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  1. I just assumed we were keeping him warm for Celtic. I think Newcastle would be a great move, although I have a soft spot for Stoke after watching Marvellous last week.
  2. The January recall clause is pretty standard, and something we tend to do with the players we loan out, makes plenty of sense. I don’t like how his move from us came about, but I’m also not deluded enough to think players owe us anything or that they don’t support other teams. I’m not a football player, but if I was offered multiples of my current wage to do the same job somewhere else, I’m taking that. The reason I’m not particularly enthused by this move is that he was pretty poor towards the end for us and hasn’t done anything since his move, so there’s a concern he’s been found out. But he’s still young and if he can recreate his purple patch, even for a short period, he could be a good signing, so he will get the same benefit of the doubt as any other signing. During this period of global weirdness, bringing in someone who has only been away from the club for a year since he was a wean, who has a good relationship with our other youngsters, may actually be beneficial.
  3. I'm guessing they'd be selling/releasing players rather than loaning them out at this point.
  4. He’ll improve Seedorf and Hylton in the eyes of many.
  5. Hopefully our quality control is more strict than Leeds https://www.sportbible.com/football/foul-play-fails-leeds-united-forced-to-remove-osama-bin-laden-cut-out-after-error-20200624
  6. I wonder if the club make much out of that. If a decent chunk goes to them I'd happily have a pic of me in the east stand, squeezed into my medium electric lemon shirt from the 90s, hopefully sitting next to harold shipman or cilla black.
  7. fizoxy


    Shite that it happened, but it’s also shite that we’re in the middle of an unprecedented public health crisis. I’m going to guess that the likes of Tait and Hartley would have been on a fair bit, and if last season is anything to go by, they would have been squad players. Sounds like communication left a lot to be desired, but in this situation I’d prefer to see the club be responsible with their money.
  8. It bothers me that we have 2 wingers, but the number 11 is empty.
  9. Doubt he would have got 2 years from us, so good for him.
  10. Weird that this wouldn't be the first time we had that problem.
  11. So with the left back confirmed, what is our cover like at right back? Are any of the promoted youngsters right backs?
  12. Is Carroll out for a while? Don't know why we'd need another left back otherwise. That pic does look like Fox, based on the first google image search I got.
  13. I have to imagine O’Donnell has his sights on something bigger than us, or the Scottish premier in general. He’s an international player, so I’m not sure that European preliminary rounds would entice him. I also don’t see us paying another goalie.
  14. As said above, some of these may not be our decision. I love Tait, and it's great to have a player with his versatility, but he was a bench player for much of last year, so I can see why he may end up going. I also like Dunne, but could also see him looking for a new challenge.
  15. fizoxy

    Season Tickets

    I was able to put in my US number with country code, but I couldn't get the transaction to work on mobile, had to complete it on a desktop.
  16. Every time we mess up the Aberdeen result ends up going our way, so I'm not sure how this one is going to go.
  17. The development fee will be decent, I also agree with keeping him. I believe that 3 consecutive posts in agreement on here means it’s now law.
  18. The front three were all decent today. Long faded away in the second half, and although hylton had a far better performance today he did make some dangerous decisions when we were defending. I went for aarons as he did a great job of keeping hold of the ball and did his fair bit of tracking back.
  19. The thing between Aarons and Naismith was nothing, they fell down then both pretended they got hit.
  20. It was a very scrappy game with neither team really putting more than a couple of passes together at a time. We were the better team in the first half, but we froze at the start of the second (again) and could have easily gone behind. Hearts missed some sitters in injury time, but we made some decent chances and had the best of the last 20 minutes. All of the defense, including Gillespie were really shaky, with some poor decision making throughout the game. Long was a pest again and I thought Aarons and hylton did well at taking the ball in and keeping possession. Hylton forced a good save from zlamal near the end from a well struck half volley, and Gallagher had a couple of headers go over. Losing Campbell early wasn’t ideal considering his form. Maguire did fine but we lacked the driving force. A point there isn’t terrible, and we’re still still in third.
  21. Having lived in Edinburgh during an extended period of us being shite and Hearts being good, and watching us get hammered on the reg at Tynecastle, I still get the fear any time we play them. 4-1 us. 2 red cards.
  22. Not much in the way of negatives tonight, I thought we were pretty solid after their goal. Long was an absolute pest all night, and the midfield 3 all put in a great shift. Campbell has that knack of getting into position to score, and he looked back to his old self. Watt's finish for the 4th was excellent. Aarons and Hylton were fine, but they have nothing to aim for when they are in a position to cross. Results went our way to a degree again, so maybe we are destined for that 3rd spot.
  23. I thought it was well produced, and it was interesting to see the behind the scenes of rehab. It would be great if we could do more features like this about other aspects of the club, we have some really talented people in that department. I agree with the sentiments that this was done to show that he’s not damaged goods. They had his scan on the screen and the doctor saying how good his knee is ffs. This combined with the 10 minute montage of his big move away falling through seemed to be aimed at his future clubs fans more than us. Could have just done a gif with scan > doctor thumbs up > Turnbull wink > burrows phone number.
  24. Robbo is more than meeting his remit (don't get relegated and sell as many players as we can) and is in no danger of losing his job. It feels weird being down on the team considering where we are in the league, but our total capitulation since Christmas has been terrible to watch.
  25. We "dominate" without actually doing anything in the first half, run out of ideas at halftime, and get hammered in the second half. What is wrong with us? Whoever finishes third is going to be the shitest team to ever do it, unless it ends up being st Johnstone or something since no one else wants it.

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