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  1. I like Devante Cole, he can play across the front 3. I also like how Robinson says Devante, so I am encouraged by this news. It's a difficult situation with our attacking options, White has been poor and doesn't look like a fit at this level, and Watt and Long have shown glimpses, but we know that they're both inconsistent. We don't have the right front man to play along with wingers effectively, and our wingers aren't particularly good either, so it's hard to disagree with bringing in another striker.
  2. I guess if Hibs met our valuation we'd have to consider it, but I can't imagine them doing that. Do they have a rich owner now? I'm surprised any non-OF club is spending money right now, 3rd place hardly pays well.
  3. Slept in and missed the first half. Picked seedorf. He got past his guy twice out of the ten times, good job.
  4. This is frustrating, but I'm not sure how much we can do to prevent this. We can't pay anything like the money these teams can, and our setup isn't close. The best we can do is show a clear path to the first team, but even then they can prob make Motherwell first team money in these English academies.
  5. We barely put a step wrong all game and fully deserved the result. The back 3 strolled it, and once again Mugabi was solid. He has taken advantage of the chance given to him, and whoever comes in on Thursday will have to work just as hard to keep their place. I'm not sure why grimshaw came in for mcginley, but he did fine. Watt and Long ran themselves into the ground, with watt doing a great job of holding the ball up.
  6. We're good value for our lead. We've worked hard and Campbell and long haven't given them a seconds peace. Campbell has been immense. Aberdeen had a spell at the end of the half, and we need to make sure we control things and don't give them any hope. I'll comment my thoughts on certain defenders after the game, to avoid the jinx.
  7. We're going to steal this one. I'll be watching it, and we always beat them at pittodrie when I watch it on a stream.
  8. fizoxy

    Allan Campbell

    He has played over 100 games under Robinson, so we probably should give the manager some credit for his development. His attitude and work rate are top notch, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get to the highest level in England or abroad at some point. Lack of height and pace are probably the reasons he hasn't moved on yet, but he's going to have a pretty good career one way or the other.
  9. Does he come with his own physio and a years supply of bubble wrap?
  10. I'm not sure what this guy can do that Semple and Cornelius can't. He has played 1 game this season. Who's keeping him out of the Livi team?
  11. Remember that you don't know what our players actually get paid, and also how much we are losing due to Covid. There's no way we are bringing in 4 players. The money we have now should be used to keep the club on a secure footing, then for long term initiatives, such as infrastructure, so that we can keep up with other clubs when it comes to facilities and development.
  12. I don't think we go out with a plan to hit those long balls, we just revert to it when we run out of ideas 3 mins into the match.
  13. Are you saying Stevie Nicholas, John Davies, Khaled Kemas, Neil Tarrant and Alex Fisher aren't good?
  14. Since the second half of last season teams have realized we have no bottle, and will crumble if they keep punting the ball into our box.
  15. Can we start a new thread for the next game? I don't want to talk about, or read about that shitshow ever again.

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