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  1. Doidge was lucky not to get sent off for an elbow, and donnelly's yellow could have been a red with another ref. Omeonga also continued to foul after getting a yellow for persistent fouling. Then there was the hibs corner that wasnt. Not a textbook refereeing performance.
  2. I went with Hartley, his best game in a while and he was solid. Gallagher nearly sold the jerseys near the end. I like a composed defender but he just got a little too laid back there. Campbell was also excellent.
  3. Can't complain too much with a clean sheet and a point, but we really should have won that. I thought Hartley looked really good today, and McIver did a good job in his first start. It is disappointing that we couldn't take advantage of Scott roasting their right back in the first half. Does grimshaw ever cross a ball?
  4. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Devine to QotS for the rest of the season, hes highly thought of, so this will be some good experience. I'd expect a few more to go out this month. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2020/01/23/david-devine-loaned-to-queen-of-the-south/
  5. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Unless long is going to be out for 3+ weeks, I don’t see us signing anyone. He was very complimentary of McIver and Ilic, who would be like new players if they start to perform, Manzinga has been fit enough to be on the bench lately, and Ndjoli just came in. Robbo even mentioned Sloth starting to come into the reckoning, and with that and the possibility of Dunne and Turnbull returning, we’re going to be good for numbers. it was also encouraging to hear him talk about not blocking the pathway for our young players. Another loan would do just that, and loans are all that are out there right now.
  6. I haven’t seen much evidence of Polworths work ethic being an issue since he signed. He’s had good and bad games like anyone else, but the number of assists he has is crazy. He is also pretty strong on the ball and tracks back his fair share. He has been overshadowed by Gallagher in the player of the season talk, which is just bad luck. I hope we are able to continue making these kind of signings to complement the English lower league reclamation projects.
  7. I could only watch it in bits, but Aberdeen didn't have that cutting edge, and I thought we defended well at the end, with everyone working themselves into the ground. Donnelly stood out for me from what I saw. That was a stonewall penalty for them, we were caught cold and should have been punished. It was collum though, and he owes us a few. Polworth with another great assist too. What a day. How did Illic do? Any news on longs injury? Overall a huge result, and one I really wasnt expecting.
  8. I don’t watch or acknowledge midweek games against Aberdeen.
  9. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Good for him I guess. That’s a weird one.
  10. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Seedorf will always have that screamer against hearts. He was electric for a few games, but he looks to have lost confidence and been found out by our opposition. He would probably get the benefit of the doubt more if he was from wishaw, but either way he's not much of an option right now.
  11. We weren't particularly good, but didn't need to be. Some great play by Campbell, Polworth and long for the second. Polworth had a good game until that tackle, and I thought Donnelly did a good job in his place. Campbell looked back to his old self. Hartley and O'Hara are liabilities on the ball, I dont know where Hartleys mind was today, but he played some awful passes. Seedorfs form has really dropped off a cliff. That second half started a lot like accies, where they didn't seem to do anything special but suddenly made us look shaky. We were lucky to ride that spell, and their keeper really sold the jerseys. But the great thing about the cup is that is doesnt matter, on to an away draw against a premier league team.
  12. Saw somewhere that had Robinson saying that Gillespie still has his spot on merit.
  13. I don’t see a huge departure from our usual lineups happening, unless someone has been crazy good/bad in training: Gillespie Grimshaw, Gallagher, Hartley, Carroll Campbell, Donnelly, Polworth Long, Scott, Hylton

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