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  1. Jordan White now confirmed by the club. Welcome to Fir Park.
  2. Richard Tait now being linked with Killie according to BBC's gossip section.
  3. Lamie released by Livingston. Is he just about to follow Gallagher along the M8?
  4. Just a small point. The category A teams include Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell. The top 3 teams. Shouldn't we take this as a complement that Accies recognise Motherwell are the pride of Lanarkshire, right at the top of Scottish football?
  5. Just hearing on Sportsound that Martin Grehan starts for BSC Glasgow against Hibs.
  6. Gallagher starting again tonight, so having to put up with Willie Miller on Radio Scotland constantly whining that there's not an Aberdeen central defence.
  7. Despite the comments he'll never be seen again at Motherwell, is Craigan back on the scene at Motherwell? Yet again he's with the MFC management.
  8. BBC Gossip saying Elliott Frear now going to Dundee Utd.
  9. Was thinking exact same this evening. Didn't like the Dumbarton strip tonight, but that strip in the photo always my favourite after the claret and amber.
  10. Next season instead of squad numbers let's give the players price tags on their backs. Really show the World that Motherwell's only purpose is to provide footballers with a platform from which they can be sold on to "better" things than Motherwell and wherever they came from previously. Let's try and get E-bay to sponsor us to complete the message that our overarching ambition is to be a selling club.
  11. Flights now booked for Crusaders
  12. Bigrimani released by Hibs. Did he make any appearances for then?
  13. Today's post-match interview saying how the club are trying to sign 'boly from Notts Forest.
  14. Liam Polworth can now concentrate on his Well career having just been sent off against Dundee Utd. A rare event according to BBC who also say it was a harsh decision.

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