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  1. Anyone know who I would be best to get in touch with a proposal of a commercial nature at Motherwell? Our business has some good innovative products that would certainly add revenue to the club and give us something that I believe no SPL Club would have..................
  2. If it is Bill Dickie, out of sheer interest, what is the fans opinion of him? I had a run in with him once. Without running into particular detail I was angry at a club usual ticketing f$£K up. He treated me with utter distain and thought it was disgraceful customer service as a fan. Sorry slightly off topic of this rubbish rumour :-)
  3. You have to measure worth by what English teams are paying and by that many of old squirm players would be worth 2.5 million including guys they have said McGeady, Boruc, Davis etc
  4. I think that the problem on this forum is that a vast majority are there every week in the rain/cold in summer or winter and will always support the club. We need though to encourage families back into the ground and at -2 that is going to be harder. People say we have bad summers which is true but at least its 15 degrees warmer! Comfort is a big factor I would reckon in the floating attendee. Would you go to the cinema if it was baltic and a shite film? So better conditions, better product is what I would be after and that summer football would be a first step.
  5. I am 1000% behind summer football. If you need any help with anything to push this forward just tell me where to sign! In the latest SPL POLL I did try to mention it at least 8 times
  6. He looks genuinely delighted to be Motherwell manager and that'll do me for now. No stepping stone job for Craig Brown surely!
  7. Missed the game yesterday....out of interest how did slane play in his 20 minute spell, or was it too hard to say given the time frame?
  8. Mr Motherwell Football Club If you honestly think this guy will ever make it your an absolute fool, this is not said with any dislike for the player, as whilst there in a Motherwell shirt I will always cheer the player on no matter who it is. But if you cannot see why this player is total mince then no wonder Scottish football is in the state its in and no wonder Moutakil is ploughing his trade here.
  9. Im personally so pleased at the moment with the direction we are going in bar playing Moutakil. Here are some of the reasons why He is not hear for the long haul He lets EVERY ball into the box apart from slide challenges where he should be winning the ball in the first place. Causing our defence more issues. He runs with his head down He cant cross. Get Saunders at right back where he can improve his game, as a long term player. Lets play Hutchison when fit in centre or Craigan.
  10. wunderwell

    Keith Lasley

    I find it funny that everyone now wants Paul Quinn back considering some of the abuse he got last season. Its also ironic that we want players back considering last years league position and this years. The thing with Forbes is remember that this is his first season, there are bound to be ups and downs and we lost our shape when he got taken off. Also remember that when we brought on Jennings we lost the midfield even more against ten men! Thats not a criticism of Jennings, Gannon is trying to build the teams shape and I believe ultimately Forbes is more of the future than Lasley so lets stick with it and hopefully we will see an improvement as he is still young and he only played his 12TH SPL game v aberdeen. If we are going to lose patience with our youngsters we will not grow a team in the long run. Not all about the short term.
  11. wunderwell


    Saunders was terrific at centre half, so for the second week in a row he gets the vote from me.
  12. Surely your not criticising the songs. Up the well is pure genius surprised more fans dont sing it
  13. Having been at Llanelli I didn't hear any chanting. But it was very much heard on Saturday. Bottom line its like kiddies using a bad word for the first time. Childish nonsense and as I have said in a previous post the connotations are much worse. For the guy that posted 'What age should I take my kid along to his/her first game', take note. For anyone who has a family listening to this pish is out of order.
  14. For me the issue concerns the use of words and what is and isnt acceptable. Its quite funny but I regularly attend The Stand and see all kinds of people flustered by the word c**t. To me I dont really see why however calling someone a paedo is just not acceptable. The connotations of saying this is far to strong. Im up for calling some a w**k or whatever but this in my opinion was out of order.
  15. wunderwell


    Surprised Saunders has only two votes mom for me. Craigan and Coke both contributed significantly. JOB was good to, not sure if anyone else in our team was playing!
  16. wunderwell

    Paul Mcgrillen

    I would hope the club would do something perhaps at the Falkirk game. I am from Rutherglen close to Kings Park and despite not knowing Paul himself many of my friends knew him. The area where I live is a close nit community despite being in the suburbs of Glasgow. I am being asked daily what is being done by Motherwell FC in memory of Paul and I am disappointed in the fact that I can give no information. Paul gave a lot back to this community and although this isn't local to the Motherwell area it goes to show how much he will be missed and how he was respected in our local area.
  17. wunderwell

    Signing #6

    Made a mistake for some reason I didnt think we had the names on the shirt, but clearly we do. Think I was thinking back to the llanelli game or something. Clearly I wasnt paying attention at the recent games as I didnt notice the names on the shirt!
  18. wunderwell

    Signing #6

    Its funny but in all the PR photos they have the names across the back - is there a reason we arent using these in SPL games? No complaints - just curiosity
  19. Anyone know when it is?
  20. Not sure if this has been posted. The only relevance being that John is still actively being entrepreneurial and in this enviroment that is good to see http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/business/M...ners.5575458.jp
  21. wunderwell

    Paul Mcgrillen

    What I dont like is the simple fact that it took well73 calling to get an answer. It is clear flow is an active participant in these boards.I dont know flow as a person and I think what he has done for the PR of the club has been fantastic but it is all a little blue sky week for my liking. When the club has to make a difficult, even unpopular decision there is a clear silence rather than keeping the fans up to speed. I would rather be told than no news at all.
  22. wunderwell

    Signing #6

    Weve got a guy at work called Lukas and our nickname for him is Boaby. Welcome aboard Boaby
  23. wunderwell

    New Signings

    Sorry forgot Hateley - 6
  24. wunderwell

    New Signings

    Its a difficult one - I get behind the whole team and I dont want to slag people off early doors - so Ill do a starcheck sunday mail style of what I seen so far and for the players that do read this I hope they prove me wrong or take some encouragement. Ruddy - 6 Fraser - 4 Coke - 8 Forbes - 8 Jennings - 4.5 Humphreys - 5 Slane - 8 Hutchison - 7 Jim o Brien - 423 Cheers

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