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  1. Now we know where the old tannoy system has gone.
  2. Allan Campbell is a far better player than lasley ever was. But lasley had better players around him.
  3. Just as a matter of interest what would your team and formation be if all our current players were fit and available.
  4. Everyone sees things differently and everyone is entitled to an opinion . There are plenty who disagree with your opinion regarding O Hara but whilst not the best player in the squad he is by no means the worst. Your personal dislike of the guy is plain to see and I was thinking that he may have shagged your bird in the past , but I would have him in the team as part of a back three.
  5. Only when he finishes painting the east stand.
  6. I've just spoken to Tommy Sheridan and he said relegation would be a DISASTERRR
  7. So then , what type of player is O Hara in your opinion.
  8. I'd rather have O Hara on my side than the posing pansy Polworth.
  9. Give it a rest fritz , there are many worse players than O Hara in the squad .
  10. I would be very surprised if allowed into USA considering he has a criminal record .
  11. The rot had infested the club long before Alexander arrived.
  12. well_said


    Gloriously repeated in 2005.
  13. Baptie was absolute garbage but maybe better than some of the dross that's been inflicted on us in the last 10 years.
  14. You're absolutely right, remember the Crawford Baptie debut.
  15. well_said


    The only time I ever willed a Celtic player to score a hat trick. Shame he didn't.
  16. So your jokes are older than you .lol
  17. You must be too young to remember JoeWark.
  18. Just as well robbo has left , he loved to sign gateshead's strikers. Worse than Jordan White.
  19. Did you also notice a very young Declan Gallagher playing for clyde.
  20. As long as it's not luca belic.
  21. Neither a penalty or a red card would have been given if a motherwell player had collapsed in the box that day.. On a side note I saw a picture of Polaris Sinclair at the weekend walking in the snow with his kids, given that he found it difficult to keep on his feet on grass I found it astonishing that he managed to stay upright in the snow.
  22. Fishyness and Celtic go hand in hand.

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