murphy, Hutchinson and Cadden his career would have been in a far better place.
  4. Hall now playing with Robbie Leitch who also left us for bigger and better things. Chasing the bucks isn’t proving overly fruitful for the majority of our youngsters in the long term.
  5. Cadden now left Oxford and away to Columbus Crew. Oxford sating in their statement that Columbus wanted £1m for him to sign permanently. What a fucking cheek but fair play to them haha. We have been well and truly shafted on this scenario.
  6. Suppose clearly wasn’t the right phrasing. In my opinion didn’t want to be here. Didn’t seem the happiest and to remove any mention of us seems pretty poor. He didn’t feature at all on Sunday or was in the squad so not sure what the last throw of the dice is your referring too?
  7. Having a gander through Twitter and noticed Devante Cole has removed/deleted all and every mention of Motherwell from his account. Not a great loss and clearly didn’t want to be here.
  8. I think this is an utter shite fixture for Boxing Day. Ideal if your young with very little commitments and fancy a day in the swally however I can’t justify essentially pissing off for a 10hr shift to go to the fitba. Crap for the players aswell as they need to travel on Xmas day. Onto the game itself this will be a tough one. They will be out to prove themselves after the Livi doing and should be right up for it. Polworth straight in for Donnelly if he isn’t fit. Keep the rest of the team the same from the weekend.
  9. Craig Tanner scores for Aldershot. Good on you Tans.
  10. No idea how the game will go tomorrow. However there is one complete and utter stick on. Rangers will get a penalty for a soft ish foul on Morelos. They have had too many claims recently not given that it is 100% guaranteed we will get the brunt of it. Whether we score or come back I genuinely have no clue. Teamwise I would keep the same team as last week. However I think there will potentially be one change, Cole in for Scott. I think using Longs movement on the shoulder of the defenders could be our best threat. Hopefully also isolate Hylton on Tavernier as I think he will rip him.
  11. Hastie being twice the player of James Scott is one of the funniest things I have read in this site in a long time. Utter drivel. Onto today’s game I think this will be really tough as Hearts will be fighting for everything. Fancy it to be a score draw, 2-2. Hopefully wee Allan Campbell is fit and the virus in the squad has had to much of a detrimental affect.
  12. There are Polworth haters......??? Crazy talk if so. Guy is different class. What goes unnoticed is his work rate. Never stops and covers some ground. Top player.
  13. I think we will only strengthen if we lose players. Sloth will be out the door I think. Coles loan is due to expire in Jan so if we don’t extend it we will need another striker option. On yesterday’s performance I would 100% try and hold onto him. Carson as mentioned above is too good for second fiddle. However can’t see anyone spanking cash on him. Could be wrong tho and club might accept a minimal amount. Would we recall Ferguson then from his loan? Probably .
  14. Livi are a horrible football team. They fell over at the slightest touch, 6ft defenders included, they moaned and whined and continually got in the refs face. Unbelievable how many of them ran up continually demanding fouls and bookings even for fair tackles. Dont get me wrong they have an impressive work rate defend well but the are torture to watch.
  15. I genuinely think we are due to give someone a pumping. 4-0 today. Cole & Long to score.

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