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  1. He was injured then his wife had a baby. I don't think we need to read into it much more. Can't imagine playing up here while his wife was in England expecting a baby was a good idea, even if covid wasn't a thing. We were his last resort option, and he treated it as such. I'm not for trying to salvage that one, it would be better to be shot of him.
  2. Danny Johnson is a league 2 player who couldn't cut it at us or Dundee. I liked him, but the scottish game didn't.
  3. Kelly's trot at goal kicks infuriates me, and I want him to waste time.
  4. Great point. Shame we couldn't hold on to the lead again, but that would have been pushing our luck. We did an especially good job at not conceding a penalty, just like last week, but there were surprisingly few dives from them to test the ref (who had a decent game). Fair play to Alexander for upping the stakes late on by bringing on Lamie. Mind games. I thought we defended really well, and we were rarely exposed. Mugabi and Gallagher were excellent, and the full backs were solid. Cole is starting to really come on to a game, and put in a good shift today, he just needs to improve at holding the ball up, he still has a tendency to let the ball bounce off him. Seedorf looked like a good decision for the first half, but should probably have come off earlier, but he was better than usual. Our midfield didn't get to do much, but I can't say anyone had a really bad game. They worked hard and looked more composed with the ball when they had it. Surprised to see McIver come on, I'm guessing White is done. Thought he did OK, but needed more composure when he intercepted that ball late on. Looking forward to seeing what another week under Alexander brings.
  5. I'm looking forward to getting a glimpse at how Alexander is going to have us play, but I don't have any expectations for a decent result. So far none of the approaches from the other teams in our league have worked, maybe Alexander knows something they dont. I'd prefer us to have a go at them, but that can often end up backfiring with us conceding an early goal. The best i can hope for is that we get in their faces more and take our chance when it comes. Not going to bother predicting a score. Gallagher to get a red card so he doesn't have to play the next game.
  6. Nor sure why we would want a 32 year old who isn't getting a game for solihull. There must be better options.
  7. The decision doesn't bother me, and I'd rather watch the games. However, the process is a shitshow and should have been handled within a week of the issue. The games could have been played already.
  8. We know what we're getting here, and it just happens to be something we need. I'm not particularly enthused with our livi obsession, or that we've went ahead with a Robinson signing, but on own merits this is a fairly decent signing. We will make more signings, and we're running out of ex Livingston players, so maybe the next one will be more exciting.
  9. Nice one, that's an anagram of Tony Unfortunatel, ex Plymouth and England C striker, likes to get in behind.
  10. I see mention in Twitter that we may have come to an agreement on compensation with Columbus as part of Cadden's move to hibs.
  11. First rumour, Harry Smith, striker from Northampton, via P&B Apparently us and county in for him. Already a reply on Twitter offering to drive him up here, so that tracks.
  12. I’m against us signing him, the thrill is in the chase/speculation. He’s our Faddy to Celtic.
  13. We don't know the impact of covid on our finances, so that could be one reason for not spending. Then we have the extra goalies that we've had to pay for. The other could be that it would be problematic to abandon our existing structure. However, until we get the folk in the door it's hard to judge what were spending.
  14. We were definitely after Irvine at one point. If we hadn't changed manager I'm sure we would have a couple of new faces already, but I imagine we cancelled any deals we had close when robbo left, since Alexander may have different priorities, or different ideas as to who to sign to address them. The players we had lined up may also have changed their mind due to the manager change. You'd think that the St Mirren game would be enough to highlight the obvious needs, but I'm going to guess that we're a week away from seeing any movement.
  15. I like the idea of Turnbull doing well enough to earn himself a big move and a sell on for us, while Celtic continue to throw their big 10 thing away.

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