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  1. Not scoring against that defence was criminal. We were robbed of a stonewall penalty, but we were so tentative in attack. There were a good number of good balls put across the box that no one gambled to get on the end of, and there were so many occasions we get the ball in wide areas and shat it, opting for a backwards pass. I don't think anyone in particular had a bad game, but we did give them too much respect. I thought we'd try to noise them up, but we were tame. They looked dangerous on the counter but only had one other chance I can think of.
  2. This pretty much confirms that his signing was agreed before Alexander came in. At the time I thought it was a good bit of business based on what he did for Livi and how he played against us, but he doesn't fit into our system at all. He was involved in our goal at St Johnstone and played a part in almost turning that game around. That doesn't cancel out the penalty miss at hibs though. He needed to be a far better player to overcome the unlikeablility factor. Weird timing though.
  3. Having a striker that gets a nosebleed in front of goal, or in attacking situations in general, is problematic. Woolery needs a spell on the bench. O'Hara needs to be taken off set pieces. We have so many threats from those, and he's nullifying them. If he does play then he needs a plan b if he doesn't get himself fouled. Thought Bevis and McGinley we're fine defensively today, and the latter can be snide when he needs to be, but if he can't put in a half decent cross he needs to make way. Similar to O'Hara, we are leaving attacking opportunities on the table with him out there. We need to weigh that against the risk of Carroll murdering someone, but I like living on the edge.
  4. "we're getting Celtic at a good time, they're the worst they've ever been."
  5. We had so many chances to get back into that game, but I guess our conversion rate was unsustainable. Amazingly that must have been the fewest chances we've conceded from open play. That miss before the half time whistle was criminal. The penalties looked soft, but the shite effort for the second gave us a glimmer, then Woolery shat himself when he had a chance to score. I'm just surprised he didn't find a way to pass that one backwards. Van Veen looked hungover. That was the first time I've saw Beni, some player. Gordon could probably play another ten years. He had one excellent save, the others were pretty routine.
  6. Good result, not so great performance, but points are what matters so I'll take it. We could have had the game wrapped up in the first 15 minutes if we'd been a bit more clinical, as they looked rattled by how we started, however we let them back into the game too easily, and they were the better team for most of the game. They didn't carve out too many chances, but I felt like us keeping it to just one conceded was more down to County than us. Even their goal was an accident. Grimshaw can run all day, but he seems genuinely surprised any time he ends up with the ball, and doesn't know what to do with it. There was also too many occasions today where he was beaten to second balls. Donnelly showed more composure when he came on, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him start next week I felt that Woolery was too negative, and avoided taking on his man any time he had the chance. Watt was excellent and would have been man of the match even if he hadn't scored. VV was kicked/marked out of the game and barely got involved. Slattery is a quality player. He breaks up play well, knows how to take the pressure off by winning fouls and slowing the game down, and rarely wastes possession. He needs some solid support in there so that he can get the time and space to be more creative. Our full backs were exposed for most of the game, and we are going to be in serious trouble against decent wingers who are more accomplished with their final ball and decision making. I'm happy that we are accumulating points while we are changing the back 4 every week and still gelling. The day that front 3 clicks is going to be fun.
  7. We cheated. Wasted time, we were unprofessional and and us well fans should be embarrassed. He also didn't see the offside goal.
  8. You can listen to the bold Charlie the h*n make an absolute tit of himself on the podcast of today's clyde SSB show. It is at the 94th min of part 2. https://planetradio.co.uk/podcasts/superscoreboard/
  9. If hibs are challenging in January the arse cheeks will unsettle Boyle and Porteous, and the papers will do their best to help them. If we're up there I'm sure we will see the same about VV, Kelly, etc. Neither OF team looks anything special, and each of the bottom 10 has it in them to get results against them.
  10. Slattery was brilliant and took the pressure off of us on multiple occasions. Everyone played well, and Woolery had his best game. Fair play to McGinley for another solid game when he looked like toast after the Airdrie game.
  11. Goal looked offside, and we maybe should have had a pen. We were lucky not to concede one from mugabis handball too. The ball never sat for watt on that chance, he was in trouble as soon as he played it to his left. We need to change our plan of falling over at slight contact, the ref isn't having it from either side so far. Grimmy is playing himself out of the starting lineup. Watching him with the ball gives me that feeling of trying to run away in a nightmare.
  12. Calling an injured player a wage theif implies we should just punt everyone who gets injured, or at least not pay them. Unless you're saying he wasn't really injured. Poor take either way. Dunne was a decent player, and was part of a fun era for the club. We let him go at the right time, and good for him that he got another top flight gig.
  13. It's an annual thing, so for these to be interesting there needs to be a marquee inductee each year, then a mix of legends from different eras. As said above, you also need people that can turn up and accept the award. As such, these inductions aren't in any kind of order, and it gets discussion going. Hammell is more than worthy of a spot, and I'm sure everyone that's deserving will find their way in there.
  14. I wasn't going to go anyway.
  15. The brown challenge that everyone got riled up about was nothing, and Van Veen had two or three worse than that. Brown is still a dick though. I thought woolery was unlucky with his yellow card, as they were just niggly fouls and nothing cynical. It's not his fault that he's a unit. Van Veen and O'Hara deserved theirs, with the latter coming from a pretty reckless aerial challenge. Grimmy had to work hard for his, with JET dragging him along for a bit after his attempted rugby tackle. The best bit was Slattery being a wide-o (is that how you write it?) all game and coming out clean. He's a sneaky wee shite. We know that GA will stick with a winning side, and that's fair enough. I think we will see SOD and Donnelly in as soon as we lose a game. Having both Donnelly and Slattery on the pitch with Van Veen will be some level of wideness, and I'd love to see it at Glasgow away game to generate some hate from those mobs. Liam should have went for the drop kick when that chance bounced off his chest. The 2nd was definitely Ojala's, it bounced behind the line after coming down off the bar.

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