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  1. From the current squad, we stand to lose: Kelly, Chapman, Gallagher, Magloire, Nolan, Dunne, Campbell, Foley, Polworth, Hastie, Long, Cole, Seedorf, Roberts, robinson, Smith That would be a loss of 16, 9 of whom have done next to nothing this season. Unless someone under contract leaves, we are left with: 2 keepers - Carson, Morrison 2 left backs - Mcginley, Carroll 2 right backs - O'donnell, Grimshaw 2 centre backs - Lamie, Mugabi 5 midfielders - O'Hara, Donnelly, Crawford, Lawless, Maguire 1 forward - Watt Unless I've missed anyone, that's 14. We probably need at least another keeper (hopefully Kelly), and a Striker (hopefully Cole), a backup striker/ a winger or two, a centre back, and even though we have the numbers in there, we really need something better in midfield, especially with Campbell going. So a minimum of 6. So a squad of 20ish seems possible. I'm ot sure of the status of the younger ones, i.e. Devine, Hussain, Mciver, Cornelius and Semple however.
  2. Maybe time to try a new head of recruitment? I'd love to keep Cole, but he's got a brand to keep up and I'm not sure we fit in with that. However, He really could raise his stock by showing some consistency at one club for a bit. I also don't see us signing 8-10 players. Maybe 4 or 5.
  3. Funny thing is if we signed any of those St. J players a lot of well fans would be furious :-) The point stands though, for our model to work, we still need a core of players that are going to form the core of the 1st team that are solid premier league players and nothing else, and it would be ideal if one of those players was the captain, to ensure some kind of consistency while we rebuild the other half of the squad each year. I'm surprised that Alexander was so quick to tie up Crawford and mugabi, Maybe with our player budget being so high this year we're taking the approach of sticking with some known quantities that are probably cheaper and supplementing with 2 or 3 (hopefully) higher caliber players. Time will tell. Overall he's done a good job as far as results go. It will be interesting to see if we stick with the 4-3-3 once he shapes his own squad.
  4. Thought mcginley was solid, so gave it to him. Kelly probably deserves it though.
  5. Needed 3 points, and got 3 points, job done. Thought mcginley had a good game, while SOD had a shocker. The change at half time did improve us. We were really poor in possession, and I thought we'd screwed it with that ball out wide to long, so fair play to him for retrieving it and putting in a good cross for cole. It would be nice if we could go on to finish above St. Mirren. Unfortunately we can't relegate accies in the next game, but maybe we can get the ball rolling.
  6. That's embarrassing. Why would anyone think that's a worthwhile thing to do? Describing still having a job, with decent pay compared most, as hell because he doesn't get to play in a game is something else. I can imagine being shite all season is everyone else's fault too.
  7. Hope not, cos I just paid for it
  8. I'm not going to get pre-outraged about Mugabi and Crawford and claim were going to build a team around them or something. Both are decent enough options in areas where were going to need 2 or 3 additional signings on top of them. I am hoping though, that with the planned smaller squad, that we are going to try for a more quality v quantity approach for the remaining signings.
  9. O'donnell is fine, but I still think he's hoping for bigger things, so I'd prefer we move on instead of hanging on waiting to see if he's still available before the season starts. Guthrie has another year on his contract I think, so I doubt we are interested in him. Dunne was in the training pics last week, running with the rest of the team, so he's definitely alive.
  10. 2 wins (St Mirren, County), a draw (Utd), and 2 losses (Accies, Killie).
  11. He was pictured running with the rest of them in one of the club tweets last week.
  12. Just the usual PSA that contracted players would need to be paid off in order to leave the club, because they have a contract and they're not going to give up their income for our benefit. If we want to release these players for being shite I doubt they'll find better wages elsewhere, due to them being shite, and as such it's going to take a chunk of money to entice them to leave. I think our best option in that regard is to help them find another club, which may be difficult due to them being shite and all. Loans might be an option. We also need backups, as this season has shown, so I'd be reluctant to let the likes of grimshaw and mcginley go. Even if we keep the contracted guys, we are still in a decent position with most of our worst players being the ones that are going, and some of our biggest contracts too. There should be some scope for Alexander to shape the squad to his liking.
  13. I didn't read too much into that comment, I think he just means that the players tend to get complacent after good results.
  14. Spot on. Is mystic Meg still alive? If so, she's out of a job.
  15. Picked Roberts because he won a couple of things and looked the most likely do do something out of the front 3. Although we were pretty poor across the board. Couldn't really pick anyone out of the back 5, and thought about Maguire since he scored, but our set pieces were absolutely dreadful.

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