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  1. I’m still shocked we got a million quid for him
  2. An absolute shanner wtf picks these designs
  3. Sad times indeed thoughts with the family
  4. jim64


    Sad news indeed RIP Andy P
  5. I saw the name of Kevin McDonald mentioned somewhere recently
  6. If we’re in the market for a creative player Stevie Mallan at Hibs doesn’t seem to be getting much game time no sure we could afford him right enough
  7. Mugabi poor Lang deary me I thought Joe McLeod was bad there’s no direction or urgency in our play what do they practice during the week? Glad I’m not at the game at least you can switch the tv off !!
  8. +1 easily funnier than a lot of the dross on her get well soon goggles &flippers
  9. Cryptic clues from Gordon Duncan on Twitter alluding to the fact well fans will be happy with new signing
  10. Aye I thought we were playing Sevco again ?
  11. I would be interested in one of them my favourite well player ever
  12. Just read that Christian Mbulu has passed away sad news indeed
  13. I see St Mirren have their tickets on sale from tomorrow for the game £20/£10

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