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  1. Top six was a big ask so I’m no overly fussed, season was pretty much over when we were safe from relegation.
  2. If he goes he goes best of luck to the guy, I certainly won’t lose any sleep over it.
  3. Killie are a good side ,be happy with a point tonight. coyw
  4. Did Celtic no do a similar thing some years ago ,no give the ball back . I’m sure they did .
  5. I was there ,great crowd and atmosphere , John Goldthorpe scored the goal ,another poster said it was a bit flukey, my memory of the goal was that it was a good header from Goldthorpe from a cross or corner .
  6. Take it the young guy McKinstry didn’t go to Leeds?
  7. What was good we visibly lifted our game when they equalised , Frear looked good when he came on .
  8. Goal for Saints , been coming, Main should have made it two just minutes before though .
  9. Even game so far ,Saints should have equalised as others said , Shaka on the money with our free kicks and corners they have been poor, givin the ball away to easily at times also. But decent passing it around well at times.
  10. Quiet second half compared to the first ,but a good win ,can’t fault any player today thought everyone put in a shift .
  11. Nobody that has left the club will be missed.
  12. Sorry if I've missed something but I thought our media Guys would have had an interview with the new reserve coach up by now ?
  13. Wee bit better the second half, but mostly awful . Dundee only have themselves to blame a kamikaze challenge on Frear gave away a stonewall penalty, and any chances they did create they wasted....so tough luck. Turnbull was our best player ,and a well taken penalty.
  14. Stonewall penalty, Turnbull sends the keeper the wrong way, Dundee commentators distraught.

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