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  1. Robinson made his “too loyal to certain players” comment after Tuesday, so I’m predicting: Gillespie Grimshaw Gallagher Hartley Tait Campbell Polworth Donnelly Aarons Watt Hylton
  2. If Hartley plays he will score. Unfortunately, so will accies.
  3. I didn’t realize this until a couple of weeks ago, and being reminded of this still shocks me. I think we should have held fire on the social media content.
  4. With the nature of Hartley’s removal yesterday, do we think he’s done? Unless he had an injury I’m not sure how you can come back from that. He has seemed to be way off the pace this season, and with his (probably expensive) contract coming up its possible we don’t see him start again. With Dunne probably not quite ready, are any of the reserves ready for the step up? Or did Donnelly look like he could slot in there next to Gallagher longer term? For me the only issue I had with the lineup before the game was not seeing Gallagher there, but that was unavoidable. I had expected mciver to be in based on things Robbo said during the week, but it sounds like he’s not quite ready. I’d agree that the 4-3-3 has run its course. We don’t have the players for it.
  5. Penalties are a lottery. Shame we couldn’t complete the comeback and get the win, but we deserved what we got after that horrendous start. Hopefully we’ve learned a few things and can pick our season back up this weekend.
  6. Just make it 18 teams. It would add some variety to away days, we only have to host the ugly sisters once each, and there’s next to nothing between the non-city clubs in the premier and most of the championship anyway. It would also add some good old fashioned complete mismatches and banter.
  7. To be fair, he came off after we were 2 down, so can only be blamed for half the goals, just like in the first team.
  8. I wonder if we’ll try to get clever with things/overthink it and mix it up since we’re playing them twice. It’s hard to see what worthwhile changes we could make. Our forward options have depth in numbers but not quality, and other than Polworth in for one of the midfielders there isn’t much we can do there. Maybe bring him in for Donnelly? going 3-5-2 would mean having Mugabi on the park, so I’d probably steer clear of that option. If Carroll is suspended then it will be Tait in at LB and a realistic chance for him to claim a regular place.
  9. I totally missed that manzinga got sent off. Didn't even know he was on. I had to go to a meeting when there was about 25 mins to go. We didn't look at all threatening from what I did watch. Whatever worked for us up until accies (luck?) has gone. We have been pretty lucky with other results this season, which put us in a better position than we probably deserved, but we still have a chance to take 3rd if we can turn the form back around.
  10. Cornelius, Semple and Mciver were all mentioned. A few people were raving about Devine and Hussain earlier in the season too. Guess it comes down to whether we sell them before they get a game or not.
  11. I dislike accies so much that I’d take 4th if it means them going down.
  12. As said above, we rely on selling players to break even and we are way behind other teams when it comes to training facilities, so it would be naive to assume that a chunk of that fee will be available to increase the playing budget significantly. We need to budget properly, have a safety net, and not go back into debt again.
  13. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    He provided the cross for our goal but, looking at the line up, he's probably not a winger. Can someone Google available midfielders from the north east of England with England B caps who previously played for motherwell? Edit - I did the googling and it is either bevis Mugabi or Kenny dalglish.
  14. Yeah, he probably displaces Hartley. Don't see him playing left back unless in an emergency.
  15. Based on how we have approached second halves recently? No :-)
  16. O'Hara in for Campbell, watt and ndjoli on bench.
  17. If we have to do that then our game is truly fucked. Unless every country has another country arbitrate their disciplinary stuff.
  18. That’s roughly what players get when they join teams out of college here, that’s not a lot full stop, there must be bonuses involved. Oxford would have paid considerably more than that. You don’t get skyline chili in Oxford though.
  19. In the first half it was Aarons, and I thought Gallagher was strolling it. Then Aarons went off and Gallagher literally strolled it. We were so poor in the 2nd half it would be a stretch to give it to anyone. Aarons made their keeper do something, so he can have it.
  20. We needed to capitalize on a decent first half, where we had plenty of attacking play but created next to nothing. Once again we come out a defeated team in the second half, and I can’t really think of a positive. Aarons looked half decent, but the ball isn’t sticking up front and it’s killing us. has Grimshaw ever crossed a ball?
  21. Not enjoying our commentators jizzfest over the Celtic performance, we have been poor.
  22. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I think Carson said he spoke to more than one team.

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