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  1. Just read that Christian Mbulu has passed away sad news indeed
  2. Wish him well in his recovery grim stuff right enough
  3. I see St Mirren have their tickets on sale from tomorrow for the game £20/£10
  4. Tell them to chase themselves they were never going to pay us that fee
  5. Technically he’s still a well player and as such should be with squad in Ireland, I can see them pulling out of deal citing medical reasons. That’s just my opinion though
  6. It’s becoming tiresome now let him sign for whoever and lets concentrate on the players we have
  7. Whenever the sponsorship deal is finalised allegedly so that’ll be anytime between now and late July early August if history is anything to go by
  8. I remember the Dart in the guys head at hibs game
  9. Just shows how things change well fan hits mcculloch with flag at play off no real outcry, two under 16 boys do something stupid public outcry some fans wetting themselves condemning the singing section. I do not condone the boys actions and believe a ban is appropriate but some of the outrage is complete nonsense. Hands up all those who never did anything stupid they regret in their teenage years.
  10. jim64

    retro kits

    Badge is too big on the top, thought it looked ok in the picture but when I saw it today didn’t like it at all.
  11. Whilst I hope Hastie stays the best bit of business is signing Turnbull up what a player that boy is
  12. No interest in getting £5 from our club well done to them for offering though,will go back down on Saturday but buying nothing from the catering stall

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