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  1. Am i the only one watching this ???
  2. A shot on target.....that's an improvement
  3. Kirkie back on the commentary team. Easy win guaranteed.
  4. AllyMax

    Big Dec

    Well, they WOULD say that now.....
  5. Assuming he doesn't end up out for a year with a training ground injury.....
  6. Really surprised this isn't a bigger talking point on here.
  7. I think everybody on this forum would have taken any kind of win, I know I would. A sclaffed shot that hit a seagulls's arse and deflected in would have been good enough for me :-) The icing on the cake would be doing the same to accies and properly arithmetically relegating them, while at the same time ensuring we couldn't finish in the play off. I don't care what a shit show it turns out to be (and it will be on that plastic pitch). Any win would be tremendous all round.
  8. I know that rule doesn't apply any more but from going to the fitba' every week pretty much from early 70's to whenever that rule was removed (same time as introduction of the passback rule maybe ?) I don't think I've ever seen it being given. Much rarer than other natural phenomena, e.g. getting a penalty at Ibrox.
  9. Imagine him trying to explain the goalie/steps rule to you at the replay.......
  10. That was the season my old man started taking me to games regularly and he flat out refused to take me to Hampden for the Airdrie Semi(s).
  11. Epic night. I was right behind the goals and Bonner's body obscured my view of Psycho hitting that ball. Just remember Bonner looking as if he was struggling to dive and the ball nestling in the back of the net. Scenes of mentalness. Even my da' who was getting on a bit at the time, was jumping about like a nutter, hugging random cunts :-) Kirk's goal seemed to me to take an age to get given after the ball went round the staunchion. Crazy moments when it was given. Like Bobbybingo, you just knew then there was no way back for them, but even after Psycho's goal, it looked like someone had stuck a fork in Celtic, the players shoulders went down, we started winning the 50/50s that we'd been losing, the ball started to run for us. Best night ever. Enjoyed it much more than the final, which was just toooooo tense for me. On a side note, the first semi I ever went to (at Hampden) was 75/76 when the h**s and a corrupt ref put us out 3-2. I went to every one from then on and we lost every one until '91. Was a tremendous moment in the life of any Motherwell fan.
  12. Who cares, the important things is, are there any phoaties ??
  13. AllyMax

    Big Dec

    Well, it is easter....
  14. Watt on Gallagher's 'shot' on goal
  15. Alexander checking his bookie line there.....
  16. Alexander checking his bookie line there.....
  17. So was Dec's contract clause only for league starts ??
  18. Canny believe that thread didn't appear three weeks ago LOL
  19. We just made that Pinnock cunt look like Messi.
  20. Well, thats that fucked then.....

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